The Stupid Pig

Mr. Piggy Piggins Pig Bacon III was a very stupid pig, because the only thing he knew was how to eat, eat, and eat more. 

One day, he went to the grocery market. When he bought the vegetables, fruits, and a hoverboard, he had the flash idea to go to the meat section. Then he immediately rode the elevator with his groceries. However, he pressed every single button, as he was not that smart to use the elevator. Strikingly, he was stuck in the elevator, with his groceries, and he was alone. He thought he could escape by using his new hoverboard. Right on the first time he tried it, he broke it terribly. He cried like a newborn baby in this isolated elevator.

Right now it was 12:00 PM. Mr Piggy Piggins Pig Bacon III felt extremely hungry and ate all the vegetables and fruits in a flash. Then, he started throwing a temper tantrum and hurt himself with a pineapple, and finally he ended up getting ten new scratches. At 12:30 PM, he accidentally tripped and bonked his head on the elevator door, which suddenly exploded. He ran back home agitatedly and got a ginormous concussion on the way. His head now didn’t work properly. And every now and then, it started hurting like he got hit by a hammer multiple times.

All the doctors and nurses said they couldn’t fix his head, because the concussion was too exacerbated. Now he was a whole new level of stupid, which is deteriorated stupid. He was so stupid that he thought that the ink inside pens was prune juice and that one plus one equaled one. In fact, people considered his head to be completely hollow like an empty bucket.


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