Three Worlds

Once upon a time, there were three planets named The Fairytale World, The Otherworld, and Underpanty World. In Underpanty World, everyone wore only underwear. In Underpanty world, there were only two kids, named Dan and Jill, who wore clothes. In the Fairytale World, there were two kids named Jack and Goldie. In the Otherworld, there were two kids called Daniel and Port.

One day, Dan, Jill, Goldie, Jack, Daniel, and Port were in restaurants in each other’s worlds. While they were ordering, a giant beam of light came upon each table, and it started to suck everything up, including all of them, and suddenly in a beam of light, they were gone. Then, they magically appeared inside a river. They walked across it and started to see a road. Suddenly, they all bumped into each other. Dan bumped into Goldie, Jill bumped into Jack, and Daniel bumped into Goldie with Jill, and Port bumped into Jack. They greeted each other with warm welcomes, even though they had no idea where they were. They all said they got sucked into the same portal. They made a team and started trying to figure out how to get to their worlds. They started along the road. As they walked along the road, Jack noticed a little cottage. They noticed that one of the houses was free. They walked inside and looked in the house. It was perfect! They had enough beds for everyone. They started to set their home up.

Just then, a man appeared and said, “This house is free. You do not need to pay.”

They shouted, “Hooray!”

They started out of the house and looked for a way back to their worlds. As they started off, they found another road. They found two Jeeps. It was perfect. They had enough seats for everyone. As they went in the Jeeps, they noticed the trees started to get thicker. They got out of the Jeeps and noticed where they were. They heard of this place before. It was the Evergreen Forest. They started to walk across the misty air. Ground became bumpier. Just then, Goldie noticed a shadow. Just as she looked at it, it dashed away. Then, they got out of the road and into the real forest. As they walked, they noticed a wolf. It came closer. They froze.

Goldie said, “Do not move and stay calm. If you keep like that, it will not try to get you.”

The wolf charged towards Goldie because he noticed her mouth moving. The wolf took Goldie and ran with her. The other guys charged to the wolf. Jack noticed he had a knife in his pocket. He got on the wolf and stabbed him. He did not fall dead, but he fell very injured.

Jack said, “Maybe if we go to another restaurant, it might make another portal into our world.”

They ran into the nearest restaurant. They did exactly what they did in the other restaurant. It didn’t happen. Just then, Jack started floating, then Goldie, then Daniel, then Jill, then Dan.

“Guys, why is this happening,” Dan said.

“I don’t know,” Jack replied.

Then, Jack tried to shoot a portal out of his hand. It worked! It was blue and swirling. Just like the other portal. It sucked them up, and they returned to their own world.

The End


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