The Main Murder

Medieval Murder

Once upon a time me and my brother Duke had been waiting for supper. As we waited we knew that something was like that, though we were peasants, we knew a crime had started. The clock struck 12. It was midnight. How could we not had supper by then?! My brother Duke’s eyes flashed with fear we heard a scream. It was our father’s scream our mother was outside going to the loo (bathroom). Me and Duke ran into the kitchen we saw a figure murdering our father we stood behind the oven. As we saw our father being tortured we held in tears and yells. Finally they had killed him. When they had left me and Duke ran into the kitchen we smelled blood it was dried blood everywhere. We cried and cried till the moon went down and the sun went up. When mother came home we cried about the murder of father right in front of us she gasped then fainted. We ran around the yelling about father’s murder we screamed “MURDERER MURDERER, RIGHT IN OUR STREETS, LOCK YOUR DOORS HIDE YOUR MONEY AND LOOT AND FAMILY!”

We never stopped, I was sure I would get whoever did the crime of murder back one day. Never before something as big as this would of happened I mean father was the best blacksmith in all the land. But he had competitors against him so no wonder. We went to the king and queen it was quite a long but it was too late because the king and queen had been burnt to death the night before. We went to the next important person the priest his son said that he too had been murdered so then we did the wife of the priest she had been killed while sleeping. If me and Duke where going to the ones to find the killer first then we would need armor, swords, bows and food. Me and Duke knew their was a 100,00.00 pound reward. We needed it after all the murderer had stolen. We went to the creek because we had seen the murderer go that way when he ran out of the house.

Just then I heard Duke scream. He had slipped on a rock and now he was drowning in a current. I wanted and needed to save him. I kept on thinking what to do instead. I ran back to the town and let Duke die. What a bad sister I am! I went to all the other blacksmiths first I would interrogate Mr. Mustash, he had a mustache he said he was crafting a diamond ring for his love, Ann, when the murder happened. So check him of the list next. We asked Mr. Bloodyheiner he was busy at the bar that night. Then we asked the last blacksmith father’s worst enemy, Mr. Bloodsickmurder. He said he was taking a walk that night. So I went back to the creek. I saw the priest’s three children. Quietly I crouched behind a bush and waited till the perfect time. I quietly took an arrow out of my quiver and I carefully aimed at one of the kid’s the oldest one who was a boy named Parker. I quietly shot him in the neck. He bended his back and howled with pain like a dog and then he fell on face and his body slid into the creek. His little brother and sister watched as he went away and down into the water. I went to the other side of the creek when they left. I screamed with joy because I saw Duke. He said that no harm was done when I had ran of and interrogated the blacksmiths.Then Duke pointed at a red line. I licked my finger and then touched it and licked my finger again. Blood, pure blood.

The murderer was here. “Look,” cried Duke. It lead right to the evil castle. When we stopped the castle gates were not open. I shushed Duke. There were two guards blocking the gate. I told duke to aim at one of the guards and I would aim at the other. I told him in 3-2-1 to shoot. We shot and ran across the bridge. Well the guards were not dead. So we had tons of blood in some bottles and so we poured them in the river along with some ribs and chicken bones and then we pushed the guards in to drown in it. We looked around for any people. Then we went in I had my bow in my hand. By now it was night. I looked and saw caramel and candy. I yelled, “OH MY GOSH, CARAMEL AND CANDY!” So me and Duke had a caramel and candy fight most of them landed in my mouth.Then after a sugar rush we went to bed. When I woke up I told duke that I had a dream about us being kidnapped and being put in a carriage of the evil queen and king, King Rian. I looked around to see where we were. We were in the carriage! So we banged on the windows we saw the towns folks staring at us they must have thought that being in the royal carriage was a big honor. They thought wrong I was in torture! At least they had some quite good food in it. As we ate we tried thinking up good plans to get out. Me and Duke got one it was secret. “OOH OOH WE ARE OUT OF CARAMEL CANDIES, OOH HELP HELP!” Then we yelled it out the window.

