Through Time

“Where is that cake?” cried Apol.

“Be patient,” said his mother as she looked out the window.

“DING DONG!” exclaimed the bell.

“Jack must be here,” said Apol.

“Are you sure?” came a deep, low voice. It took this long to finish his sentence: 9999999999999999999999999999990675266767 milliseconds.

Then the voice said, “Only you can save the world.”

“What. How?” Apol sputtered.

“Oh, I forgot, my name is BUN.”

“Your name is BUN?”

“You got a problem with that?”



Then BUN left quietly.

“What the..?”

His mother was gone.



“This better be Jack.”

“It sure is. Heese is here also.”

They were at the table.

“Some wang,” asks Heese.

“No, yes,” said Apol.

“Oh,” said Heese.

“I thought Arrg was coming,” said Jack.

“Quiet,” said Apol quietly.

Now there was arguing; Jack was holding a coke, Heese’s arms crossed, Apol banging his fist on the table.

“I think Greek gods are real,” said Apol.

“Apol, there not real,” Heese shouted.

“I agree with Apol,” said Jack.

Bun’s voice came through the window. “Hurry up!”

“Who’s he?” said Heese.

“BUN,” said Apol


“Yes BUN Jack.”

“Oh,” replied Jack.

“Hurry up,” BUN cried.

“Shut up, BUN,” said Heese.

“Fine,” said BUN as he went off.

“Weird. Let’s go,” concluded Jack.

Silently they left. They crossed light AV. Then Carckjack road. They found a car, got in, and it zipped off by itself.

“Cool,” Heese shouted over the engine.

“I didn’t expect this,” Apol cried.

“Me neither,” Jack foretold.

Now they speed along almost 1,000 mph.

“20 is the speed limit,” Jack told the car. It slowed down.

“That is crazy.”

“Stanford,” said Heese, because it was her dream to go there.

Soon they reached camps.

They crashed into History class. No one noticed them. It was as if they were invisible.

“Wait a minute,” Heese said. “I think we are invisible.”

It seemed like the teacher was talking about saving the world by traveling through time. Little did they know, every move of theirs was being watched.

”I know what we have to do,” Jack whispered. “Build a time machine.”

“How?” asked Apol.

Heese had already jumped out of the car and started putting these random pieces together. “Got it!” Heese cried five minutes later.

The machine was tall and skinny with solid gas inside. The gas wasn’t a color, it was more like every color.

“What time are we going to?” asked Jack.

“King Arthur’s,” Heese replied.

“Let’s go go go go!” said Apol nervously.

They stepped into the 5th dimension, time travel. It felt happy but also sad because you can’t have happy thoughts. It like felt hours, but it was really just seconds. It was like watching a really crucial game or race when you feel like time is taking forever. Their eyes closed, and they couldn’t see a thing. Then they felt a sudden feeling that they were alive again. They looked around. They stood before a huge castle.

“Is this Camelot?” Jack said, “Or am I just hallucinating?”

“I’m pretty sure that is Camelot. Is that Arthur?” asked Heese.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s Arthur,” Apol replied.

“I’m not sure how I feel,” Jack said quietly. “I’m not sure if this is a season. It feels like Spring, Summer, and Fall combined but it look like Winter.”

“There’s Merlin!” said Apol

“Quick, hide!” Jack replied hastily, louder then he had meant to.

Just then Merlin saw them

“Hello come to duel I suppose, without a weapon. Crazy fools.”

“Let us explain,” stuttered Apol, “I am Apol, there is Jack and Hesse.”

“Wait a minute.” he said while stroking his beard; then as if lit by a lamp he said, “from the future?”

“Yes,” said Jack, clearly shocked by what he had asked.

“Darn it, I can’t kill you know,” mumbled Merlin.

“Now where?” asked Apol.

“Nice time machine,” said Merlin out of the blue.

“Snake! Bird! Lion! Badger!” Hesse cried in fear.

Apol drew his sword. Dodging and blocking attacks, Apol herded the animals.

“Now to Pompeii!” Jack cried out of the blue.

“Into the time machine!” Apol cried, “I can’t keep them busy much longer!”

They went into the time machine not giving anyone enough time to register what happened.

They appeared at the base of the volcano…a half a split second before it erupted. They tried to run for cover, but it was too late. Apol felt a good deal of envy for whomever was safe and snug inside their house. Jack’s gears in his brain were turning like mad trying to figure out how to get out of here and save the world at the very same time. And Hesse was playing with the very last pieces of grass she found. Merlin saw a huge ball of ash coming their way.

“Watch out!” he cried.

But it was too late, it was about to hit them.


Author’s note: If you’re thinking about trying to travel through time and stuff like that, it’s dangerous, don’t do it. What these kids are doing, they are only doing it because they have to, well, they’re also a bit crazy.

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