The Mighty Warrior

Chapter 1

There were three weapons that were forged by the king of dragon warriors. He was invincible with the sword. He was so powerful that he was able to destroy a whole army with one strike on the ground. Two strikes, he destroyed 60 armies. And with nine strikes, he could destroy 90,007 armies.

One day, he was battling when someone stabbed him in the back with his darkness sword. Sixteen years later, his son took his father’s sword and went to the darkness land of destruction. It was a big fight but Drago won.

A hundred thousand years later, a lady and her husband had a baby. They had no idea that the dad was related to Drago. But the mom agreed that the dad should name the baby. The father named the baby Dragano. When he was fifteen, he was walking in the woods with his friends, Marthur and Druth. They both were princes. They were all walking but got split apart. They were all upset, but at the exact same time, they all found special weapons forged from their ancestors. And then, they went to their mothers to tell them all about it. And then the mothers told their sons to go to the temple, where they could get trained and nobody would hurt them.


Chapter 2: Training Begins

Their fathers found out, and they thought that their fathers wouldn’t find them. And then their fathers were all so mad, that the light power became dark power. The fathers exploded and turned into devils. The sons were right about to enter the temple. They got into the temple, but then they heard a voice.

And the voice said, “If you want to be the master of the sword, pass these three tests and you will become so powerful, not even the darkness will be able to beat you.”

Meanwhile, robot devils were in a maze. The sons were upset, so Dragano got so frustrated, he let out a big, energy surge that destroyed all the robots and the boss robot.


Chapter 3: The Devil’s Revenge

They finished the first and second challenge. And now the third challenge: the teleporter. The teleporter brought them to a robotic general. There were three generals. Dragano and his friends could help each other with their matches. If only one finished, he could help the other two. So now came the test: Go fight!

A big bang, a big boom! So much power was coming out of the generals. Dragano was the warrior of Dragons, the Dragon Sword. He would win. And he was winning. Special attack! Fifty hammer power strike! Then the devils wanted to destroy the boys.


Chapter 4: The Hidden Power

When they were finished, the devils were extremely upset! After defeating all the challenges, the boys were walking back home, but the devils said, “Fight us, and we will destroy you and win for what you’ve done to us! Let the battle begin.”

It was a fierce battle. But it was a scary battle for them. Then the light was shining bright from the weapons. And then a big boom. And it was big!                                                                           


Chapter 5: Aaaaaahhhh!

The boys ran to their village, and no harm was done, but out of nowhere, a bunch of villagers were running after them, and they knew them.

Then the boys yelled, “Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!!”

Then more people came, but a lot of them had crushes on them. So they just wanted to say, “Aaaaaahhhhhh!!” but they just went into their homes. Then they all came out with their weapons and scared them.


Chapter 6: The Scariest Terror Story

On Halloween, there were spirits walking around the village. Dragano was wondering why there were so many spirits around. And this was why. They were all people that lived, but one of them had a horror story.

“One hundred years ago, your father was destructive. Your father was a devil.”


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