Chapter One: It Starts


My friends Tony, Shawn, David, and I were hanging out in school when class was over. Suddenly, all the lights turned off and I heard the the most high pitched scream come from three floors above us. My friends and I were about to go check it out when I noticed Shawn was gone.Then Shawn suspiciously appeared from the wall.  

“Hey Lucien,” he said.

But I noticed blood over Shawn’s shirt. “Hey Shawn, why do you have blood on your shirt?” I asked him.

“Uuuhhh, I had a bloody nose,” he said.

“Okay,” we all said. We went to check the freaky situation. We took the elevator to the third floor. When we got up I saw janitor Jimmy dead with blood coming rapidly out of his ears and chest. We were so scared that we sprang back into the elevator and punched the first floor button.

We went to the courtyard and ran out. I could not believe what I saw. I even had Tony slap me to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, and unluckily it was no dream. When I got back home I went straight to bed. I was trying to sleep desperately, but I couldn’t because the thought of Jimmy being killed on school grounds kept coming back to haunt me. Eventually I got too tired and fell asleep. In the morning I woke up with sweat all over me. I had a nightmare about the incident yesterday.

On the walk to school I bumped into Shawn and the others.  On the way, Tony and I talked about the freaky incident. I told him that it was probably a ghost since Jimmy looked like he died, but didn’t know anyone was coming. Then Tony hit me with all his science, saying that it was highly impossible for ghosts to exist blah, blah science stuff do the math blah, blah.Then I slapped him and said not to get all nerdy on me or I’d slap him again, harder, on the face.  

We got to school, but we noticed Shawn was gone again. The door to the freaky haunted basement was wide open. “We should go in to find him in there,”  I said.

“Look, I have done many scary things, but this is beyond anything,” David said.


Chapter Two: The Basement


But before I could enter, the bell for class rang — ding!!!  

“Thank God!!!” David said. “Two more seconds and I would have had to go into that pitch dark haunted basement.”  

“Don’t be such a big scaredy cat. We can bring a flashlight, David,” Tony said.

In class, I signaled all of my friends to “go to the bathroom.” We went to the bathroom and discussed the plan. Tony took a flashlight, David was nowhere to be seen, and I was taking a #1. When I was done I looked outside and saw a hand close the door to the basement. “Oh no!” I thought. “David must’ve gone in by himself.” I told Tony what had happened.

“Oh no!” Tony said. “We need to go in!!!”

We went out the bathroom door to go get David back from this horror. We frantically ran to the door to the basement.  I slapped my hand on the handle, grasped it tightly while twisting it in one split second.

But Tony said, “We should get the police involved in this.” I agreed and closed the door to the basement and ran to Tony while he smashed the numbers 9 1 1 on his iPhone 6 [everyone nowadays has iPhones for safety].  

“Hello! Who is this?” the officer said.

“This is Tony Boils and I”m reporting some strange things that have happened here at school,” Tony said.

“Like what?” the officer said.

Tony says that the janitor died and his friend David was captured.

The officer says, “We’ll come right away.”

When the officer got there he kicked open the door and barged in. Then we heard a scream. Tony went in with me. We saw the officer down on the floor, the same way Jimmy was killed and we walked deeper into the basement and saw David hung on the wall. When we got him down, we asked him what happened. I was walking down the hall when I got pulled up and slammed into the wall. So, us three walked deeper into the basement when Shawn came out of nowhere. We asked him, “Where have you been?”

He said, “Trying to find the killer.” Then we told him we should get home. So we ran out and started to walk home. When I got home, I told Mom and Dad about what happened and they didn’t believe me. They said they would check it out. So the next morning, Dad came with me to school and went into the basement. Shawn and David were gone again. Then I heard another high pitched scream, but luckily this time I brought my earplugs and then I found my dad running out. Luckily, he had his earplugs on, too. He said he saw someone that looked like Shawn or David.

I didn’t want my dad to be in trouble. So, me and Tony went in by ourselves with a flashlight and other equipment.


Chapter 3: The Screaming Killer


When we went in I saw Shawn walking toward us with a knife and he ran at us so we asked him if he was okay.

