The Revenge of the Future Thanksgiving Turkey

Once upon a Thanksgiving, there was a turkey’s dead friend, who was being eaten on Thanksgiving. The turkey (that was alive) was named Turkusin. He made it his goal to get revenge on the family that ate his friend. He only had one year to do it! So, now, he needed a plan to escape the evil demon cage. The cage was seven feet tall. Turkusin thought and thought, until he came up with a plan!

His plan was to play dead, so when the family came with a refill of turkeys, they would take him out, so that the other turkeys wouldn’t eat him and so the family could eat him.

When the mom took him out, he started to poke her with his beak. Turkusin knocked her out. He grabbed her shirt, and threw her in the basement, and locked the door.

One down, fourteen to go.

If you were thinking that there was no way he could do it, well, you were wrong because I tricked you. So you should be ashamed. It was one down, three to go.

The turkey hid under the porch, sneaked into the house, and hid there until nighttime, and that’s when he attacked. The family (not including the mom) was having dinner. They were talking about the mother and asking where she was. The turkey came out from his hiding place and made the noise that turkeys make.

The dad looked at the turkey and said, ‘’You mother turkey, you killed my wife.”

‘’I locked her in the basement,’’ replied the turkey in English.

‘’Did you just speak English?” asked the dad.

“Yes, I did,” said the turkey in English.

The dad picked up a knife to kill the turkey, but the turkey was too fast and took the dad and the two kids, and locked them up in the basement. He thought that was the end of them.

But the dad still had the knife in his hand, and so, he opened the door and tried to sneak up on the turkey. But the turkey had quick reflexes, and the dad missed him. The turkey took a step back, and the battle began!!!

It was the turkey versus the dad, the mom, the son, and the daughter.

The turkey was surrounded, and when the family attacked all at once, the turkey jumped up in the air, and the family all crashed into each other, and they fell on the floor. When they got back up, they continued to fight. The turkey started to scratch them.

The family went back into the house and locked the door. They packed their bags and ran away with everything they could carry! The turkey took all the turkeys out of the cage, and they kept the house. It was like a mansion for the turkeys! And the day they got it, they threw a gigantic party!



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