The Pirates and the Ninja


Chapter One

A ninja is practicing with his sword on a cliff because he is preparing for his fight with the pirates. The ninja takes a step backwards and suddenly falls off the cliff! He tumbles backwards until he grabs a branch, but the branch breaks, so he falls and breaks his leg.

After he lands, the ninja hops to the hospital frowning because he broke his leg. At the hospital, the doctors are surprised to see him. They love ninjas because they fight. They help him and give him a metal leg.

At nine o’clock, it is time for the fight. The ninja goes to an island and swims to the pirate boat. When the ninja is going to flip the captain off of the boat, the other pirates flip the ninja off, but he holds onto the boat.

“Good job,” the pirates say, because they think that they won. But the ninja comes back and flips everyone off the boat. The ninja sails away to Florida, and the pirates swim back to land.


Chapter Two

“Hi!” everyone in Florida says to the ninja. He waves back to them.

The pirates are watching TV and see that the ninja is in Florida. The pirates come back and take the ninja to their secret hideout and lock him in a cave that has a bear in it that is hungry. The ninja sees a rock on the ground and moves it, so he can get out of the cave. The ninja locks the bear in the cave.


Chapter Three

The ninja goes to find the pirates. They start fighting, and a lot people come to watch. Someone brings a truck with a stadium in it for the pirates and ninjas to fight in. They fight more, and people go get seats. And the ninja wins by cutting off the pirate’s legs with his sword.

At the end of the fight, the ninja feels proud and takes off his mask and reveals that he is a baby.

“You’re a baby?!”

Everyone gasps.


Chapter Four

The baby ninja goes back to where he lives on the boat. He sails back to his home in New York, and he goes upstate to where his house is. He retires and stays home.


The End


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