The Lost Treasure

Once there was a goose named Gawen. Gawen worked for the king, King Basil the bear, as a guard. Gawen loved the king. But something happened a few days ago, when 28 rubies were stolen. King Basil and Gawen were the only ones that had the keys to the castle treasury. And then a couple days ago, 4 pieces of gold were stolen. And then two pieces of silver were stolen. After that, the King wanted to get to the bottom of it, so he called all the guards to tell them about the news. After King Basil had told them the other eight guards looked at Gawen with suspicious eyes. Gawen said that he didn’t do it, though. But King Basil trusted Gawen. One of the guards who was a rhino named Robert stared at Gawen for a long time and stopped to go back to his duties.

It wasn’t really Gawen because a couple of days before, a mouse named Tuck was looking around the village and found himself in the castle where his friend Gawen worked. Then Tuck found a little hole in the floor and went through. He found out that it was a mole hole that was made a long time ago. Then Tuck went right through the hole and he found himself in the treasury. As soon as he got out of the hole, he saw shining gold and silver on an old dusty table in one of the corners of the room. When Tuck saw the rubies, he thought of himself as not a thief but a small, little borrower. And he thought that nobody would notice because they were always left in there, so he took 28 of them and left. He put them near his bed. Tuck’s blanket was an old piece of Kleenex that he found. It wasn’t much. He decided to put one of the rubies at the front of the door when people came in to see them. He fixed up his house by paying people rubies. He bought a better blanket, a little table and a fridge.

The next day, Tuck went back to go see the treasury again. When he came out, he saw the treasure but there was something new there. Instead of a clear room now there were red shiny lasers. Since Tuck was a mouse, he could go through the lasers easily. He jumped over one laser and through another. He jumped over one and ducked under one. He came to a laser that was harder than the others, but behind it he could see the treasure.

Tuck said, “This is going to be harder than the others. Hopefully, I can make it through the lasers.” Luckily, Tuck made it through the lasers.

After Tuck came out of the other side of the lasers, Tuck saw piles of gold and silver. They were piled in different groups. Then Tuck saw something hidden behind a leg of a table that the gold was sitting on. Tuck ran to the yellow, shiny thing that he saw. He noticed that light was bouncing off the yellow object. The light made it look very shimmery and sparkly. Tuck pounced on the yellow shiny thing that he saw and realized that the object was a diamond. But Tuck wondered if it was fake because he had never seen a yellow diamond. Then Tuck realized that it was a yellow diamond. Tuck wondered if it was special because it was a yellow diamond, instead of a clear-whitish diamond.


Then Tuck thought to himself and said, “I think that I could use this myself. I doubt that the King and Gawen will mind if I take one of their precious stones for… I don’t know… myself, because I’m important, too.”

Tuck ran home to get something to carry the diamond. He brought a magic spray bottle that would help him make the alarms disappear, so he wouldn’t set off any alarms. He started to think about what he was doing because if anyone found out, or suspected that Gawen was doing it, he or Gawen would get  in trouble with the King. But then he thought that no one would suspect Gawen to do something like that because he was such a good goose.

He took the yellow diamond and took out another spray can and sprayed it in the air. The lasers appeared again. He then decided to keep the yellow diamond in a very special place. He kept the diamond in a room behind a painting. That secret room was in his bedroom. When he moved the painting aside there was a door behind, and when he closed the door the painting went back in place. Then there were stairs that went down into another room that held special things like the 28 rubies that he had also stolen. He also kept gold that he had stolen from the treasury there. Tuck wished he had someone to share his secret with, but his friend John couldn’t keep secrets.

John was Tuck’s best friend, but he couldn’t keep secrets because he was a blabbermouth. John was a lemur and they met when Tuck was running away from a mountain lion. They bumped into each other and became friends. John helped Tuck get away from the lion and that began their friendship.

The next two days after that happened, the King was getting suspicious and doubtful of Gawen because he was the only one who had the keys beside King Basil. Then the last day that Tuck stole the stones, the King was very suspicious because his mother, the former Queen, told him that she didn’t think that Gawen was trustworthy and that maybe he was the one stealing all of the precious items. She thought maybe that Gawen was trying to make King Basil look funny and bad in front of all his subjects. She didn’t want to think of Gawen as her grandchild because her son was grown up. It was just really hard for the former Queen to take all of this in.

