The Mysteries of the Magic Pencil

Hello, my name is Elias, and today, I will tell you about a story that changed my life.

It starts with me going to my grandparents’ house. I was standing outside their house and rang the doorbell. They opened the door, and I went in their house. First, I chatted with them. Then, I asked them if I could look in their attic. My grandpa said yes.

So I went up in their attic, and I looked in their attic. I looked everywhere I could. I looked sideways, up, down, everywhere. Then, at the back of the attic, I found a pencil. In gold writing, it said “magic pencil.”

“This is exactly what I wanted,” I said.

I had read in a book that there was a magic pencil in an attic somewhere that had special powers, so I checked in my grandparents’ attic just in case he had a magic pencil. But let us resume the story.

So I ran down to my grandparents and said, “I found a very special pencil. I know it is a magic pencil because I found out there is a magic pencil in a book, and the book’s description matches the pencil.”

My grandparents reacted like I never told the truth. They said that could not be true. Then, I took out a piece of paper, and I wrote, “Make a red rose appear.” And a red rose appeared right in front of them, lying on the table.

My grandparents said, “That is really true, wow!” They acted very surprised. Their faces looked very shocked, and their mouths were wide open.

I thought, How come my grandparents can open their mouths so wide? Because in science class, we learned old people can’t open their mouths very wide.

Then, I told them that we could become very rich, and they looked even more shocked. I wrote, “Add 100 dollars to my grandparents bank account.” I asked my grandparents what the password was to their bank account.

My grandparents asked me, “Are you sure that’s safe?”

And I said, “Yes, because I’m writing it on a piece of paper that nobody can read.”

So my grandparents gave me the password to their bank account, and I wrote it down. And then, they checked their bank account, and it said, “One hundred dollars has been added to your bank account.”

My grandparents looked the most surprised they’d ever been (which is very suprised). And then, they said, “We really could become very rich with this.”

I asked my grandparents if I could keep this pencil, and my grandparents said yes, since they were so old, they wouldn’t need it and I had a long life ahead, so I could keep it.

They also said, “You should be careful with the pencil.”

I was as happy as I’d ever been. I grabbed my pencil and said, “Sorry, grandparents. I can’t stay with you any longer.”

And they said, “Okay.” I was supposed to be with my grandparents for another hour, but they thought that was very short for me to be with them.


Then, I ran home as fast as I could. It took me about ten minutes; it usually takes me, like, thirty minutes. When I reached home, I was very tired, but I still told my mom, whose name is Ederick, that I had found a magic pencil. My parents had already read the book. They looked at it and inspected it and saw that it matched the description perfectly.

They said, “It really does look like the magic pencil.” They looked surprised.

And then, I wrote down, “Make one hundred dollars appear in front of me.” And one hundred dollars appeared in front of me. I told my parents that we should also be careful because the government might find out, and they would think we stole money from the bank, and we could never convince the government about the pencil. So we would have to keep it very secretive, and we would have to hide it, so no one saw the magic pencil, even our friends.

My parents said, “Yes, we do need to keep it very secretive.” The next day, I woke up, and with the magic pencil, I wrote, “Make breakfast appear.” Then, scrambled eggs with liver pate appeared right in front of me.

After that, my dad came over and said, “That magic pencil is cool.”

My dad’s name is Josh, and he is always worried about me. My dad took the magic pencil and wrote, “Make coffe apper.”

“Nothing appeared. you spelled it wrong,” I said. (My dad is a very bad speller.)

“Oh no, I spelled it wrong,” my dad said.

“Yes, you did,” I said. At school, I knew I could not tell anyone about the magic pencil. It was tempting to tell one of my best friends, but luckily, I did not tell any of my friends about the magic pencil.

When school was over, I walked home with my dad, and we argued about animal extinction and the magic pencil. (Of course.) As we were walking, I noticed many more kids were walking behind us than usual. Then, I stopped to think for a moment. l thought that if all those kids were following us, they must have wanted something. But what did they want?

Then, I said, “The magic pencil! They must have heard about it.”

I told my dad to run to our house. Once we ran to our house, I locked the door, and kids were starting to pile up around our house. I told my dad that kids from my school heard about the magic pencil.

My dad yelled, “Why did you tell them about the magic pencil?!” (My dad gets angry very easily.)

“It was not my fault,” I said.

“Fine,” my dad said.

“They just learned that I had it,” I said after a long lecture.

My dad said “Alright, I forgive you.”

Then, when they left, I wrote with the magic pencil, “Make a guardian appear to defend our house.” Then, a tiger appeared right in front of our house.

The next morning, people were standing outside our house, protesting. My parents were contemplating leaving our house because of the protesters. Luckily, the protest was only thirty minutes long, but my mom still was about to throw away the magic pencil. I could not let that happen, so I convinced my mom to not throw it away.

My mom told me, “I am putting the magic pencil away because if you have protesters outside your house, it is very stressful.”

“Fine,” I said.

Then, I woke up, and it was the weekend. I was so happy because of the magic pencil until I remembered my mom had put away the magic pencil. I always hated my mom, but this time, I hated her so much, I made a plan. I would convince my parents to leave me at home because I am a very good convincer. I could take a ladder and reach for the magic pencil, and then, I would hide the magic pencil.

So I put my plan into action. I started by convincing my mom, and it took a very long time. It went like this:

“Mom, I am in fifth grade. So can I stay at home by myself?”

Mom asked, “Why?”

“I told you, I am in fifth grade. Every kid in my class stays by themselves.”

Mom said, ”Fine. On one condition: you do not do anything silly.”


When I was at home alone, I decided to kick my plan into action. I first got a ladder. Then, I walked to the closet and opened the door. I took the magic pencil, and I hid it in my lockable drawer and locked the drawer.

Then, I waited until my mom and dad came home. Once they came home, I said nothing at all.

My mom said, “How are you?”

I said ‘I am fine.” I also said, “Can I go to the bedroom?”

My mom said, “Alright.”

So I went to the bedroom, and I wrote with the magic pencil, “Make paper appear,” and paper appeared out of the air. The reason I wanted paper to appear is because I love to draw, so I also wrote, “Make the most beautiful markers appear,” and markers that were so beautiful appeared.

The next morning, I woke up and went to the dining table.

My mom said, “How are –”

I cut her off and said, “Mom, I am going to make breakfast today, alright?”

My mom said, “Alright.”

I was appalled by my mom’s response.

So I went to my bedroom to get my magic pencil, and I wrote, “Make a very good breakfast appear,” and a very good breakfast appeared right in front of me. Then, I went to the table.

My mom said, “You must be a very good cook,” but I just went to another topic.

Then, my dad switched on the TV. There was news about Nepal having a war with China.

I thought, My grandparents live in Nepal. I ran to my bedroom, and with the magic pencil, I wrote, “Stop the war between Nepal and China.”

After that, my magic pencil said, “Out of power.”

I felt very unhappy that the magic pencil only lasted for less than a month. So then, I ran to the living room where my parents were chatting and guessing whether the war would end.

But then, the newscaster said, “We have new news in — the war has stopped.”

My parents said, “That was a very quick war.”

They called my grandparents in Nepal. The conversation went like this:

Parents: ”How are you? Is the war ok?”

Grandparents: ”Yes, it disappeared like magic.”

Parents: “Ok, I will call you later.”

(By the way, my grandparents in Nepal are different from the ones in the beginning of this story)

I was happy, even though I did not have the magic pencil, because the war ended, and I was happy for my grandparents who lived in Nepal.


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