The Little Light


Look, look into the light.

Do you see the light?

The light

which shines,

for which shines


In the hollow darkness.

The deep dark is calling

for me

Like a crow

Calling for me

to replace the light

Replace the light with darkness

The light feels like butter

Like when I rub my hands


causing friction. Like melted butter.

It feels like I dumped

the feathers out of my


The pillow part.

That feeling,

when you get

a chocolate croissant

heated. At Starbucks.

That feeling of the bread

and that hopeful ding

in the microwave.

Indeed I do not

replace the light with


The light gives laughter

hope, forgiveness,


The darkness

feels like a side of me,

A black part

Of my conscience

Like a threat to my pillow,

my butter, my croissant.

The darkness is an angel

The darkness is a devil.

The darkness is a mystery.

The darkness is a warning.

A caution.

The light is a sign of hope

the darkness will be gone.

When the darkness

covers the light


is sad again.

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