The Space Travelers

This is Gordon, and he is an alien. He lives in an ice cream shaped planet. The name of his planet is Lexicon. One day, he and his friend decided to go to a planet named Pizton. Gordon told his friend, Brain, to fire up the engines and off they went. When they were in the middle of getting to the planet, they found out that their spaceship was running out of gas, so they refilled it. But they didn’t refill it enough so, when they nearly got to the planet, they figured out that they were out of gas.

“Can you fix the engine?” Gordon said to Brain.

“No. We ran out of gas,” Brain said.

“Get the parachutes!” Gordon told Brain.

Gordon and Brain jumped out of the spaceship. They watched their spaceship crash land onto Pizton’s side. They ran over to the spaceship, and Gordon asked Brain, “Can you fix it?”

Brain said, “Yes I can, but I need lots of materials.” So, Brain and Gordon went to the nearest town to ask people for help.

The people said, “You should go ask the king.”

When they reached the palace, they went into the throne room.

The king said, “Yes, we will help you, but we have a lot of giant mutated rats in the caves next to the town, and they are scaring away the town folks.” The king asked, “Can you help us?”

Brain said, “Yes.”

Gordon was just standing there frozen in fear because he was scared of rats. The king got some cold water and put it on Gordon’s face.

“Snap out of it,” he said.

Gordon said, “Sorry, let’s go, Brain,” in a shaking voice.

Gordon and Brain made their way to the cave. When they went in, they heard some squeaking noise. Then, they saw the rats. Gordon got freaked out, so he grabbed a blaster from his pocket.

“Stop! They’re nice rats,” Brain said.

“Yeah, nice rats that eat people!” Gordon screamed. The rats made some very scary noises, and Gordon screamed, “I wanna go home!” and ran out of there.

The rats crept up to Brain, and Brain was frozen with fear, but then he remembered what he learned about rats, and he crept up into his pocket and grabbed some cheese. He threw it into the part of the cave where there was only one way to get out. The rats ran towards the cheese and at that second, Gordon ran into the cave and started shooting blasts all over the cave and a bunch of rocks closed the entrances, so the rats couldn’t get out.

“Why did you trap them in there? They’re not bad,” Brain said.

The rats screamed and tried to hit the rocks down.

Gordon was like, “They’ll never get out of there.”

The rats broke out of the rocks and ran towards Brain, and Brain was about to get attacked by the rats. Brain covered his face with his arms. Gordon threw a bunch of cheese into a part of the cave and the rats stopped running towards Gordon and started running towards the cheese. At that second, the cave started breaking apart.

Gordon said to Brain, “Come on, dude! We gotta get out of here!” Brain and Gordon ran out of the cave.

They got to the palace and told the king that they stopped the rats. The king told the people to give Gordon and Brain the materials. Brain fixed the spaceship, and Gordon and Brain got into the spaceship and waved to the king and people.

“What a day we had, eh Brain?” said Gordon.

“Yes, we did,” said Brain in a tired voice. Brain and Gordon made their way onto Lexicon.




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