Three Fun Stories


There was once a vampire named Maddypire. She wanted to go to the beach. She went in her portal and finally reached the beach. She moved really fast so no one noticed. Then Maddypire put her umbrella and then she said, “My name is Maddypire.”

“Ahhh!” yelled a person.

So then, everyone in the beach ran away. Maddypire thought she saw midnight. She also thought it was her way back. So she went in the water and a shark ate her. The shark was her way back. She got home safely. Then she was covered in yucky slime and now she could never go to the beach. “MY PORTAL IS BROKEN,” said Maddypire.


One day, Bullman was walking around and saying ‘sup. Then the people got annoyed. So then the people came up with a plan. After that, the next day, the people were wearing red shirts. They were wearing red shirts because he loved red. Then Bullman smashed everyone and one person said, ”That was a bad idea.” So then when it was midnight everyone moved to another town. Then Bullman was sad and excited. Bullman was sad because everyone left him. Bullman was excited because the houses were painted red. Everyone was partying at their new town while he was sad smashing the houses. (That was his hobby).

Penguin’s First Day At Dance Class

It was the penguin’s first day at dance class. The penguin didn’t know anyone there. But secretly Mike, the penguin at dance class, wanted to hit the new penguin named Bob. Mike had a bad day. But secretly he pushed to the wall. A moment later, Bob got a big bump. But then the teacher noticed that penguin’s class did a prank on him. Then one day the penguin came to dance class again with the big bump. Then his dance teacher Peggie said, ”We will have a performance.”

Bob was very nervous because he had a big bump and he did not know if the audience would laugh at him. Then it was the big day. Bob was second in line. After the first penguin, Bob was up and everyone gave a big loud round of applause. Then he did amazing tricks. He did somersaults. Everyone there threw roses at Bob. After everyone was done, they passed out the trophies! Then Bob was in first place. Also, guess what! Mike was in last place and did not win a trophy. When Bob got home, he got a pizza party. When Mike got home, he got grounded. Then Bob gave a slice of pizza to him. Then Mike said, “Thank you.” So then they were best friends. They went for a playdate. They went to the park, played board games and danced. One warm day, they had dance class. They yelled, “Dance class, dance class, dance class.” They were partners, nice to each other and silly. Mike was sick one day so he made a card at creativity time. He also made a letter that says:

Dear Mike,

How are you? Tomorrow is the last day. Also we are going to have a pizza party! I hope you come. I will tell you more things you can get or do like candy and watch a movie.




Next it was the last day of dance classes before the competition. Bob was worried if Mike would come. But Mike came two minutes late when the party started. Everyone started eating and watching. No one looked at Mike.

Then when they got home, Bob’s mom said, “We are going to meet Boll the platypus and he is also my old friend in dance class, like you and Mike.” By then dad got home. Mom said to call him Bolly if you want. Then they finally reached Boll. They then opened the door. Bob’s family said hi. Boll’s mom said, “We are rich.” Then a robber blazed through the door and and almost stole $100,000,000. Then they used their dance skills and made a circle around him. Then the robber ran away. Then Bob wanted to win that much money from the dance competition.

The next day, it was the competition. Then when they reached Bob, he was third in line. Then it was his turn, so he did somersaults and spun around for about a half an hour. Then he was excited and exhausted.
When it was time to pass out the trophies, Bob was in first place and Mike was in second place. Bob got $100,000,000 and Mike got $100,000. They both lived in a large palace and lived happily ever after.

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