The Story of Candyland

One early morning, Carly was asleep, and her mom was calling Carly up. So, Carly brushed her teeth, washed her face, ate breakfast and poof! She was in the Magic land of Candy.

Then, another poof came. It was her friend, Charlie. They thought they could use candy to make a house.

A fairy came and told them, “You can eat the candy, but you can’t make it into a house.”

So, the fairy used her wand to make a gingerbread house for them.

They saw a tree made of marshmallows, and the trunk was made of gum. They thought they could go to the ocean, but there was no ocean. There was only a cotton candy ocean. But there was a guard, and the guard told them that they couldn’t get in the ocean because it was very thick, and you could get stuck if you fall in. When you got stuck, you would sink. But the queen helped them out and used her wand to make the cotton candy smoother for them.

So, Charlie sat on a pizza to ride on the cotton candy ocean, and Carly used the cookie to sail on the cotton candy ocean. A little bear sat on a lollipop made of chocolate and sang. When they got on the island, the little bear was there too. They thought it was their home from before, but it was not. Her mom was in the home to find Carly, and Charlie’s mom was there to find Charlie. But their moms went to the room and didn’t find them anywhere.

They found a Coca-Cola pond, and they could drink Coca-Cola from the pond. They ate some of the fish made of jelly beans.

The moms saw them and said, “This planet is shaped like a jelly bean.”

But it was not their mom, it was the jelly mom. So, they ate the jelly mom because she wasn’t their real mom.

They found chickens in a farm where another chocolate bear was. This bear was eating half an egg, because the chicken was a magic chicken that could give you a chocolate egg if you gave her chocolate.

The bear said, “You should go to the Land of Food.”

So, they sailed on the big boat of candy and sailed to the Land of Food, and there was pizza mom. And they ate their pizza mom.

On the Land of Food, there was a machine that could give you anything you wanted, like pizza. And there was a unicorn made of every type of candy. The unicorn had a marshmallow mouth, and the cotton candy was her head. She had a jello body, and her four hooves were made of jello too. Her neck was made of chocolate. Her mane was made out of lollipops, and her tail was made out of golden candies and food coloring.

They saw a pile of mashed potatoes and jumped in the pile, and it felt very squishy. On the Food Land it was Christmas! The snow was made of all types of ice cream: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate chip, watermelon, lemon, pineapple, and all of the other flavors. They slept in a taco because it was nighttime, and they were tired. All of the candies turn into lights, and you still could eat them! And you couldn’t forget the taste of the popsicles because they tasted so good. You could eat a bit of fries and some hamburgers for dinner.

They ran into a goblin, and it was candy, and they ate the goblin like they did with the food moms. At midnight, when they slept in the taco, a fairy used her wand to send them to their own home.

When they got home, they were very unlucky because Carly’s mom said, “Where have you been!”

“We’ve been in Candyland,” Carly and Charlie said.

Carly’s mom said, “Your punishment is to only eat vegetables for four weeks!”

They never went to Food Land and Candyland because of the fairy who sent them away. And the fairy was made of jello, so they ate the fairy because they wouldn’t eat anything sweet for a month.

So, the next day, Carly and Charlie wished to go to Candyland again. But they could only go if they let the fairy out of their tummies. But Charlie and Carly said they couldn’t because they were people and weren’t magical and couldn’t easily spit her out. They went to the doctor and got the jello fairy out of their mouths. The fairy waved her wand, and Charlie and Carly could go to Candyland and never return. Their moms tried to find them for 2,000 years and didn’t succeed.

In Candyland, they did a lot of fun things. They found a princess that was a human, not candy. The princess showed them the way to the waterfall. And when they got there, there were four princesses that could change their hair magically. They could turn their hair into an island. But they didn’t because they could only do it if they were dreaming about it. Carly, Charlie, and the princesses used bubbles to go down the waterfall, and they had so much fun.

At the bottom of the waterfall, there was a crocodile! When the girls saw it, they quickly ran back to the castle to tell the queen about the crocodile. When they returned to the waterfall, they used a very sharp sword to stab the crocodile. After, they got into a big, big taco and had a tea party. The taco tipped over and fell inside the ocean of cotton candy. It was not a problem because the taco could still float. They ate cotton candy straight from the ocean. It was a rainbow cotton candy ocean that had all of the juicy flavors.

