The Town of Randomness

Chapter 1: The Alliance

I crouched under a stone table as a laptop hit the ground. On the back, it had the emblem of my sworn enemy. The Swastika of Hitler and his reckless Nazi party. Then I realized Hitler and all the other terrorists that have ever lived were alive currently, right now. I told you this town was random. Suddenly, my back throbbed and I looked behind me. There he was. I knew what was to be done, and I did it. I jumped on top of the table, and my heart stopped beating. I fell off the table, my head splitting on a rock. I woke up. “It was just a dream.” I thought. But I was wrong. My nightmare had found its way out of my head, and it possessed my world. My roof was on fire. There were holes in my skin with splintered bone sticking out, and I shivered. I looked outside and saw the reason I fell off the table. Mahatma Gandhi was Hitler’s ally.

Chapter 2: The Liquid

Out of the blue, an enormous, blue-green, earsplitting UFO crashed into my house sending metal and Astro-Glass, which is a combination of glass and iron, everywhere. All that was left of it was one wall and a few windows. It turned into the Western Wall like in Jerusalem when Judah and his Maccabee gang ran out from behind it.

I felt a flush of warmth as they attacked with fierce, hostile strikes from their swords and staffs. They did a great job of preventing Hitler and Gandhi from reaching their destination, or point of interest, which was my house. But soon, my warmth turned to stone cold fear as Hitler tied my brother and sister to dynamite, which was tied to a chain, which was being lowered into an unidentified liquid, as the scientists said later on.

I threw a handcrafted diamond tipped drill bit at the iron chain, jumped up, caught my brother, and missed my sister as she was absorbed into a murky, brownish-green liquid that looked as if it were venom. A few chunks of happiness went in and out of my heart because I didn’t like her, but I also lost her. My brother, whom I caught for two reasons. One was because he is three and I wanted to stop his awful wailing. Two was because he is a little kid and I didn’t want him to get hurt.

I plunged into the poison after my sister was sucked into it, and my life changed, starting that day, that minute, that second, that nano-second.

Chapter 3: Arcade Machine

It was dark, with dim pixel-like chandeliers. There were video game machines. One screamed in enormous green letters: DIMENSION TRAVELER.

I bet I came out of that one because this does not look anything like ‘Random Earth.’” I thought.

Then there was a flash of purple light, and my sister was launched out of the DIMENSION TRAVELER game. But before I could say hi, a tremendous force charged me into the wall, and my world went blank. I was sitting on a hospital bed, and a sort of energy was pulsing in my fingertips; a bolt of lightning shot out of them.

“Wow, I did not know you could do that.”

“Neither did I,’’ I replied to my sister, in a panicked way.

All of a sudden, an abominable snowman burst through the wall and tossed a sack over me, and another sack over my sister. I felt a forceful jolt as the “Yeti” threw us over his shoulder and stormed out of the hospital. I felt the pulse again, aimed my fingernails at the side of the bag, and squeezed my eyes shut. I opened them and it looked as though Saint Elmo’s Fire had been launched out of a cannon and shredded the fabric. For a split second, I saw the concrete groundbut it wasn’t concrete. It was some sort of portal, the color of a setting sun in the sky. Just as I went through the portal, I saw my sister fall through another portal the color of a wave collapsing on the ocean floor. My mind was empty, and my body was the only thing that seemed to race with thoughts.

Chapter 4: The Chocolate Dog

I came to my senses and felt my ribs throbbing, and knew that I fell on them after I fell in the portal. I got up and felt in my pocket. Phew! I was so glad I had my cell phone. I called my sister immediately but stopped in my tracks before I dialed her number as I saw that I was in a forest. I was shocked that I was in a forest after I had just been in a hospital, and I wanted to know more about where I was. I climbed up a nearby mountain and at the top, I saw nothing but emerald-green treetops. I pulled a bar of chocolate out of my other pocket. I heard something and listened, straining my ears so hard I thought they would dissolve, and found a dog, thumping its tail on the ground, sitting patiently. It was staring at my hand.

“What do you want?” I asked.

I looked at my hand and saw my Hershey bar, half-eaten. I ripped off a piece, and hesitated, but made my decision quickly. I tossed it to the dog, but it bounced off his nose and tumbled down the cliff.

“YOU WASTED THE LAST PIECE OF MY CHOCOLATE!!! But you would make a gr … ”

Then, the dog was pulled into a bush by a pair of silvery-white gloved hands, and the branches smacked my face. I sputtered dry leaves out of my mouth and pushed them aside.

