Unicorn Rapunzel

Once upon a time there lived a baby unicorn named Sparkly and her mom and dad and a mean old witch that lived in an ugly tower. One night the baby was sleeping then the witch came and took the baby unicorn and kept her. The mom and dad were worried. The witch kept her in a tower and when the witch wanted to come up she used to say, “Oh Sparkly, oh Sparkly let down your tail!” And the witch climbed up Sparkly’s tail.

And she said to her, “You should not go outside it is a dangerous place out there someone can take you away.”

So the unicorn agreed.

Sparkly was good at art, and in the years when she was all alone she learned how to make stuff. Like ropes to ladders, to cups to bowls, to plates to dressers, to mini houses. Sparkly’s favorite colors were blue, green, and pink. She was as sweet as a cupcake. She had always wanted to have friends and play with them and go to school. She wanted to have fun and to be able to sell the things that she made. She wanted to be free and explore the world.

One day Mother was out to get dinner. Sparkly made a ladder and climbed down. She was excited to go out and see what was in the world. She went to town to explore and then she saw pictures. there was a missing unicorn, so she decided to go out and find the missing unicorn. and then she found a boy unicorn named Prince.

She asked, “Are you the missing unicorn?!”

He said, “No but I am looking for her. Are you the missing unicorn?!”`

Sparkly said, “No I am looking for her too. How about we team up together and find the missing unicorn!”

Prince said, “Yes you’re a genius!”

Sparkly said, “Let’s get started!”

But when she was walking she realized she promised her mother not to go out. She said going out was dangerous. She started getting scared. She was also curious what was going to happen. Then she thought to herself, Nah, this is not scary, I have been walking out here for hours no one stole me from my mother yet. So she kept walking. She did not care anymore. She started talking to Prince about what the unicorn looked like  and how tall and her clothes, but it could not have been either of them because they were not babies. It said on the poster “baby unicorn is missing.” The unicorn looked just like Sparkly but she was a baby so it could not be her. they did not pay a lot of attention to the parents just the baby unicorn. They kept looking and looking then there was a pack of bad guys and they took Prince and Sparkly.

Mother got home from getting dinner.

She said, “Oh Sparkly oh Sparkly, let down your tail.”

Sparkly did not let down her tail. Then Mother thought she was sleeping, so she worked to climb up herself. She had secret steps that Sparkly didn’t know about.

And then she yelled, “Sparkly!”

Sparkly did not answer so she went to Sparkly’s room. She was not there so that meant she went to town. Mother was very angry she marched all the way to town. And Sparkly was not there. Mother was worried and mad. She was worried because Sparkly disappeared and she thought the King and Queen took her back from when she stole Sparkly. And she was mad because Sparkly did not listen to her mother, well, her fake mother. Mother went to the woods to look for Sparkly because she was scared that Sparkly would find out that Mother was not really her mother.

Sparkly was so nice to the bad guys the bad guys helped Prince and Sparkly. Sparkly was as sweet as a cupcake, so she did not even notice the bad guys were being mean. She was just being very nice to them. She told them how nice they looked and told them that they were very nice.

They saw Mother running after them.

Sparkly whispered, “Can you catch her so she doesn’t catch us?”

The bad guys said, “Yes.”

Then the mother ran and then the bad guys caught her and trapped her so Prince and Sparkly could find the baby unicorn. Then they stopped.

Then she said, “I think that unicorn is me because I’ve been looking at the mom and dad they look familiar. I haven’t been out of the tower, so I don’t know any people. And I know it said a baby but I used to be a baby.”

Prince was angry and he was excited. He was feeling angry because they were looking for nothing, and he was excited because Sparkly found her real home, and they found the unicorn that was missing.

They trotted to the castle and went in and it was her family. The mom and dad were very very happy. They were hugging her and kissing her. Then they were all a happy and big family. Then Prince and Sparkly got married and they lived happily ever after. Well, not the witch. She got arrested.


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  1. I found your story from a Writopia box in NYC and I’m so glad I did! I really enjoyed it. I liked how Sparkly has lots of interests and we learn a lot about her. I especially liked the ending!

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