A little boy yelled BOO! Everyone started getting every single tomato there was and started throwing them at us. Me and Duke do like a nice tomato salsa. We got out some chips and put the tomato on them now we had salsa. Me and Duke got tired and fell asleep. When we woke up we were locked in a tiny stone tower with a chain bunk bed. I slept on the bottom bunk. Then we saw Nana our dog they had found her thrown in here too! We wished for a nice hot fat bowl of chicken noodle soup. The people threw in something that was made of fingers blood saliva and ribs and flesh and what was a bottle of the acid from the loo. I did not drink nor eat. After five days a kind voice spoke and said hello luv. ”HALLO,” said Duke. She gave us a note and some chicken noodle soup. I read the note aloud. “The queen was the murderer.” To be continued…

Fantasy Future

Previously a kidnapping has been made by the evil queen. Now it is time for a day of DOOM!

I looked at the note gasping at the words. Nana our dog looked confused. My brother did not say anything. After a nap I walked and I wonder, Why would the queen do this? As I thought I walked in circles.

“Stop,” yelled my brother Duke.

“Why!?” I asked.

“Look at the circle,” said Duke. I looked at the circles. Had I seen those symbols before? That was when I remembered when I saw them. I had seen them on my father’s work as a blacksmith he kept making those symbols. I told Duke that the symbols father had made. “Put one of the pieces of work he made that pops out.” I did, suddenly the wheel that it was on was able to turn I turned it, my brother took out a scroll he had saved it was torn. We put it together and it said, My dear family, I hope you are reading it because I need your help if you are in the tower of doom the wheel is a gateway to me. Push the wheel when you left you will die. Push it the right way you will stay alive and be transported to my dimension. I knew it was a riddle.  Duke ran over to the wheel. “NOOO,” I said in slow mo. It was too late he was falling in to nothingness. I knew now I was the worst sister ever. First I let him drown next I let him fall in nothingness. I turned the wheel right a portal appeared. Nana whimpered. “It’s okay you can stay or come.” Nana came. It was scary when I woke up I was wearing white,neon blue and gray.I asked where I was to a nearby citizen. He laughed. “What are you from nineteen ninety nine?”

I answered, “Yes!”

Then he said “Well I never!” I shrugged confused.

“People these days,” I muttered. Nana came to lick me and check if I was okay. Then I saw a boy that looked just like Duke.” Duke! The boy looked at me funny. “Duke? Who’s Duke! I am Harper. I know a man named duke you would not like. I am going to his hideout would you like to come with me?”

”I guess so.” I said sadly. He hopped into a carriage like thing. “Where are the horses?” I asked.

“Horses? Horses? We have floating cars!”

“Oh,” I muttered. Harper yelled HARPY EAGLE and the car turned into a harpy eagle.

“That is my favorite animal because I am named harper.” He blushed.

“I am quite parched,” I said.

“Ok,” said Harper. He snapped and said, “REFRESHMENTS! A tray of good food.”

“Now I want caramels and candy,” I said

“CARAMELS AND CANDY. STAT!” yelled Harper. He told me a bunch of things while I was getting fat. After hours of eats I was 100,00 pounds. “Uh oh,” said Harper. He gave me one that was big fat caramel with bits of fruit with syrup on them. I ate it I turned back to normal except my hair was blonde and it was in a ponytail and the ends were brown. I did not notice. Finally we were their.

“Can we sleep?” I asked.

“Uh huh,” said Harper. We set up camp. And made some food. Apparently Harper burned his hand and jumped into the sea and a jellyfish stung him and then a shark bit him. He came with his clothes ripped and blood was his arm. He was moaning he was a zombie! I screamed till I ran into the water I felt like drowning because I was. I swam into a underwater cave. I took another deep breath and saw a door I opened the door I saw bright lights and I nearly got blinded then it stopped.I fainted. I went through visions of the night of my father’s murder and his torture. When I woke up I saw a white ceiling I saw a hairy man. He said, ”Gwen is…is that you?!”

“Yes father, it is me.”

“Duke is here,” said the father. Duke waved at Gwen with a scowl on his face. He said to Gwen, “How come I am always the one that is always almost dying?”

Gwen said, “I’m sorry, I had to do it because it was a risk and we had to save Father.”

“I guess that makes up for it.” “How do we get home from here?” asked Father. “I am came from up there,” said Gwen. They looked up and saw a hole in the ceiling. “That’s strange,” said Gwen, “When I came, there was water in the hole. Now it is empty.”