There, I saw a knife in each eyeball, and half of the dog’s leg was cut off and it sent a fountain of gooey yellow liquid all over the rich dirt, the color of gold.

“Random Earth,” I said disappointedly.

I bent down to touch the dog, and once again, the pulsing energy in my fingertips. ZAPPP!!! The dog turned to ashes and the knives launched into the air. I tried to grab the handles but instead, it ripped my hand off and had a play-date with it above the clouds. I was too busy sobbing over my hand to notice the other knife falling from a hole in the clouds. Luckily, I looked up to the heavens so I could pray for a new hand and moved out of the when I saw the blood-stained blade glistening in the sunlight, spiraling downward. It came down hard on a moss-covered rock and slid into a big hole. Then, the other knife was coming down. It landed (blade down) straight through my neck and out my nose.

Chapter 4 ½: The Castle

As if they read my mind, the angels of God sent me a new head and a new hand. I just had an instinct and threw one on top of the other. They combined and turned into a robot suit the size of Canada. My test subject was a sheep. Apparently, his name was “Creep Sheep the Third,” according to the nametag saying “Hello! My Name Is Creep Sheep The Third, But Call Me Bob.” My new body parts snaked around my legs and my torso, creating the suit that had a built-in pancake-and-coffee breakfast machine in the living room, which was in the brain. I readied the plasma-cannon in the shoulders with 170,000,000 bullet capacity, while picking up the best-selling novel LOL. I shot Creep Sheep and left a crater with burnt wool in it. I walked around the forest for a while when I found a path. It could be dangerous! I thought. I stomped 70 feet per second because of my Israel-sized legs and saw a tower on a mountain far away. I went to the Siri-Bot and asked it what in the name of Baloney and Cheese Sandwiches from Jupiter a castle was doing there and Siri-Bot said it was called Hell’s Elf Nightmare, a castle ruled by the Elven King Mr. Sunshine.

I got out of my suit and walked up the almost infinite stairway to heaven. I opened the surprisingly mouse-hole-shaped door that I crawled through. I was thrown into the jail cell across from my sister for “intruding.”

The next morning I told my sister we had to escape. We escaped by hiding in barrels on the lunch break. Those were from the winery in the hall across from our cell and my sister fell down the waterfall on the opposite side of the mountain, and I was close behind as the elves lobbed us down. As the barrels landed with a psha-splash-boom I heard a curse word from my sister as she landed upside down.

“Hahaha!!!” I yelled at her.

I landed right-side up, crouching on my new converse, which were unreleased, model 27px 2018. Then, my fingertips.  

“Okay,” I sighed and tore open the reinforced wood-and-metal barrel, but the lasers were green and purple this time.

“Huh?” I said, breaking my sister’s barrel too.

But unfortunately, it replaced her shoulder with a pile of ashes, doing the same with three-quarters of her head. All that was left was the corner of her mouth and the right side of her chin. Before I could react to the fact that I cut off my sister’s head, I heard a scream come from nowhere. A button fell from the sky. Without thinking, I pressed it.

A robotic and deep voice said, “You now have a new power to reverse anything you do with your lasers.”

“Okay?” I pointed my hand at her head and shoulder.

Her face was instantly revived. I walked with my sister in the direction of the scream. We found a bloody, dead body in a prairie, and an assassin standing next to it holding a DuMbLeDoRf bow with a CoreVein arrow. The DuMbLeDoRf bow was made of stone instead of wood, so it is more durable. I had read about it in my school library. The CoreVein arrow had human veins in it.                              

Chapter 5: Back Home

The assassin’s name was Rikki Doucornet Sheppard Josh Max DuPeublo Ancadar Sedaka Neandorie Goyashu Monet Edgar Shushan Huluco Czynok Abar Nomwaque Eehopratt Lopandez Jalepeno Fillifar Boqua Twitter Snapchat Facebook  Flickr Vimeo Instagram Youtube Xander Lopez Bryant Triupoa Noijus Dodperea DaVinci Sealone Eedraz Gomez Golem Wockeel Udoe Sushi Burger Fatboy Momma Jin John Jones Bones Smith Jefferson Washington Lincoln Roosevelt Wasabi. Call him Rick Wasabi for short. My sister kicked him in the face and he stumbled. I shot him with his bow and he died. A green glow appeared in front of me. I was sucked in, and I saw my ceiling. It was all a dream. Thank you for letting me tell you my dream. My name is George Melez and I will tell you a story about a boy named Hugo Cabret and a drawing that changed his life.

The End (P.S. if you want to hear the rest, read the book The Invention of Hugo Cabret!)

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