The Soccer Tournament

One day, there were two brothers named Kye and Mac. They both played on a soccer team called the Bulls. The Bulls had a perfect record in their games with Mac and Kye, the star players. They made it to a national tournament. Kye and Mac trained hard and they both felt confident, until one day Mac got tripped and hurt his leg. Kye didn’t feel confident anymore. The first game was in one week and the doctor wanted Mac to not do anything with his leg for a month! (Dramatic Music)

One week later, they both went to the soccer game, except Mac sat on the side. But he really wanted to play.

Nobody scored until 68 minutes and the other team scored.

But then at 79 minutes the Bulls scored.

The game went on until 89 minutes when the Bulls scored!!!

When the whistle was blown, the Bulls won!!!

Mac’s foot was still not healed, but getting better.

A week later, Mac went to a doctor’s appointment while Kye played again. Nobody scored at all until 90 minutes when Kye scored a free kick. The Bulls won!!!

When Kye got back, Mac was already there. Kye was so glad to hear that Mac could play in a week. In a week Mac went to practice before the game to make sure he was alright, and he was.

When the game started, Mac started with the ball and dribbled up the field and passed it to another teammate while Kye was back at goal getting ready (Kye is the goalkeeper).The other teammate passed it back to Mac and Mac scored!!! After the game, the team was proud of Mac. One of the team members even gave him Chelsea, Barca, and MLS soccer balls. At the next practice, a teammate was sliding and hit Kye! It really hurt for Kye and it turned out it was a broken leg just like Mac except the doctor said not to use it too much for one week. For the week they had to use the substitute goalkeeper.

After the week, they used Kye for the final game. The Bulls started with the ball (again) and almost scored, but the goalkeeper saved it but Mac got the rebound, took a long range shot, and scored!

The team thought they were going to win until 88 minutes when the other team scored.

Nobody else scored, not even in extra time, so they went to penalty shots. In penalty shots nobody missed until a team member of the Bulls missed!!! But the other team missed too. Then another team member from the Bulls was about to shoot when the other team’s best player pushed him. He got sent off the field by the ref and the Bulls scored and the other team missed! Bulls win the tournament!!! The whole team was cheering and was extremely happy.


The End

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