“I know a way,” said Duke. Duke told them that if they spit out enough saliva, they could create a stream of water to reach the hold.

“I know,” said Father, “When they give us food, we could pour the water into a stream to go up. They give us a lot of water here.”

“But wait- who father?” said Gwen. “The evil queen’s men. They have been sent here to keep people here. They didn’t kill me. They tortured me until I fainted. They took me to the Stone Tower first, then they brought me here. I overheard them talking about bringing me here.”

“Now let us wait for food,” said Duke.The clock struck 12 and they had gotten food. They did not drink they poured the big jug of water into the water. It worked! But it was too late. The guards had seen them. They shouted, “HEY!” They called for one guard to give them the key to the cell. Quickly, Duke and Father pushed up Gwen so she could be high enough to reach the hole. Then, she helped pull up Duke. Then, together, Duke and Gwen both helped pull up Father. They stole a floating car when they got up to shore. They drove back to the portal screen. They quickly hopped in the portal, where their dog, Nana, had been waiting. Father went first, then Duke, then Gwen. But when they got to the Stone Tower at the other side of the Portal, Father was not there. To be continued… DUN DUN DUN

Mad Murderer

I looked around I did not see any trace of my father. Now he had been kidnapped again I wished that I went first in the portal. My brother patted my back he said it was okay. It was not. Nana whimpered, she knew that father was gone. Nana licked me because she knew that I was sad. Duke leaned on a brick.I t was able to be pushed. When it was pushed a secret doorway was their. I looked it. Suddenly someone pushed us in their. I was falling and falling.Then I saw pure black. When I was awake I saw a bright light.Nana licked me. My nose was bleeding. I smelled the blood and wet dog it reminded me of when I had killed Parker. It was raining. I found myself lying down on a bed next to Duke. I sat up. I said “Where am I?”

A man barked at us and said “WHY YOU LITTLE!” He smacked me on the face.When I woke up I was in a pitch black room. I heard a loud chop. Then I saw my father’s head was chopped off. I screamed in horror. My brother Duke shushed me. When it was over I was freed. My brother was not. I howled for Duke to be let out. I knew if I fought back my head would be chopped off. I was very mad. I ran off and went back to my village. I told my mother about father and Duke. I was worried about Duke. Meanwhile Duke was having a fine time. The queen had took him because her daughter wanted him to be her brother. Duke said”No! Never in my whole life I would be the evil queen’s son I have a mother and a sister!”

“Very well then,” said the evil queen. Then with a clap of thunder Duke was locked up in a cell. Then she stabbed a dagger in his arm. Duke slowly took it out. It was pure pain. Then it was lunch. The food was slimy, wet, and it was made of blood, hearts, ribs, head and what looked like a brain. Back at home I saw wanted posters that had my face on them. I got a cut when I went to the butchers I took his big fat butcher knife and put a butcher knife through his throat. He was choking. It was good I was wearing a hood.

Then his wife yelled “MURDER MURDER!SOMEONE HAS MURDERED THE BUTCHER.” I quickly pushed against a wall with my bloody hand it landed on a wanted poster. It was creepy. Then I saw the man who murdered my father He yelled” I AM JB!!” I gulped I pictured him murdering me. That night when I went to bed I felt like my face was melting. As I faded to sleep. I saw a pale white figure his face looked like Duke’s. I knew that it was a dream. “It’s a dream it’s a dream.” I muttered to myself. The pale figure touched my shoulder. It felt ice cold. Nana came to me because she heard me. She barked at the pale white figure. He said “Sh sh Nana it is me.”

“Who are you?” I asked. He said “I am your father but as a ghost.”  

“Really then if you are you must know my favorite food.” I said proudly.

“Roast beef.” He said after 2 seconds. “Ok then dad why are you here.”

“Because you are the chosen one.”

“What!?” I said.

“Look at the marks on your arm.” the ghost said. “You must kill the evil queen and save Duke.”

“I dont want to” I said.

“You must.” said father. Then he poofed away.

“Wait!” I yelled. It was too late he was gone. I went back to bed. That next morning I was in the wagon with mother and a man. “Why are we here?” I asked.

“A big fire.” The man said.

