The Mystery of the Black Figures

Kelly was having breakfast with her dad and it was exactly a week after her last day of school.It was her eighth birthday and she was having her party. It was a softball party. She was so excited because she was going to sleepaway camp. She was leaving in the evening.

After breakfast, Kelly went to get dressed. Suddenly, she saw two mysterious black figures run by her window very quickly. Kelly ran outside to check if she could she could still see them but everything was normal. She went back into her room and just then her mom came in. She just woke up.

“Happy birthday!” she said. “I’m not going to work today!”

“Yay!” said Kelly. “Can I organize the decorations? Please!”

“Okay, okay, you can,” said her mom.

Then, when Kelly was done, she went back to her room and remembered about the black figures.

Kelly invited all the girls in her class, some of her neighbors and some other friends from school.

Later at Kelly’s party, people were arriving. When everyone arrived, they went out to the softball field and her mom told everyone how to play. They started playing, and while they were playing, Kelly saw two black figures run by very quickly again. That distracted her and she missed the ball.

When they finished playing, they went back to Kelly’s house to have cake. It was chocolate cake. They went out in the backyard to play when they were finished with their cake. You could see the softball field and Kelly’s aunt and uncle’s house from there. Her aunt and uncle’s house was right next to the field. She leaned on the fence and looked at the softball field and at the house. She saw something run around the house very quickly again. It seemed to be black but it was kind of blurry so she could not see perfectly. Kelly started to do cartwheels back and forth. In a few minutes everyone had to leave because the party was over. Katie, Kelly’s best friend, stayed though. Kelly told her about the black figures and how they had also been around the softball field.

They decided to go there and investigate. They told Kelly’s mom and they went to Kelly’s and uncle’s house. When they got there, they creeped around the side of the building and suddenly they heard whispering around the corner of the building. One man had brown hair and the other had blonde. They looked like they were in their mid-thirties.

“They’re watching TV in the living room,” the brown-haired one whispered.

The blonde-haired one was looking around.

“We need to go in, creep up the-”

Look, a little girl!!”

The men tied them up and gagged them. Luckily, it was not that tight so when the men kept whispering, they managed to get out and run home. They got Kelly’s mom and told her about the criminals. Her mom ran into the house with them and warned Kelly’s aunt and uncle, and then they found the men and they tied them up with some rope and Kelly’s mom called the police. The police came and the men went to jail.

The end.

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