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Once, there was a girl. She wrote what you will see. She thought it was all fun, but little did she know, it was going to come true. Here it is:

One day, three girls had a sleepover at a house that belonged to their friend, Lily.

There was a Pac-Man machine in her house. But they did not know Pac-Man was going to get out that day to rule the world. They did not know they were destined to stop him either.

That night, when the three friends were sleeping, they had the same dream. They dreamt that they released ghosts that died because of Pac-Man, so he went back into the game. They woke up the next morning in her room even though they went to sleep in the basement, so they knew something was wrong.

Asha said to play the Pac-Man game and they did, but Pac-Man was not there.

Then, Aliya suddenly saw Pac-Man and ran to the others. She told them Pac-Man said, “Never release the ghosts. Never find the four element keys of fire, air, earth, and water. I will not rule the world if you do.”

They knew where to find them because of the stories they had heard when they were kids. They would appear only to the known. Then, they saw the Key of Air. Asha got it, and Aliya asked where to find the next key. It said a poem for the next key, the Key of Earth:      


To find the key of earth, you see,

You’ll need to jump up with me.

I will then take you there,

Then, let go and stay in the air.

Look in the cloud, and you will find

The key of earth, I hope you don’t mind.


So they flew up holding the Key of Air and dug through the cloud. And there it was, the Key of Earth. Lily held the key, and it said:


Find the phoenix in the forest.

Then, it will appear,

The key of fire

Right there.


They went to the forest and saw a fire.

Asha said before anyone could, “The key must have meant a forest fire.”

They went to the forest fire, and then, it stopped. In the middle of it all was the Key of Fire.

The Key of Fire took them to a haunted house where the Key of Water was inside. As soon as they got there, a person came and told them they had to be killed in this house and that it had no power. He also said they had two choices: a chainsaw or an electric chair. They all chose the electric chair and got the Key of Water.

They took the keys to Lily’s house and put them in the machine. The ghosts came out and ran to Pac-Man. He tried to resist, but he could not so he ate one. So the rest ran away.

One went to the desert. Another went to the ocean. And the last went to Writopia Lab. The one at the desert was disguised as a cactus.The one at the ocean was disguised as a blue whale. And the one at Writopia Lab was disguised as the computer that I am writing this story on.

Suddenly, a note appeared in front of him. It said:


Deep beneath the darkened earth,

A place that you will never find,

Find me towards the north

And follow me to your favorite spot,

Or never conquer earth.


Since Pac-Man didn’t know which way was north, he turned into a compass and followed himself north. Eventually, he fell into a hole, and he saw a labyrinth in front of him. He went through the maze and fell into a pool of piranha families and got bitten badly.  

Meanwhile, the group of girls was busy blowing up all the buildings that Pac-Man had built. Pac-Man had built the buildings so that people would vote for him. Little did the girls know the buildings were magic, and they would always reappear. And little did Pac-Man know that the piranha that bit him would bring a ghost into his mouth any time he got near one. And little did the ghosts know that once they got eaten, they would go back into the game. Only the pink one, Pinky, knew. And little did Pac-Man know that the piranha families would make him never be able to rule the world.

The piranha took him to the desert. He appeared in front of the ghost, so the piranha put it in Pac-Man’s mouth. Then, he went into the maze and when he opened the next door, he fell into the sea. The Blue Whale ghost swam under him. The piranha put it in his mouth, and the ghosts took him to WritopiaLab before they disappeared.

I was writing at the time and the piranha was bored, so it left. So Pac-Man put on his ghost goggles. He dove right at me, and I screamed, but I saw him chewing the computer, so I kept typing and finished it just in time and that is the story you are holding right now.  


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