He said that David tried to kill him. So we went in to find David. There were many corridors and we chose the middle one. The deeper we walked in the darker it got. Tony turned on his flashlight and noticed that Shawn was gone again!

So we screamed out, “Shawn!”

We heard a voice say, “I’m over here in the third corridor!” So we went to the third corridor and found him in the middle of the room with his eyes as red as ever, a knife, and David hung on the wall again. Shawn was about to scream and we knew it was gonna happen. I threw a pair of earplugs to David. David caught them and put them on and he survived the devastating scream. Then I threw David a knife and he cut himself free with the knife. He dropped to the floor, gasping for breath as Shawn said, “I’m the screaming killer and you will not get away!”

The screaming killer threw his knife at David and it whizzed past his arm. Tony ran to David, shining the flashlight in Shawn’s eyes. Shawn was trying to block the light. We ran to get David. With him on our shoulders, we ran out the corridor and hid in the fifth.

Tony turned off his flashlight so Shawn wouldn’t see us. Two minutes had passed and David was shivering like he had been in the North Pole for five hours. We waited for another ten minutes when we heard footsteps coming rapidly and voices. The principal had come with police. Then we heard the same devastating scream and bodies fell on the ground. Shawn must have been possessed because he would never act like this. Tony didn’t like this so he ran to finish the job but I stopped him. I told him that if he went, he would just die along with the principal and the others. So we stayed there, waiting for Shawn to kill us all. But then I realized we needed to man up a little and I took the nearest police officer’s gun, ready to shoot my best friend. But even the thought of it haunted me. So I went back to Tony and David and waited, trying to think of another strategy. Tony told us that if we could suck whoever’s possessing Shawn out of him. We could seal him inside a steel box. We might be able to defeat him.


Chapter 4: Finding a Box


David said he recalled seeing an ancient box that could catch ghosts in a store across the street. Then I slapped him on the arm and said, “How are we gonna get out of here?”

Tony said that we could just blind him with the flashlights. So we ran out of the corridor with our flashlights on, pointing them at Shawn’s eyes. Shawn fell to the floor like he’d just been shot by the FBI. We ran out of the school and went to the store. Unfortunately, it was closed so I took a wrench from a builder and slammed the door open with it. We ran in and took the box as fast as we could. Then we ran back to school. When we ran to the third corridor, Shawn was gone. If we didn’t run as fast, he could kill the entire city by screaming into radios. But then we heard a high pitched scream come from two floors higher and slammed into the elevator. When we got into the second floor, we saw Shawn next to two teachers that were lifeless on the floor.


Chapter 5: Finishing the Job


David shone the flashlight on Shawn’s eyes while I hit Shawn in the head with the gun. I didn’t shoot him, I threw the gun at his head, which was a bad idea because he caught the gun and shot the flashlight out of David’s hand. David jerked back and fell on his head as I slapped myself in the face. Shawn had a gun and he was shooting me and Tony. Shawn must have had FBI training because he shot the box out of Tony’s hand and it smashed through the window. Now it was on the street, three stories down.

“Why?!” I shouted while Tony looked out the window and he dove to get it. I told Shawn, “Wait right here.”

But luckily, the fair was going on below and Tony and I landed on the bouncy house. Tony grabbed the box and he bounced to the wall of the school hanging on the wall and started climbing up. I smashed into the window, kicked the button on the elevator and missed while I dived in. “Come on!” I said. I went to the first floor and took the stairs. Tony was dodging Shawn’s bullets. I threw my pencil at Shawn’s forehead and it bounced right off.

Now Tony and Shawn stared at me and Shawn said, “Really? A pencil?” While Shawn was distracted, Tony took the vacuum cleaner out of the janitor’s closet and sucked the screaming killer out of Shawn. We saw a green spirit burst out of him, but it broke through the glass and I threw the ancient box where it broke free. It ran into the box and the box closed shut, sealing it in forever.

“Yes!” me and Tony said at the same time.


Chapter 6: The End


After the celebration, I called the ambulance to pick up David and Shawn. David didn’t look too good, or worse than usual, because he usually had chocolate off his mouth. Shawn looked normal, without red eyes. We waited outside the school for the ambulance. We might have lost many people but we became more brave.




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