The queen used her magic wand to teleport them back to the castle, and they slept in a cloud that was in the castle! Carly and Charlie thought it was very comfortable. In the cloud bed, you could control your dreams. They dreamed of a basket, and they could see something in the basket. It would give you whatever you wanted, like cotton candy, jelly beans, and chocolate eggs. And sometimes, you could say you wanted chocolate bars. They shared their candy with the four princesses they met that day. When the dream was done, they fell asleep and didn’t dream more because the cloud could only give them one dream that they could control.

The next day, they were still in candy land. They got to a big lollipop and pressed a button, and all of the candy melted, and a tornado slurped up pasta and meatballs.

“What?” said Carly.

“It is yummy!”

“What is yummy?”

“Ruuuuuuuun… No… ”

“It is pasta and meatballs. Slurp, slurp, yum.”

They ate all of it, then they saw soup, so they drank some. They saw a little cute bear covered with pasta, so they slurped the pasta off him, and the bear thanked them and gave them some tea.

They saw a pond that was made out of Coca-Cola. They drank some of the Coca-Cola, so it made them cool. They saw the jelly donut fish in the Coca-Cola pond. They thought it was a very, very boring day because they didn’t play anything. They only ate and saw little chocolate bears. Tomorrow was Carly’s birthday, but they were very sad because it was a boring day.

A little bear heard them and thought he could give them a surprise, so at midnight, the little bear built a waterslide and a rollercoaster. In the morning, the little bear baked a cake and bought gifts to give Carly. He told the other bears to buy enough gifts for her. The first bear gave Carly a car. The second bear gave her a banana boat. The third bear gave Carly a box of M&Ms. The fourth bear gave Carly a pet dog. The fifth bear gave Carly a very special candy. In Candyland, it was called the Unicorn Mix. Carly was very, very surprised.

The next day, the seventh bear gave her a very, very special gift. It was called a cake pudding, so you could put cake on a plate and then put it on your hand, and when you turned and turned it, the machine would plop the cake on your face. The eighth little bear gave Carly a robot that could do homework. She was so surprised that they ran out the taco and started to play.

Charlie ran out too because Carly said, “Come out and play!”

It was so fun. Carly and Charlie played for 24 hours.

Then, a pile of lollipops and candies dropped down on them. They were stuck, and it was so sticky that a lollipop stuck to their heads. When a guard saw the lollipop on their heads, he used his own sword to cut it off.

They ate their hamburger lunch and were very tired. They slept in the taco for three days because they were so tired. After the three days, they thought they were in Candyland, but they were in their own house.

Their mom said they were sleeping for three days. They thought it was serious, so they watched TV for eight days. It was so good, and they got to do homework for eight weeks. It was good because Carly still had her homework robot. Her mom was surprised that she got 100 on her homework. Her mom was very surprised, so she gave Carly another pile of homework, and she got 100 on another homework too. Her mommy let her watch TV for 15 days. Her mom let her drink Coca-Cola and eat lots of chips and candies and no vegetables for a week.

Carly was very surprised that her mom let her drink Coca-Cola because she never let her drink Coca Cola and never let her eat chips. Her mom went to the restaurant with Carly. Charlie was at home learning math. Carly’s mom said that she could go to Charlie’s house and play.

Charlie’s mom said, “Yes, that’s a great idea,” so Carly went to Charlie’s house.

They played cards and made lemonade. They watched TV for 24 hours, and they had a sleepover. Robot was very sad because he didn’t go into anyone’s house. So the robot never worked for Carly, but her mom found out Carly’s trick and punished her for one year and let her do homework and locked the robot out of the house. Charlie was very sad about Carly, too.

One day, they wanted to do a trick on their moms. So Carly put poop on the plate, so her mom would go to the sink and wash her hands and then have a snake in the sink, so the snake would bite Carly’s mom’s hands. And then Carly put some rocks on the floor, so that when Carly’s mom would run away, her feet would be very, very hurt. She put a donkey out in the door, and so when Carly’s mom would go outside, the donkey would kick her very hard. So, Carly’s mom would freeze, and Carly would never have to do homework ever again.



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