The Unlucky Charm Bracelet

“Mom, can I go to the park?” said Lilly.

“Sure,” said Mom, “but be back at 7:30 p.m.”

“Okay. Bye, Mom,” said Lilly.

Lilly walked to the park. She found a charm bracelet. The charm bracelet was shiny and had hearts and rainbow charms on it. She ran home with the charm bracelet. It was getting windy. The wood’s sign flipped upside down.

Oh no! Lilly walked into the woods by accident. After twenty minutes, Lilly stopped and looked around. She saw nothing but trees, owls, and bats. Lilly was lost. She felt terrified, but she kept walking until she saw a huge lake that stretched as far as she could see. Lily found an old canoe lying on the sand by the lake. She took the canoe and started paddling.

Oh no! The canoe broke into half. Lilly fell into the water. She had to swim to shore. The water felt really cold. She found a way out of the woods! Lilly ran home. Ding! Dong!

“Why did you come home at 12:47 instead of 7:30?” asked Mom.

“Chill, Mom! I got lost.”

“Well, now all you get to eat is a pea.”

Lilly ate the pea and dashed to her bed. She went to sleep. Guess what she dreamed of? A mermaid came and told her that the charm bracelet was actually an unlucky charm bracelet.

When Lilly woke up, she knew what she had to do. She asked Mom if she could go to the park.

“Sure,” said Mom, “but you have to be here at 5 this time, or you will get grounded.”

“Okay, Mom,”  she responded.

Lilly ran to the park with the lake she fell into last time, and she threw the charm bracelet into the water. She saw a mermaid pop out of the water. The mermaid winked at her with the unlucky charm bracelet in her hands.

The End


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