Thunder the Tiger

Thunder the tiger lived in the jungle, but he wondered what New York City would be like. He lived on the north mountain which was actually very far away. He wondered if he would ever get to New York City because he was so far away.

His mom and dad said, “You can’t walk that far,” but he was confident that he could.

He walked a long distance to get to New York City. He saw an ostrich hiding in the bushes who wanted to kick him. He had to run a far distance, and he realized he was back where he started. He wondered again if he would ever get to New York City because there were so many dangers out there. But he wouldn’t give up. He swung on the vines and found a leopard. That was a real danger! He wondered if he would ever get past the leopard, and he tried and tried. However, the leopard found him again and again. But Thunder wouldn’t give up yet until he got tired. Then finally, he got past the leopard. Then, there was more trouble. He had to go back past the ostrich. He finally got past the ostrich too, and the ostrich tried to kick him.

But Thunder said, “Look, there’s another leopard!”

The ostrich looked, but nothing was there, He looked back, but the tiger was gone. Thunder had tricked him. But Thunder had more obstacles to get to New York City. He had to get past a whole big log pile that was blocking the path to New York. He tried to jump, but he fell down the log pile, so he went around the logs. But he had even more obstacles to do. He wondered if New York City even existed. He was so tired that he had to take a break.

The next morning, he had lots of obstacles to do, so he had to do his best to get to New York City. He had to get past a bunch of rocks that formed a wall. He had to make a hole in the ground and make another hole to get up. He tried and tried, but he couldn’t get past the craziest obstacles in the whole rainforest. He tried to get past the deer, but they were eating, and he knew they would think he was a predator and they were his prey. So he dressed up like a deer secretly and took off his costume when he finally got past the deer. But one of the deer saw him not in disguise, and the mother deer thought it was her baby, but it was just Thunder disguised as a deer. Then, when he took off his costume, the mother deer spotted him, and the deer realized they had been tricked.

The mother deer asked him where he was going, and the tiger said, “I want to leave the rainforest and go to New York City!”

The mother deer said, “Okay, you can go!”

He finally got past all obstacles, but then he realized New York City didn’t have the things he needed. It didn’t have a proper place to live, it just had tall buildings. They didn’t have water in pools on the ground, they only had water in fountains which he couldn’t reach because he was a baby. He realized he had gone this far for nothing, because New York City didn’t have the right things for him. Now he had to go past all the obstacles he had passed before.

The moral of the story is always be thankful for what you have, or else you’ll end up in a place you won’t want to be in ever again.



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