“Oh,” I said. I looked back at all the hills and meadows and lakes and rivers. Then we crossed a big river. I peeked over then I drowned. To be continued…

Murder Madness

I was drowning! I was being pulled underwater. I was so scared I was out of breath. I was so tired. I was falling and falling my eyes closed. When I woke up I was lying on a beach my eyes burned because it was salt water. I wished this would never had happened if murder man never came then this would never had happened. Now the strange man pulled me off the shore and I coughed up water all over him. He wiped the water off himself. He told me to be more careful. I wanted to say no. But I did not. I nodded because then I would be spanked. I climbed back in the wagon. I waited along time. Nana our dog kept on trotting behind the wagon.

After 5 hours I thought of our burning town. If I died there I would be very sad of waiting the man yelled “Our stop!” I hopped off the wagon and mud landed on my dress. I went to a pub nearby and I ordered a butterbeer. Many men were yelling and betting. I looked around at the other men one of those men was sitting around. He was wearing armor and it had the evil queen’s mark on it. I opened up his helmet hoping he would not see me do “HALT!” Said the man. It was my brother the one I had let him almost die over and over again. I jumped. And said “Duke?”

He said “Gwen! Where is mother>”

“Oh at the hotel.” I muttered.

“Huh? Pardon me but I did not hear you.”

I yelled into his ear. “IN THE HOTEL!” Everyone stopped what they were doing and they threw us out. I brushed off dirt. I said “Guess we got banned.” My brother shrugged. I went down to the lake and started off on a boat. I went to fish. Mother said we will go back home. Instead a of going home. I was kidnapped! When I woke up I was in a small cell. I wiggled my hair in the lock and then I noticed it was a lock you could not pick. In a little corner I saw goo all over the corner I went in it. I yelled “IT’S HOLLOW.” Duke came in and followed me in “Blech!” I said. Some of the goo landed in my mouth. It was toxic goo. I barfed and it turned out green then I fainted then I was seeing light I was in the evil queen’s kingdom I ran out quickly and I was back at home. Duke was not with me. To be continued…

Murder Mansion

Even though she knew what waited for her in castle she knew she had to go in.

She took a deep breath it was finally over she looked over at the door she knew if someone caught her they would take to the lord and her head would be chopped off.

She looked down at the body now she had proof of the murder of her father suddenly she heard the bellow of the huge wolf. Soon she dried her brown hair and her scar upon her tan arm suddenly she  heard the screams of her brother, Duke she began to panic the clock struck twelve.The hunt was on.

She heard her mother yell her name “Gwen we’ll get you back!” At least she had her dog Nana who she had since she was a little baby. She looked at her blood stained, torn rag that she wore she could not help but crying she heard a voice. It was Duke her older brother he said he ran out cause he saw that the window bar was able to be pushed out. She smelled wet dog and dried blood they had murdered their cook, Ellen she knew it was Ellen because her scream sounded like a baby crying then she heard Belle the evil queen cackle it sounded of the dragon which was over yonder.

That morning they went a bought clothes they had dried their hair Duke’s hair had turned from brown to blonde.

They went down to the town the town was as dark as the night sky it was never that dark most of the places were empty.

“Wow,” said Duke as they went to the dark house it was winter so it was dark a lot. The castle had wanted posters everywhere Duke and I looked at them as we put on our cloaks suddenly we saw my face on a wanted poster suddenly I felt a ice cold hand touch me and drag me and Duke in their carriage. It was Belle the evil queen I screamed the ice cold hand put scarfs on our mouths. I faded to sleep. When I woke up I rubbed my eyes and looked around

“Well well well well.”

I said “You can not do this!”

“Oh yes I can I am doing it right now!” yelled Belle.

“Duke will get you!”

“He won’t he is here with me!”

“You can not do this”!

“I am taking you to the dungeon”. I woke up I saw a knife near the window. I took a clip out of hair and unlocked the cell door Duke followed me. I saw Belle in bed the guards were not there I quickly stabbed Belle in the the neck I then got the keys to my mother’s cell and I unlocked her just so we had her. Then put the king in my mother’s cell. When he woke up I heard him bark “LET ME OUT”!

“Never!” I yelled back we changed into the king the queen the princesses clothes and we lived like kings and queens. It was finally over. THE END.


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