Valetr Valr Vapr

Do you like monsters? Once there lived a monster called Valetor and his middle name was Valr and his last name was Vampr. His sister’s name was Vamprina Monstrina and his sister’s middle name Vayla and her last name was Vampra. One day, Vamprina Monstrina was eating breakfast. Then her brother said “Come on, let’s play at the Monstery Playground Forest!”

But their baby brother said, “Glah glah glee glo.”

Their mom said, “No sweeties, you have to eat your breakfast. And then we have to go to Florida and then we have to go to Greece and then we have to go all over the world!”

Vamprina said, “Baby didn’t want to go so we wanted to go to the Monstery Playground Forest with Baby.”

“No sweeties, we have to go! We need to monster the world!” their mom said.

“But it’s too dangerous!” the kids said.

But the baby didn’t say anything because the baby already left to go to the park. And he was saying, “Glah glah glee gloh glah gloh gloh.”

Nobody noticed that Baby had escaped. When Baby was on the Monster bars, he fell and broke all the bones in his body. Nobody knew. The police were driving on the road and they saw Baby. They called every family, but none answered but the Monster family. They had to rush back to Monsterville and they had to rescue Baby by sending him to the Emergency Room. He was crying the whole time. The kids were very worried about their baby brother. Then their mom said, “Why did you let him go to the park?”

The kids said, “We didn’t!”

“Who did then?”

“Baby went by himself!”

“Then who’s fault is it?”

“I didn’t do it,” said Vamprina. “He went on his own. Baby thought of it!”

When they arrived at the hospital, they learned that Baby had to stay in the hospital for over ten years. Vamprina and Valetor and their mom had to stay at the hospital for a verryyy long time. The end.

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