Then the next day, an F.B.I agent came in to solve the mystery of the missing jewels. The king had told him to come and try to find the thief that stole the jewels. King Basil did not want to believe that Gawen was the one who stole the jewels. The F.B.I agent stood near the castle every day. The king told the other guards that he was just a new guard for the caste because the  jewels were stolen even though he was really a F.B.I agent working for the king. King Basil didn’t even tell Gawen that the new guard was actually a F.B.I agent because if it was Gawen he didn’t want him to know that the new guard was actually a F.B.I.agent. The F.B.I agent was a lion and a very fierce lion. The king really did want to tell Gawen but right now he couldn’t tell anybody just in case it might be that animal because then they would know to be more careful so they wouldn’t get caught. “I can’t tell anybody,” King Basil mumbled to himself.


Now today EVERYONE thought it was Gawen. And now the king did, too. They took him to court and everybody was there who was Gawen’s friend. They were all disappointed to see him in court because they thought he had always been such a good friend and helped them out a lot. But maybe they were wrong. Gawen could not believe what was happening to him. He had also thought he was always a good friend to all of his friends and was very nice and tried to be as helpful as he could, and polite. Gawen was also upset at the king and didn’t understand why he was making him go to court because he had always loved the king and Gawen had thought the king had always loved him.

The judge was the king, and he said, “What happened? Why are you here today? Rest your case now or there will be punishment as in YOU WILL GO TO JAIL,” yelled the king. “Confess already.”

Finally, Gawen said “ I told you I didn’t do it your highness/judge” demanded Gawen. “Why don’t I believe you, duck?” Gawen knew the king really knew his type of animal wasn’t really a duck but he had probably said that because he wanted to act rash like a judge and demanding. But Gawen said “Maybe you just don’t know what’s true and isn’t true. That’s sad king and isn’t fair that you are the king and the judge at the same time. I demand that we have a different judge to make it a fair fight,”  Gawen said strongly.

“Are you saying that I’m the one who stole the items? Or are you saying that I’m not being fair to you as a king? Because that is very rude to say to me, the king.”

“I think we have solved our case and a non-FBI agent will take care of you- as in put you in jail- because you have been rude to me and you probably stole the gems.”

His friends got up from where he was sitting and they left. They were disappointed as he was handcuffed and led out the back door by two guards. They couldn’t believe he would do such a thing.

The guards looked at him with daring and suspicious eyes while they wondered why he betrayed all of his friends and the people who loved and trusted him. As they walked out, Gawen realized that his handcuffs were no match for his awesome wings. They were slick enough to slip out of anything. He quickly, gently, and quietly slipped through the handcuffs and flew into the deepest and darkest parts back and forth. He thought that it was a trap but, when Gawen looked out all he could see was the forest. He looked back and saw the guards were following him. They gathered bombs, pitchforks, and bows and arrows to chase after him. The guard contacted the king and he looked out for Gawen at the top of the courthouse.

The king was also disappointed, yet he had this vengeful look on his  face.

The king screamed, “You will rue this day!” His voice echoed and weakened. “I don’t know why you did this. I thought we were best friends. How could you betray me and the subjects?”
He saw all of the guards and their weapons chasing after Gawen into the forest.

Tuck the mouse also wondered what he had done. He thought, “My friend will die because of me. What have I done? I am the one who is actually hurting my friend. Why!!! I betrayed my friend and I am a thief and a horrible person. Why was I so foolish? I am the dumbest person in the world. Definitely. I have to tell the king it was me.” No, I can’t because I need to tell Gawen that I was the one who was stealing and if he wants to tell the king that it was me or I will tell the king it was me.

“I will definitely tell the king what I did, even if they have to chop my head off!!!” declared Tuck. As Gawen entered forest, he could smell damp leaves because it had recently just rained near the forest. Gawen now did not know where he would stay and if he should just admit that he was guilty. He didn’t know what he should do either: if he should turn himself in or just stay there and try to stay hidden.

Gawen decided that he would stay one night to see if he could survive. He bet himself his life if he couldn’t stay alive for one night because if he was caught by the king’s guards that night his life would be over anyway. That night, he heard leaves blowing in the wind. He now knew what people felt like if they were poor. Suddenly, he heard a guard coming close to where he was hiding. Gawen’s heart sank into him.

I am dead meat, thought Gawen.

But then everything was silent. All Gawen could hear was the leaves swishing see was a tail that may have looked like a familiar tail in the leaves.

