The Race

Once Bob had to stay at Uncle Steve’s house. Bob loves Uncle Steve’s house. It has pizza, it has a park in his backyard, and a magical toilet which Uncle Steve doesn’t know. Bob told Uncle Steve, “You have a magical toilet!”

“Do I really have a magical toilet?”

“Sure you do.”

“You want to check it out?”

“Okay, fine.”

So they went in. Uncle Steve was surprised. We are video game people? he thought.

It was about Sonic racing. So Bob and Uncle Steve got onto a car. The other racers were Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Dr. Eggman, and Shadow.

“So Uncle Steve, there are four races. Also if you’re first you get ten points. If you are second you get eight points. If you are third you get six points. If you are fourth place you get four points. If you are fifth place you get two points. And if you sixth place you get one point. And after the four races if you have the most points you win.”

Three, two, one race. So Uncle Steve drove as fast as he could.

“OOOOO there is a power-up! Get that, Steve.”

So far they were in second place. When they got the power up they had three missiles. They used it all on Sonic. They were in first place so far. They got the next power up and then it was the boost power up. So far they were really ahead of everyone. They were in the second lap while everyone else was in the first lap. After two minutes, everyone came into the second lap but they were already in finishing the second lap. So far they were in the third lap. When they got the third power-up it was the boost power-up and then that power-up made them go almost to the end. After thirty-three seconds they finished the race. And then they were like, “We’re first!” A minute later, everyone else finished.

On the board they showed, Uncle Steve and Bob were first. Sonic was second. Tails was third. Shadow was fourth. Knuckles was fifth and the Evil Dr. Eggman was sixth.

“Uncle Steve, my advice is to go on the left side,” Bob said. “The race starts in three, two, one, race.”

They were really ahead of everybody except Sonic. He knew the trick.

“Get that boost power-up.”

So they got it. They were ahead of everyone. So far they were on the second lap. As soon as they were in the middle of the second lap Sonic caught up and was first place. But then Uncle Steve and Bob caught up with the boost up. Then Sonic got three missiles and used on Steve and Bob. So far they were in the third lap. Then Steve and Bob got three missiles and used it on Sonic. So far they almost to the end of the race. They saw a power-up. They got the boost power-up they finished the race.

“We’re first again!” A minute later Sonic and Tails finished. And three minutes later everyone else finished. On the board they showed Bob and Steve were first. Both Sonic and Tails were second. Knuckles was third. Shadow was fourth. And Dr. Eggman was fifth. The points were Steve and Bob with 20 points. Sonic with 16 points. Tails with 14 points. Knuckles and Shadow with eight points. And Dr. Eggman with three points.

Dr. Eggman was so mad at Steve and Bob.

“You two weiners better come here right now!!!” But they did not come. So instead Dr. Eggman came.

“I am going to push you out of this video game!”

So he used all his might to push them. Dr. Eggman was so strong he pushed them out of the video game.

“Whatever, let’s just flush the toilet,” Bob said.

So they did. As the toilet was flushing down water was dumped on their heads.

“We are back.” Just as they were back, the break was over. So they went into their car. The third race was really short. Three, two, one, race. So they zoomed as fast as he could, so that Dr. Eggman couldn’t see them. But Sonic caught up. The race was so short that there were no power-ups. So far they were in the third lap that’s how short it was. Well bad news, Sonic won. Both Bob and Uncle Steve and Tails were second. Shadow was third. Knuckles was fourth. And Dr. Eggman was fifth. The points are Bob and Uncle Steve at 28 points. Sonic at 26 points. Tails at 22 points. Shadow at 14 points. Knuckles at 12 points. And Dr. Eggman at five points.

“So Bob and Steve, you got back in?” said Dr. Eggman. “I am going to,” but he didn’t get a chance to finish, because at that point, the last race was about to start.

“Come on! I was just about to push you out of the video game.”

They zoomed to their carts. It was the loopty loop race.

“My advice is to go on the right loopty loop. Three, two, one, race.”

So they took the right loopty loop. But this time Tails followed them. And also there were no power-ups. They were now on the second lap. But they did not want Tails to follow them, so they took the left loopty loop while Tails took the right loopty loop. 50 seconds later, Steve and Bob were on the third lap, while Tails was in the middle of the third lap. Tails took the left loopty loop. So Bob and Steve took the right loopty loop. Both Bob and Steve and Tails were almost done with the last lap. Both of them met at the finish line. After 2 minutes everyone else finished. On the board they showed Bob and Steve and Tails were first. Shadow at second place. Sonic at third place. Dr. Eggman at fourth place. And Knuckles at fifth place. The points are Steve and Bob at 38 points. Tails and Sonic at 32 points. Shadow at 22 points. Knuckles at 14 points. And Dr. Eggman at nine points.

“We got the cup!”

“Now we like to present Bob and Steve.”

So they walked up and got the cup. They did their speech. It took them about 15 minutes. After that everyone said good game. But Dr. Eggman did not say good game because he was in the loser spot. After 12 minutes Bob and Steve asked, “Dr. Eggman, could you push us out of the video game?”

Dr. Eggman was surprised. “Is that really you?”


“Egghead, just push them out,” said Sonic and Tails. So he did.

“Well, now since we are in the real world, I could eat pizza.” So he did.

“What about me?” Bob said.

“Keep that trophy with your other trophies. Seems like pizza is your dinner. Because it is 12:00 a.m. Well, good night Bob.”

“Good night, Steve.”

Well, Bob did not sleep. He was just playing with his iPad! He only slept at 3:00 a.m.! His dream was about Sonic and Tails. And Steve’s dream was about Dr. Eggman being defeated by Sonic and Tails.

THE END!    

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