The Three Teddy Bears

Once upon a time, there was a teddy bear. His name was Fuzzy. He had many scars. He had so many scars because he was often attacked by a teddy bear named Puffy, who had no hair. Puffy had made a potion to make himself fuzzy. But, there was one problem. Puffy needed a sample of Fuzzy’s hair. Fuzzy was super fuzzy because he had a lot of fuzzy brown hair.

One day, Puffy decided to ask Fuzzy for some hair. They lived in a bedroom with three dollhouses. Fuzzy lived in the middle, Puffy lived in the house on the far right, and on the very left lived a bear, who was named Candy Bear, because Candy Bear could make candy. The bears’ owner was on vacation, so that meant the bears were on their own. While Puffy was getting ready to ask Fuzzy his question, Fuzzy saw Puffy’s checklist.The first thing on Puffy’s checklist was to ask Fuzzy for a sample of his hair.

Fuzzy immediately went to Candy Bear’s house. Candy Bear was playing darts with candy darts. As Fuzzy entered, a dart nearly hit him in the head.

”Yikes! What was that for?” Fuzzy exclaimed.

“Sorry! You should have knocked first, ya know,” said Candy Bear.

“Can I ask you a question?” asked Fuzzy.

“Sure. Shoot,” said Candy Bear.

”If an enemy came up to your door, and knocked, and you opened the door, what would you do?”

”I would ask them what they wanted. If I was okay with want they wanted, and I had what they wanted, I would give it to them,” answered Candy Bear.

”Okay, if that’s what you think,” said Fuzzy as he went back to his house.

But, Puffy was already at his front door, so Fuzzy took the backdoor route. When Fuzzy got in, he heard the doorbell ring. He grabbed a bat for protection, then he opened the door.

”Hi!” said Puffy.

Puffy was a normal sized teddy bear, except he was bald. He used to have hair, but one day, when his owner had him on a hotel roof, a breeze picked up Puffy. Then, he went flying into a sandpaper factory, which shredded all of his hair off. You could hear his screams in China. Puffy felt naked. He was jealous of Fuzzy for having so much hair.

Fuzzy was surprised to see Puffy, and suspicious. He was afraid of Puffy.

“Aaaaaaaa!” screamed Fuzzy. Fuzzy swung his bat back.

Puffy asked, “What’s with the bat?”

“Oh, the bat’s for protection,” answered Fuzzy.

“Okay,” said Puffy. “This time, I am not going to fight you.”

“And how can I trust you?” asked Fuzzy.

”Well, I don’t know,” replied Puffy. “But, let’s get along, okay?”

”Hmmmmm,” said Fuzzy.

“Okay, so what I want is just one piece of your hair,” said Puffy.

“Sure,” said Fuzzy, who thought one piece of hair couldn’t really hurt. So, Fuzzy agreed to give Puffy one piece of hair.

When Puffy tried out the formula with Fuzzy’s hair, it worked! A few seconds later, Puffy went to the mirror. He saw that he had thick brown fur again. He felt happy.

When Fuzzy saw Puffy with all his new hair, he congratulated him.

Now every time he meets Puffy, he does not have to fight him.

And the three bears lived happily ever after.


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