Gawen quickly scurried out of the cave he was hiding in and he poked the tail he had seen. Gawen heard a tiny, squeaky voice that he recognized as his friend, Tuck. When he looked down he did see Tuck had a cute, little sad face that stared at him with big, brown nut eyes. He wondered if Tuck  was scared of him because he thought he was accused of stealing.

But Tuck wasn’t scared. He slipped out of Gawen’s soft wings and ran up his right wing and sat on his face. “ I must tell you some …. news,” Tuck whimpered.

“If its about the king or anything like that I’m not interested,” complained Gawen angrily. Tuck just kept talking and pretending he didn’t hear that.

“Ok, I was the one who stole all of the rubies and jewels, I am really sorry but you guys are rich and I just wanted to borrow some stuff and I guess I didn’t realize I was stealing until  you were accused guilty.” muttered Tuck.

Gawen gasped as Tuck finished his sentence.

“Now you can tell everybody that I was the one who stole everything,” Tuck said, ashamed.

“I am a little mad at you but you didn’t realize it, so it’s ok. I have a idea,” said Gawen as he whispered the idea into Tuck’s ear.

“Ok,” answered Tuck. That night, Tuck snuck into the castle. Tuck had a walkie-talkie in his little pocket because Gawen had given it to him for his plan. But when he was going into the treasury he didn’t want to sneak in the treasury how he did before because now he realized that he was being a thief before.

But then Tuck heard Gawen talking to him through the walky-talky and saying, “You can do it, Tuck. Just don’t give up!” Tuck did not want to do it again, but he knew it was for his friend so he took a chance and went in the mole hole but this time when he entered it the gap was paved over with cement. Tuck though that maybe the cement guys had come in and cemented the floor in the castle to make it better looking. Tuck wasn’t going to let that bother him because he was doing it for his friend, so he decided to go in a different way. Maybe through the guard’s door. He thought to himself, “Hopefully, I can fit so I can do this for my friend so he can come back and feel safe.”

Then Tuck saw a guard near the front entrance to a door and he thought maybe that could be the treasury door. Tuck saw a bird near him and he asked the bird if he could have one of his feathers. The bird said yes and plucked out one of his loose feathers and gave it to Tuck. Tuck had an idea. He could go up and tickle the guard and grab his keys quickly or try to slide under the door. He decided to try to slide under the door first before trying to get the keys from the guard. He walked over slowly and quietly, so the guard wouldn’t see him, and said to Gawen through the walkie talkie, “Plan 1 didn’t work, so I’m going to try plan 2.”

Now he went more swiftly and smoothly and tried to slide under the door. Then he heard a voice and he looked, but quickly he put his head under the door so it didn’t hit his head.

“Wow,” Tuck said, “I almost didn’t make it, and would’ve hit my head.” This time, there were no red lasers but there were invisible baskets of poisonous food that all animals liked, so if that animal ate it, they would die. Tuck loved eating food, and smelled something, even though  he didn’t see anything. His nose led him to a delicious-smelling food. It was familiar and smelled like cheese but he thought his nose was just tricking him so he tried to walk ahead even though his nose kept smelling delicious food. Then he smelled something that smelled like the total opposite of delicious food. He covered his nose to try to get the smell away. He  thought it was an illusion because the treasury looked almost 40 miles away and before it only looked like a couple of steps away. Even though it looked really far away, he still did the obstacles that he saw ahead of him.  Now there were lasers but instead of red they were blue.

Tuck just wanted to give up because doing obstacles was really annoying, He knew it was for his friend, so he decided to not give up and try to do it even faster. He was going to try even harder and really fast. Tuck jumped over one blue laser, then another. The last two were the hardest because they were crossed and it would be hard to get through. Tuck decided to try to be a lot tougher. Then Tuck said, “I am a ninja!” and then he said, “I can do this!” He did it for his best shot and his body went through but all of a sudden his tail touched one of the lasers because he was so excited. It hit the laser because he thought he was almost through, and an alarm went off and he was terrified. All of a sudden he saw a little hole that he scampered into fast. Then he peaked out and waited to see what would happen. Then he saw the food come up and it wasn’t invisible anymore and all he saw was pastries and cheese and all the stuff he loved but it was still poisonous but Tuck didn’t know that. Tuck couldn’t help himself. He went over and took a bite of the cheese that was his favorite and then ran back into the hole and then there was a passage that he saw that now had appeared and he went in and then he saw a mother mouse and her children and then he said, “Oooo. I don’t feel so good.”

And then she said, “Oh no! Did you eat the food outside? I knew that because one of my family members once did that and got tricked! His name was Peter Fudge Cheese!”

