The Rat

Once there was a rat who lived on the streets. He had black fur and big ears, two big front teeth, a big nose, small hands, a chip in his ear, and a unibrow. He ate cheese every single day. He found the cheese from a trash can.

A human came and tried to kill the rat, but he slipped and fell. His snowsuit came down on the rat, and the rat thought that he could use it as a bed. But it was so soft on the inside that he sunk right in. There was a hole nearby, and he managed to escape. Then, he tried the other side. It was too rough, though.

So, he found some tissues and used them as a bed. He used his jacket to block the entrance, so people wouldn’t get in, because it camouflaged with the colors outside. But the tissues were used, so he found a fresh box of tissues. He tried to get up, but it was too high. His friends came and helped him, and he used a cotton ball as a pillow.

Unfortunately, the snow started to melt, but his friends got all of the sponges in his house and started squeezing them out with the water. The rat was hungry, so he went to the fridge, but there was no cheese in the fridge. Then, he went to the basement door, but he had lost the keys to it. He looked under the couch and found the keys. He opened the basement door and ate some of the cheese inside the basement. He had more left, so he gave the rest to his friend.

The human had caught a flu and had broken his leg. He started charging towards the rat, but then realized he had broken his leg and wasn’t using his crutches, so he fell down. He called his mom, but she was too tired to get out of bed, so she fell back asleep.

The human and the rat started to head back to their homes, but then the rat’s friend told him that he had broken his leg too. The rat made a cast for his friend. Then, it got dark, and he had trouble finding his way home, but he had eleven flashlights with him. So, the rat found his way back home.



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