The Portal of Time

One morning, on April 30th, 2017, Bob woke up and went to the market for milk. When he was walking, he saw an old man at the entrance to the market. He was pale but looked wise. He told Bob he would tell him the future if Bob paid him three dollars. Bob agreed because he wanted to know the future and because he did not want to die.

The man said, “When you wake up, Earth will interact with the past and the present. Everyone will find half of the world is prehistoric and half modern. You will live four years in the past/present like everyone else and then the world will change back.”

As Bob walked away, he wondered what the future would bring.


The next morning Bob woke up and screamed! He saw a dinosaur with a gaping jaw and huge tail eating leaves off of his palm tree! He rolled off the wrong side of his bed. One half was all right but the split between time had made half of his bed broken. He tumbled down into the ground. He was in shock so he did not feel any pain but still saw everything just as scary as when he had seen them from up in his bed. He was wondering about why he was seeing dinosaurs mixing with human life and his mind flashed back to the old man. He wondered if the old man could stop the dinosaurs. Bob traveled to the market, or what was left, to find the old man. Unfortunately, the man was being cornered by a velociraptor. Bob picked up a stick and tried to kill the velociraptor but Bob missed and the man was eaten. Bob lost all hope and fell asleep for four years because he was super stressed.


When he woke up, he was a dinosaur in prehistoric times! He had switched places and needed to get out of there before the asteroid that killed all the dinosaurs really killed him. His new body was difficult to move in because it was bulky and had stubby arms. He was a T-Rex and Bob thought he was hopeless for dinosaur life. The world was different and he would not be able to adapt. He wondered if once he was in that crazy time thing again he would turn into a human again. So he waited, and waited, and got bored. So he ate a dinosaur to fill his belly.


After a few years of exploring prehistoric life, the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs struck. The world turned gray, and smoke filled the air as dinosaurs perished. Bob was nervous but he knew he would be human. Soon, he perished and was floating in endless darkness when he saw a portal. He went through it and poof! He turned back to a human. Bob knew that listening to the old man probably caused this, so he knew if he got the conversation out of his mind the world would be the same again. Bob brainwashed himself so he would not be a dinosaur. Bob learned to never listen to old men who told the future.


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