The Return of the Dragons

One day, in a land far away, there was the spookiest town of all. The town of Dendrum. There was a person named Doctor Heesagam. He was the most evil person in the town. He used to run around and steal from people. But then one day, a dragon lived in a mountain just around their town. Doctor Heesagam couldn’t go outside as much as he used to because the dragon was looking for meals every day. When someone would go outside, he would snatch them up for a snack. The dragon was evil and red with blood all over his teeth. He had blood-red eyes. He always had a good view from the top of the mountain. So, whenever people went out, he would go snatch them up with his dripping blood teeth. He used to be a nice blue dragon until somebody tried to kill him. It turned blood over his teeth, blood over his eyes, and he turned red. Then he started attacking people.

He would always fly around the city, looking for something to eat. His bloody teeth used to make puddles of blood. Then, one day, in a graveyard, a zombie came out from a grave. It was climbing out of the dirt and went into the town, but the dragon saw it and ate it for dinner! Nobody in the town ever saw the zombie.

Then, one day, out of nowhere, came another little thing. It was the most scariest thing, a green thing with wings. Another dragon! When the red dragon saw the green one, it flew down and said, “This is my territory. Run off. Get another town.”

The green dragon said, “No! I called it. I saw it first.”

“I’ll battle you for it!” said the red one.

Then they had a fight. The green one turned as red as the red one, and as bloody as the red one. The people in the town saw from their houses and said, “Woah, that is so cool!”

“I wonder who will win?” said one of the town’s people.

They both were as strong as one another. So they said, “Hmm. I think it’s time we bring out some weapons.”

They brung out some dragon weapons. Dragon missiles, dragon everything. They had a fight with those, but neither of them won.

The green one said, “Ugh. You made me so bloody. I’m leaving!” The green one left and the town’s people learned that the dragons were hurt, but not very much hurt. But they had more blood than ever. They were making the lakes blood red.

Doctor Heesagam said, “This is so bad for the town! I can’t even go outside until the blood dries up. Which is going to be a million years because of these fighting dragons! They’re not even dead and look how much blood they’re making!”

Doctor Heesagam went outside and the red dragon swept down and took him to his cave.

“I’ll go get the carving knife ready,” said the dragon.

“Hmm… nice place here,” said Doctor Heesagam. “I wonder if the dragon has any jewels for me to steal.”

The cave was dripping water because there was a lake right on top of the mountain. There was lots of rocks hanging down from the top of the cave. It was kind of spooky because there were bats flitting around everywhere– vampire bats!

Doctor Heesagam was very scared because the dragon said he was going to get his carving knife. He was shivering. He was running from wall to wall but he was not screaming, so that way the dragon didn’t know what he was doing or what he was up to. He said, “Hmm…” and ventured into the dragon’s part of the cave. He thought that maybe he should jump out of the cave, but it was 3,000,000,300 miles down to the little town. “I can risk getting hurt, or getting eaten,” he thought. “I’d rather get hurt than be eaten!” Then he jumped down.

The dragon came out and said, “What! Where’d he go? Oh, whatever… I’ve had enough meals today.”

While the dragon was talking to himself, Doctor Heesagam was falling at a very intense speed for a very long time. He fell for about an hour and then he hit the ground. He wasn’t hurt because his coat was like a parachute. “Oh boy, I better get inside right now!” he thought. He went to his lab where he was experimenting with lava. He was trying to make iron with this lava but the materials kept melting. So he said, “I guess I’ll just experiment with lava just to see if it can melt every single thing in the world! `Hmm, what if I test it on one little scale?” He found the scale of the dragon outside and he dropped it in the lava. It melted faster than 1000 and 25th notes! “Hm,” he said, “I wonder how long it would take to melt the whole dragon? I can’t climb the mountain, because it’s 3,000,000,300 miles high! It’s too high. It’s a google plex. How am I ever going to get up there? The hovercraft won’t get there… The engine would be out of gas once I got to the foot of the mountain! So I just have to climb. And I don’t know how to do this but I’m going to do it.”

