The Magic Rhino


Chapter One: Hard Things

“It’s snowing!” MAGIC MAN said.

“It’s snowing,” mocked mathemagician.

“It’s snowing great! Snowing is bad. When will you learn your lesson?” said mathemagician.

“Never. Because snowing is good,” said MAGIC MAN.

“No it’s not. It’s bad for the Earth.”

“No it’s not!”

“Yes it is.”

“No it’s not.”

“Mother! Isn’t snowing bad for the Earth?”

“Not exactly.”

MAGIC MAN grinned.

His bro frowned.

Then, it was time for breakfast, so they sulked to the table.

At the table, MAGIC MAN told them how he broke his foot at school and that the nurse said he should wear a cast for two or three months.

His mother said, “Why didn’t you tell me? Let’s get it on right away.”

So, he got his cast on and went to Sunday school.


At Sunday school, he learned that rhinos have been around for 500 years.

And he wanted to be a rhino.

But then, he remembered that magic wands could not put a spell on themselves. He also remembered that he could turn into a parrot. Maybe then, he could turn into a rhino. So he tried, but he could not do it.


Chapter Two

Forty-five years later…

MAGIC MAN had almost forgotten it, but he tried again. Still no parrot.

Then, he remembered that he could not turn into a parrot unless he was a senior. So, he waited another 11 years. He tried and poof, standing in his place was a beautiful, golden, new parrot. But he realized he could not turn into a rhino.

Then, he remembered that he could have turned into a rhino 45 years ago. But not now. You can only turn into a rhino if you are 45 or younger. But then, a magician with no wand, one that knew this parrot wanted to be a rhino, turned the parrot into a magic wand. And all he did was sing a special song:

I don’t want him to be a parrot, rhino, or pooh. Just a magic wand.

With that, the parrot was a magician wand.

The magician picked him up, waved him a little, and walked away with a magic wand in his hands.


The End


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