The Candy Baby

I like sweets because I’m three. My mom never lets me have sweets because I’m only three. She really does not want me to have sweets, but when I grow up then she will let me because she won’t know if I’m walking by the street and there’s a candy shop and I want some. And then I will keep walking until I find the biggest candy and then I will want to eat it. I like candy because I’m a candy baby. I’m a baby that loves candy so much that that’s the only thing I eat.

I’m on the street and I see a big a piece of candy, as big as a giraffe. It’s pink and it smells like candy made of chocolate and lollipops and sugar and gum. It’s a giant gummy. And then I want to eat it, but there’s bad people that stop me from eating it. They are the owners of the candy. They want to stop me from eating it because it’s their candy and they don’t want to share. That’s why they’re bad.

Then, when they’re gone for a second, I carry it home and eat it. My mom doesn’t see me because I’m in a locked room. It tastes like a gummy, sweet as an orange. I eat the whole thing and I don’t get sick. And then I shrink and then I’m only a one-year-old. I turn from a three-year-old to a one-year-old, and then I eat my mom’s gum. The candy made me shrink! Now that I’m a year old, I will stay in my candy room forever so my mom doesn’t see me.

Then I go on another adventure. I’m in New York and I go on an airplane to Disney World and it is so fun. I just enter and I walk five blocks and I take a car for two hours and I find a man holding a giant piece of candy in Disney World. It looks like it is made out of gum, which is my favorite thing. The man is also made of gum, so I eat the man and the piece of candy. And then I come home and eat it all, and then I stay home and then I go to Long Island. I find the biggest piece of candy in the world, bigger than all of the other candies. It is also made of gum, but then it shrinks. It is tinier than a butterfly. It is purple. It has candy glass, and then I eat it and it is better than all of the candies. It is smaller. It tastes like cotton candy. And it is so good! And it turns me back to three years old!

Then I want some of the best candy. There is such a big piece of candy on the street. It is very dirty. I never knew it was dirty. The people who own the candy will give it to me because I act very old but I’m really little. I act like I’m fifteen.

“Can I please have some candy?”

“Yes.” And they give it me for free because I act like I’m an old lady. I’m three but I act like I’m fifteen and I look like I’m older. I have powers to look like I’m older. My mom gave them to me. She doesn’t know I’m a candy baby because I’m always eating this candy in the special room. The dentist doesn’t know I eat candy because I brush really well. I brush really well so that nobody knows that I go to these places and eat all this candy.  Also, I have the power to never forget things. I was born with it.

The next day I go to the dentist, but I do not want to. The dentists might know that I’ve been eating a lot of sugar, and when my mom is talking to the dentist I go away to somewhere else but then everything traps me. The only shop that is there is actually a net that traps me, because the net knows that I love sugar so it closed off all the sugar. But then it traps me because it doesn’t want me to find the sugar. Luckily I had brought scissors and I cut through the nest.

I had to go back to the dentist but then I stole all the sweets from the dentist.

Then I leave the dentist and I go to Disneyworld. And I find another big piece of candy, but it isn’t real candy! So I don’t eat it. Then I go to Italy and I find not candy, but sweets. So I eat them. They are good. Then I go back to New York and I find a new piece of candy, the biggest piece in the world. It smells like gummies and fruit snacks and chocolate chips and candy.


One morning, I get older! I turn into a toddler. I am four! Then it is my brother’s birthday and he is 17. So I go to Disneyworld and I eat a dirty piece of candy and I get sick. I throw up. I throw up every hour for ten days!

So then I don’t like candy anymore. So I never eat candy anymore.

After that, I listen to my mom all the time. I eat broccoli, carrots, beans, and pasta. I am happy to eat what my mom tells me to. I feel better and more healthy. Nowadays when I’m sleeping and I see candy in my mind I just go and sleep with my mom. I dream about candy like every day, but I never eat it.

Then I live happily ever after.




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