The Visitors

On the news, a lot of people had been saying that there were strange, flying shapes in the sky. I was very scared that maybe it was aliens, and that they would come down and wipe out the entire human race. My mom said that it was just plain lies and that the photos were photoshopped.

Five years later, people started forgetting that there had been UFOs seen in the sky, but then one normal day, something completely unexpected happened.

I was playing video games at seven p.m. and I suddenly noticed strange lights, from out of the window, that got lower and lower until I couldn’t see the lights any more. Then I remembered, five years ago, people had been seeing UFOs in the sky, and I thought it might be the aliens coming down to invade!

I went outside and got my flashlight. There was a cold breeze in the air. I tried to remember where I saw the lights land, so I walked and walked until I finally saw a large object covered in branches. I shined my flashlight at the large object, and it was the alien spacecraft!

I wonder if the aliens might see me. If they do find me, they’ll probably kill me!

I crawled, as slowly and as carefully as I could, to the spacecraft. I heard some strange sound, and the closer I got to the spacecraft, the louder the sound got.

What are those aliens doing?

But then out of the blue, the door of the spacecraft opened, and there it was. A strange humanoid creature stepped out into the open. The alien was as white as paper. Its eyes were as black as the night sky. Another humanoid came out of the spacecraft. The aliens looked kind of puzzled, as if they had heard something.

Oh my god! Did they just hear me?!

The humanoids said something to each other. It sounded like complete gibberish. I looked at my watch. It read 9:53. It was getting late. Soon my mom would be worried. I didn’t know what to do, so I did the most random thing I could ever think of.

I ran as fast as I could, right past the alien and right to my house. I rushed in the door. My mom saw me rush in.

“Wow. What’s going on, Jim?” my mom asked.                                                                                                                 

“Mom, I know this sounds crazy, but I literally saw freaking aliens!” I said in a loud voice.

My mom looked at me as if I were the craziest person she had ever met. We just stared at each other for a moment.

“Jim, are you sure you saw aliens somewhere in town? You do look pretty scared though.”

My mom was right. My heart was pounding so much, it felt like it was about to explode right out of my chest.

“I did see aliens, Mom. I swear to God, they were so, uh… ” I paused for a second, “weird!

“Whatever you say, Jim,” said my mom, quite awkwardly.

I ran up the stairs, got my GoPro, and decided to prove that I saw real life aliens! I ran out of the house. I ran in the direction the alien went, but then I realized I had a drivers licence. I was seventeen, so I went to my mom’s Toyota Corolla, which was parked in front of my house. I opened the door and got in. Then, I twisted the key and the car came to life. I drove off, and in five minutes, I saw the alien walking along the street. Luckily, it didn’t see me, even though I drove past him at forty miles per hour. I braked, turned off the car, and got out. I got my GoPro out and started recording. I got out my flashlight and turned it on. I heard noises. I didn’t know what they sounded like. I walked in the direction of the sound. Then, it suddenly stopped. I saw it! The humanoid creature. I flashed my flashlight at it and got a good image of it on my GoPro. Bad idea. The alien turned around and saw me! Then it started chasing me.

I ran as fast as I possibly could. This alien was really fast. I finally reached the end of the woods and quickly got into my mom’s car. The humanoid started banging on the window. I quickly started the car and drove off. I felt relieved. I looked behind me. Oh my gosh. The alien was running super fast and was still chasing me! Soon I was going sixty miles per hour. The alien was still chasing me at about fifty-five miles per hour. These aliens were unbelievable. They could run so fast! Soon, I was going eighty miles per hour! I was almost at my house. I slammed the brakes. I saw the alien in the distance still running at me. I got out of the car and quickly ran into the house. I slammed the door shut. I ran into the kitchen.

“Mom, you need to see this. I recorded aliens. I have proof okay, and now that I have this, you will not think I’m crazy!”

“Okay, then show me it, Jim,” said my mom.

I uploaded the video to my mom’s MacBook and clicked play. The video showed me getting out of the car and walking into the woods, then that strange sound was heard. Then, in the video, it showed the alien running up to me, and soon it was just a blur of me running to the car. You could hear me breathing quickly. Then, the video ended.

“No, you really saw that? This is insane!” said my mom.

“I’m going to bring this footage to the cops okay?” I said.

“Yeah, you really should because if nobody knows about this except for us, it’s not going to end well,” said my mom.

Suddenly, something smashed through the window.

“Oh my god, what is that!” said my mom.

Then out of the blue, there was a giant explosion. All I saw was white. My eyes adjusted from the brightness. There was fire everywhere. The house was destroyed.

“Are you okay, Jim?” said my mom.

“Yeah I’m fine. But, Mom, I think the aliens are here!”

“Okay, let’s go!”  

We ran into the backyard to get away from the fire.

“Let’s climb over the fence,” I said.

“Are you sure?” asked my mom.

“It’s the only way to get away from the aliens without being seen,” I answered.

“Okay,” said my mom, sighing.

So I lifted myself above the fence and landed in somebody’s random back yard. My mom climbed over after me.

“Let’s go away farther,” I said.

So we climbed over more fences until we were on the other side of the block. I was panting a lot. My mom was even more tired because she never did workouts like this.

“Do you have your phone?” I asked.

“Jim, you know I always carry my phone with me, okay?” my mom answered. “What do you want me to do with it?”

“Obviously call 911!” I said.

“Okay, okay,” my mom said.