Doctor Heesagam went and tried to find the elevator in his humongous underground house and he found it in his closet and it was buried underneath a pile of dust; a dustinator which makes people sneeze! He took the dustinator and he said, “Won’t need this again!” and threw it in the lava. There was a secret passageway in the closet that leads to above ground. He found the escalator and said, “Up you go!” He pushed the tub of lava on the escalator and the escalator did the rest of the work. Outside he said, “Oh boy, now I have to pick up an escalator… like that’s going to be easy! I don’t even have my grappling hand anymore, it’s buried in the cemetery somewhere…” Then he realized that he didn’t have his remote to make the escalator shrink! He said, “Well, the tub of lava won’t help… so I guess I just have to pull it up.” He took it step by step. First, he took the leather off the escalator, then he took the metal. Then he put it all back together again by the side of the mountain. It was the middle of the night, so Doctor Heesagam knew the dragon was sleeping, because he could see the smoke from the dragon’s snore. He put the escalator next to the mountain and pulled up the lava. It took him about 30 minutes to get up the mountain on the escalator. He poured lava all over the entrance of the cave and said, “Nighty nighty, dragon. It will be your last!”

It was daytime and one of the dragon’s legs burned off because of the lava. “Ahhh! You got to be kidding me! I am going to destroy the whole town until I find the person that did this!” screamed the dragon. He gets a peg leg made of diamonds and gold and he starts flying. “I feel like a bat that’s carrying a zebra. Ugh, this has got to be the worst day after. I am going to get the person who did this! And I think I know who it was… Doctor Heesagam!” Then he dove into town and said, “Hmm, maybe I should start with this house.” He ripped open this shack that had nobody inside, just these old logs. “This must be a lumber place. Looking for the person that did this could be very hard… I need a better searching team.” The dragon had no friends, but he knew he needed help to find Doctor Heesagam. Doctor Heesagam was down in his lair, sitting and relaxing on his nice warm, sofa. Meanwhile, the dragon was out in the town ripping up all the buildings.

Dr. Heesagam thought, “Wonder what all that noise is? Maybe I should use my telescope. Eh, whatever… it’s Saturday. Relaxing day. And hobby day. Maybe there’s something I’m forgetting… Oh yeah, I have to send the bomb to space to blow up a satellite. Hm, I think that maybe I’m not so sure about this, but I think I should send a missile to the dragon’s cave. Oh yeah, that’s perfect.”

He aimed the missile right at the mountain while he was still sitting in his chair.

The dragon was like, “Hm, I wonder what that is?” He flew toward the missile but dared not touch it because he was afraid it would attack. “I wouldn’t want to touch it on the tip, but look! There’s fire coming out of the back, oh wait, that’s air. It’s probably not a dragon, probably just human technology.” The dragon flew down, but little did he know that the missile was heading for his cave! Once it hit, the explosion was so loud, the army thought that they were being attacked so they got out their tanks and missiles and aimed it right at the dragon. 3, 2,1, and all the tanks fired at the dragon! But the dragon flew off just time.

The dragon was, flying, flying, flying. Dr. Heesagam saw him and fired another missile but it missed him again! But it hit his cave again.

The dragon wasn’t too upset because his usual home was up in space. But this cave was his summer home, so he said, “Let that cave be blown up! At least I still have a home on Planet Reese.”

The dragon was so mad because he saw another missile going toward the cave, so he picked up a tank and threw it at the missile. The missile split in half and all the explosives fell out.

Dr. Heesagam was walking outside. The dragon saw him and was like, “THIS IS THE LAST TIME YOU WILL SEE PLANET EARTH AGAIN.” The dragon’s voice was so deep that it froze Dr. Heesgam’s blood. He was so nervous that he nearly fainted. But he had something in his pocket: it was a shrink ray. He took out the shrink ray, and although his hands were shaking, he pointed the shrink ray at the dragon. But it missed! It hit the mountain and shrunk the mountain to the size of an ant. The dragon picked up the mountain and said, “How am I supposed to live on this thing! It’s the size of an ant and it has a steaming spot on it.” The dragon threw away the mountain and it flew up in the air and landed on a satellite which destroyed the whole town’s radio, television, and lights. Everything went out; it was a blackout.