“What poisonous food?” Tuck asked. “I just ate some good looking cheese back there. Hold on, I hear the cheese calling again!” And then he said, “I can’t be late for my date with destiny!”

The mother mouse said, “Oh no! It’s happening faster than I expected!” And then she held up a piece of cheese that was not poisonous and put it in a small box and he went in there fast but he acted very weird and he was like, “Is that you Cheese Goddess?” After he scampered into the box she closed the box tightly so Tuck wouldn’t get out.

Then she said, “Eat the cheese!” So he put his head down and started eating the cheese. It had a kind of medicine in it that made you fall asleep. When he finally fell asleep the mother mouse said, “Kids, can you go get a Kleenex blanket and put it on top of this mouse?”

The little mice said, “Yes, Mama Mouse!” and they scampered along to get the blanket. Then the Mama Mouse went in the cupboard and used her tiny paws to dig inside the cupboard because there was lots of stuff and then she said, “I found what I was looking for!” She pulled out a little, little needle that looked like a tiny, sharp staple. She took it out and waited for her children to get the blanket, then when they came back she said, “Children can you please place the blanket on top of this mouse and I will try to help him.”

Her children put a blanket on Tuck and then went into their room to go wrestle. She took out the needle and gently stuck it in him, but not too deep. She took a blood sample. Then she took it out, quickly but she didn’t thrust it out. Then she tested the blood sample to see what was happening and she saw that it was getting worse and worse, so then she took a version of a turkey baster and put medicine in it and opened his mouth and put a little drop or two drops of medicine in it. He swallowed and woke up and he was fine except he didn’t remember anything about what happened to him. He said, “Hello Miss Mouse! Where am I?”

The Mama mouse answered, “You were asleep because you ate some poisonous food and then I saved you, but you must not remember anything.”

Tuck did remember his mission, he just didn’t remember what just happened to him. Tuck realized something weird must have just happened if he was now in a mousehole that wasn’t his. Tuck went out again and said, “Thank you,” and grabbed the walkie-talkie again and said to Gawen, “plan two has partly worked. There were a couple of mistakes that I made, because I got poisoned, but now I’m okay. So what should I do now? I don’t see the light to the treasury like I did before when I stole the items.”

Gawen replied, “Maybe something’s blocking it, like a picture, so try throwing something on each wall and it’ll fall and the treasure will be behind it. Maybe it’s an illusion or something.”

Tuck asked, “What should I throw on the walls?”

Gawen replied again, “You should throw a torch or something that lights up, maybe, or just try throwing something that’s harder than a stick because a stick could easily snap.”

Tuck looked around and found that there was something hanging in the dim light and he took it down. Tuck said, “It might be the last time I’ll be seeing you if this doesn’t work because the fire spreads all over, it might burn me and the mouse who helped me.” He threw it at the wall, but sadly nothing happened and the fire started spreading. He threw it at the one next to the door but not near the door and it finally worked. A passage opened up and he walked through the passage and the passage door closed. He walked through the dark passageway and then saw the shimmering light of the treasury and took some more things to show the king it wasn’t Gawen and then went back out, and snuck out again with a couple of small things.

The next day, news spread that it wasn’t Gawen and somebody else must have stolen the jewels. Tuck was so happy to be free and alive, he ran back to Gawen, who was still in the same place that he was before. Tuck was alive and had done his mission. Tuck was very satisfied with himself.

Gawen said, “You did good. You may keep the items you just found but when somebody’s not looking, return the other items you had stolen.”

“Can I keep twelve and return the rest,  if that’s okay with you Gawen?” asked Tuck.

“Sure,” answered Gawen, happy.

Just then, Gawen and Tuck realized they had made the king aware that it was not Gawen who stole the jewels, but the guards probably had stopped looking for Gawen and King Basil was probably thinking that he would never find Gawen ever again. Gawen decided to run away because he didn’t know how to fix their problems, and also he wanted to be free and not stuck up in the castle doing duties for King Basil anymore even though he used to really like the king.

“Tuck, do you want to run away together?” Gawen asked.

They both started  planning to run away. Gawen looked back at the castle where King Basil sat. Gawen wrote a letter and slipped it under the door. It said:





Gawen returned to Tuck and asked, “Are you ready?”

“Let’s go.”





Twenty years later, Tuck and Gawen are successful scientists and heroes. They are now known throughout many lands and KINGDOMS, including King Basil’s…





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