She pulled out her phone from her pocket and tapped emergency.

“Hello, what is your emergency?” came a voice from the phone.

“Our house has been destroyed by aliens,” my mom said.

“What are you talking about ma’am?” asked the voice.

“No, I know this sounds crazy, but it’s true! This is urgent!”

“I think I’m going to call an ambulance,” said the voice.

“Oh my gosh! How rude of you to think I have mental issues!” said my mom angrily.

“Okay, sorry. I believe you,” said the voice awkwardly.

“Get the police and a fire truck. This is serious!” said my mom.

“Okay, I’ll get them right away,” said the voice.

She hung up. My mom and I waited and waited. Suddenly, we heard very loud sirens and also heard the engines of cars rushing to the scene. Then a police car, followed with fifteen other police cars braked right in front of us. Then, a police officer got out of his car and slammed the door closed.

“Hello, I am Officer Mike. I believe you said that there were some ‘aliens’ attacking your neighborhood,” said the police officer.

“No, it is true, okay? Aliens are really standing this very moment on the other side of this block!” I said.

I pointed to the flames and smoke in the distance.

“They exploded our house,” said my mom.

“Good thing the firemen are here on time,” said Officer Mike.

He was right. A big fire truck came rushing down the corner, almost hitting parked cars on the side of the road, and came to a big stop.

Fifteen men came out of the fire truck. They saw our house and started getting the hose ready. Then they started spraying water one hundred feet away. It took ten minutes of watching the firemen spraying a hose.

“So where are those aliens you called about?” said Officer Mike

“They’re on the other side of the block, near where our house was destroyed,” said my mom.

“Okay,” said Officer Mike, “I’ll send in all of our officers to go deal with the problem.”

So then Officer Mike and about fifty other officers went with him.

I heard banging and gunfire and loud shouts. More and more gunfire was heard from the other side of the block. I looked at my mom. She looked back at me.

“Do you think they got them?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” answered my mom.

“Can we go check it out?” I  asked.

“No!” said my mom. “It’s too dangerous, okay?”

“Sorry, Mom, but I’m very worried,” I said.

And with that, I ran around the block and came to see madness. There were some dead police lying several places around the road. I saw a puddle of blood that came from a dead officer’s head.

Then I quickly remembered about the aliens, and right at that moment, an alien fired at me. I quickly ducked and decided to run away and regret this for the rest of my life.

“Save yourself!” shouted an officer, who then just got hit in the head.

“Thanks, I was just thinking that,” I said.

So I ran back around the block to see my mom standing there with her face as red as a tomato.

“What were you doing?” said my mom.

“Sorry, but I was just seeing what was happening because it sounded chaotic, and I just wanted to know if we were winning. But, Mom, it turns out that all of them are dead!” I said.

“Really? Okay, Jim, we should really go, now!” said my mom.

Just as we were going to run, a large tank and about two thousand army soldiers approached the street.

A man jumped out of the tank and walked toward us, making a very serious face. He was wearing completely green clothes and a metal helmet. It looked like he was carrying a million pounds with his big backpack on.

“Ma’am, we’re sending in an a thousand foot cargo plane for everybody in this town and state to get into and evacuate,” said the soldier.

“Why do we have to evacuate? The army is here,” said my mom.

“No, we have to evacuate because we are going to drop a nuclear bomb on this area to wipe out the humanoids,” answered the soldier.

“Do we have to go to the state airport to get onto the plane?” asked my mom.

“Yes, it’s the only place where we can land it,” answered the soldier.

“Yes sir,” said my mom.

She turned to me.

“Okay, let’s get into the car and get to the airport, okay?”

“Yes,” I said.

So my mom and I ran to her Toyota. We both quickly got in and buckled our seatbelts. My mom started the car and drove off.

Halfway through the drive, we got caught in a massive traffic jam all headed to the airport. It must’ve been people going to evacuate. Half an hour later, we got to the parking lot at the airport. We found a parking spot and quickly got out and ran to the runway where everybody was getting onto the plane.

Soon, we were in the line. The plane was huge! It was completely black, and the wings were as long as ten olympic-sized swimming pools.

After about two hours of waiting, we were inside, and so was everybody else. There were about ten floors, and on each floor was about two thousand seats. Actually, no, there was about ten thousand seats on each floor, which meant that this plane was carrying one hundred thousand people!

My mom and I was on the third floor. The seats were very comfortable. We buckled our seatbelts and waited about forty minutes for the plane to take off.

When the plane was rushing down the runway, it wasn’t shaking at all because of how big it was. I looked out of my window to witness this: a huge flash of light that was so bright that I had to shield my eyes, and after twenty minutes, there was a giant mushroom cloud with a ring around the top.

That must’ve been the nuke. It was incredible. The radiation clouds spread about ten thousand miles. At least this plane was faster than the radiation.

The flight was ten hours. We landed in England. We got off the flight and went through the airport.

“What are we going to do now, Mom?” I asked.

“I don’t know, but at least we survived this mess,” answered my mom.

We booked a hotel that night.

The next day, my mom and I were walking around London to eat lunch, when we saw a man giving out newspapers. My mom bought one. She looked at it for about five minutes. She made a grim face.

“What happened, Mom?” I asked.

She looked up from her newspaper.

“It says that the UN has been getting strange signals from an unknown planet far from Earth. It might mean another bigger invasion,” she answered.

“Oh no,” I said.


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