The Snowy July

Maria was bored. She was bored like she’s never been bored before, all because it was wet and dreary outside. All she could do was play checkers with her grandma because Mia’s parents were on a trip in Argentina where they got bundles of snow!

“Oh, it’s so boring inside. I wish we had snow, don’t you Grandma?!” Maria pouted.

“Yes dear… wait, I remember when I was your age I loved inventing things and I built a snow machine and I think it might be in the attic,” exclaimed Maria’s grandma. Five minutes later, the old snow machine was pumped and ready,

“3…2…1… go!” Maria yelled, and she hit the crank. And so much white, cold, fluffy snow came bursting out!

“This is the life!” said Maria.

“Woah, it still works!” said Maria’s grandma. Then, after they were done lounging in it, those two wanted to put it back. But how would they clean up the snow? “Oh no! Wait… I also remember when I was your age, I made another invention that cleans it all up! I think it’s in the attic!” exclaimed Maria’s grandma. And it was!

Maria turned the crank and four little active snowplows and ten tiny shovels and vacuums spurted out and in one hour, fifteen minutes, and forty-two seconds, the living room was squeaky clean. Then, four hours later, Maria’s parents arrived.

“Hi honey! Did you have fun?” asked Maria’s mother.

“Oh… uh, sure I did?” Maria exclaimed, glancing at her grandma.

“Great!” said Maria’s father.