“What have I done now?” Dr. Heesagam groaned with his hand on his face.

The dragon was stomping around but he couldn’t see anything because it was midnight and now the town had no lights. So it made it super hard to see Dr. Heesagam. Then Dr. Heesagam tip-toed away from the dragon. He was shivering when he got inside his house and he sat on his sofa which was freezing!

“This is the worst blackout ever.”

The dragon was stomping around saying, “Why do I have to walk around? But it’s the only thing to do…” He was walking in circles. He was so mad that he almost crushed a house! He was walking, walking, and then he found this little house that had not been crushed. It wasn’t Dr. Heesagam’s house, but he thought it might have some supplies, so he crushed the house and saw what was inside. There was a humongous axe that was about 5 feet long, with a blade that was about 7 feet long.

“Hmm, this could do,” he said. And he walked and walked and found a small patch of the town which had not been destroyed. It was sitting there perfectly. He said, “One of these two homes are Dr. Heesagam’s.” So he opened up a house that had nothing in it, it was just a wood supply store. He opened up the next house, it was just cement. He didn’t know this, but he thought that underneath those 5 layers of cement was Dr. Heesagam’s house. Though he was underground, Dr. Heesagam had plenty of air.

The dragon thought, “What is a layer of cement doing there? This must be Dr. Heesagam’s roof, because if there’s nobody on top, he must be on the bottom!”

He starts digging. His claws dig up five feet of dirt. He sees something creepy. A skeleton! Just a skeleton with handcuffs on it. He didn’t know, but he was digging up a house that used to be an old prison. He saw 15 people that had handcuffs and were dead.

“Ugh, I dug up the wrong house.” But little did he know that under the prison was Dr. Heesagam’s house.

So the dragon walks along the road, stomping around like a maniac, so angry that he breathes his fiery breath. He sees something, a commercial sign that says, “Kill the Dragon! Go to the Army and sign up now.” He got so mad that he picked up the sign and threw it at a tank. Of course, the tank exploded. But then another tank came and fired at the dragon’s diamond peg leg. He screamed, “Ahh!” and falls down.  “You will be killed, Doctor Heesagam, once I get my claws on you! You shall never be alive. You shall not be in the cemetery. You will be in my mouth!” The dragon was so mad that he nearly destroyed the whole town. He seized this other town that was sitting there peacefully, and they were even more scared than the other town. The dragon thought that Doctor Heesagam was hiding in the other town, but really he was under the jail cell.

All Doctor Heesgam was doing was sitting in his ice chair and trying to go to sleep but he couldn’t because it was too cold. The lights came back on and the heat came back on.

“Oh that’s great,” said Doctor Heesagam. “Now my ice chair turned into a molten lava chair. Well… I better get working on the invention that I must finish.”

He took a tube of lava from his lava tub and he poured it into a gun.

“This gun will be good, because it will be called The Molten Lava because it will turn the dragon into molten lava.”

He left his house and went in to the woods to find the dragon. He couldn’t find him in the woods but he could find him in the next town over. He saw the dragon ripping out the houses.

“That silly little fool dragon… he has no idea what he’s doing. He’s just ripping up his own strength. I’ll aim this gun at him…”

He aimed it by accident at a house and he shot it. It hit the house. It turned into molten lava.

The dragon said, “Hmm maybe Doctor Heesgam’s mansion finally blew up and now he’s dead!”

But little did the dragon know that the house was abandoned and nobody lived there. So  all the explosion did was burn off the dragon’s skin and turn it into a blue dragon.

“What? I’m blue?” The dragon said. “Now I have to be nice… And eat vegetables.”

Doctor Heesagam was like, “Hmm, I didn’t think he would turn blue. But now I can’t kill him.” He walked home very mad.


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