Tommy’s Winter Adventures

Tommy and his friend Bobby’s acorn relationship was as strong as metal. Tommy and Bobby were in Antarctica, and when you’re in Antarctica, you’ve got to have some fun. So Tommy and Bobby agreed on going sledding on a nice, tall, snowy mountain. 

They packed up their stuff and made sure they were properly dressed — they didn’t want to get cold.

So they set off on to the snowy fields of the Antarctic. It was a good, long walk, but when they got there, they were stunned. It was huge. Tommy was a bit nervous, but he didn’t share this with Bobby because he didn’t want to ruin the fun. 

They got on Tommy’s new and improved blue sled, which Tommy was very proud of. 

“Comfy,” said Bobby as he, too, got on the sled. The sled started to move and soon they were speeding down the mountain. 

“This is fun!” shouted Tommy over the wind, but his words trailed off as Tommy lost his grip and fell off the sled. 

“TOMMY!” shouted Bobby. Unfortunately, Tommy slammed into a tree. 

“Are you ok?” asked Bobby, helping Tommy to his feet. 

“Yes,” said Tommy. “But I think I sprained my point.” (AKA his ankle.) 

“I have a plastic bag I can fill with snow just like an ice pack,” said Bobby. 

“Okay, try,” said Tommy urgently. Bobby quickly filled his plastic bag with snow and when he was done he gave it to Tommy. 

“Okay, now that that is solved, we still need to get you to a hospital,” said Bobby. 

“But I can’t walk,” said Tommy.

“I think I have an idea,” said an excited Bobby. “Try to get on your sled,” said Bobby. As Tommy hopped on his point to his sled he asked Bobby an important question. 

“What exactly is your idea?” said Tommy.

“I’m going to pull you by my stem up to the hospital nearby,” said Bobby. And he began to pull Tommy up the mountain. When they got to the hospital, the nurses wrapped Tommy’s ankle and said it would take two weeks to heal.

“Umm, Bobby, we have a problem. I can’t walk,” said Tommy in a worried tone.

“That’s okay. I will just pull you home on your sled,” said Bobby. And that’s what they did.

When they got home, they made a fire and had a nice time drinking hot chocolate, laughing, and telling stories from when they were little. 

4 thoughts on “Tommy’s Winter Adventures”

  1. Hi Stella, I read your story and liked it very much.
    I enjoyed your word, ‘metal’, a relationship being strong as such. I liked the bond between your characters and the resilience and ‘can-do’ attitude displayed by Bobby.
    This is an awesome story, thanks for sharing!

  2. I love how you brought their sweet friendship to life, Stella! And there is definite Stella humor peppered throughout the story, which is awesome. Can’t wait to read more of your work!

  3. Hi Stella –
    We loved your story so much. Makes us want to go to the Antarctica. The story was very interesting, humorous, and expressive. Great job, keep writing, and congratulations on being published.
    Much love, Cousin Susan and Aunt Selma

  4. Such a sweet and strong friendship. The comparison to metal nailed it. Bobby is creative and practical, finding good solutions to their situation. He really steps up for his friend. The idea of kids reminiscing about their exploits when they were is charming and a great way to end the story with a smile.

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