A Dogs Story

Chapter 1 Neve

Woof, woof! Who abandoned me in this blizzard? I don’t even have my toy or my bone!

Oops, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Neve. I’m a German Shepard. I used to live with an old man, but he must have abandoned me in a blizzard and now here I am. My top fear is blizzards! One time I got buried inside a snowman when one of my friends was playing with snowballs, and I got trapped inside.

Long, long ago, I lived with a girl. The girl who raised me, her name was Evelyn, and she loved animals. Her husband kicked me out because he didn’t like dogs.

Oh! I smell a girl. She smells like Evelyn! I wag my tail. I’ll go find her.


Chapter 2 Cana

Wow! I see a dog in my backyard! She is black and white, and really big. My dream is to have a pet dog! By the way, my name is Cana and I am 5 years old. My mom’s name is Evelyn. I always wanted a pet dog and my mom did too. She would still have one if the one she got for Christmas was not kicked out by my dad. I have to get this dog to stay still so I can tell my mom.

“STAY!” I yell.

Ugh! She won’t listen! Yes! I have dog treats in my pockets!

“Here puppy, here!” She’s staying! “Mom! Mom! There’s a puppy here!” Great! My mom’s hurrying outside.


Chapter 3 Neve

This is awesome!

After I walked through a forest to find a clearing where I could find somewhere to sleep, I saw a row of houses and a big hill. I followed the scent of Evelyn to a backyard.

Evelyn’s here! Wow! She jumps up and down, and I bark and wag my tail.

“Remember, Cana? When you got a dog for Christmas?” said Evelyn. “The dog we got was her. She found her way back to us. Let’s go to bed Cana.”

Evelyn brings me into the garage. I’m scared of the dad.

He comes into the garage to go to work, because he’s in his job uniform.

“Humph!” he says. “Those girls got a dog again! Leave now! Leave now!”

I run out of the garage into the next house.


Chapter 4 Neve

Help! Help! Never mind I smell human. Oh, I know Katherine and Jane. When Cana was two they were classmates!

Anyway I’m tired! Let me sleep in their bed tonight.

They drag me into the house and put me on their bed to sleep.


“Help! Help!” The next morning, another dad comes into the room to get Katherine and Jane up for breakfast.

Uh oh! Yikes! He sneezed! I don’t like sneezing dads.

Quick! I have to escape before he catches me! Oh, no! This guy must be allergic!

I dash out of the house into the backyard, go up a hill, and go to a random house.

Oh no! I’m lost again! Another blizzard has started! I have to go to another house as quickly as possible.

I wish I could have learned Hannah’s address! She was in Cana’s preschool class. Oh, well, I’ll just go to a random house.

First I’ll go to the next door and scratch the door. Shz! shhhhz! Yes! I see Hannah! I’ll spend the day at her house.

Nooo! Her two seventeen-year-old sisters, Sophia and Lorelei, are here! They like to pull at my tail! Double nooo! Ouch! Hannah’s mom drags me inside.

They’re not only pulling on my tail, Hannah’s baby sister Alicia is here. Last time three years ago, she squeezed me so hard, I almost threw up!

I’m leaving now. “Bye Bye!” I say to them, but they only hear barks.

I go back to Cana’s house.


Chapter 5 Cana

I see my best friend, Neve again! “Hi, cute puppy!”


Chapter 6 Neve

Yes! Now I can take the leash from Cana’s pocket. I know she always keeps one in her pocket. I bite the zipper and pull her pocket open and steal the leash before she notices. Phew! Now I have to put the leash on quickly.

Ow! Ugh! Yes! Mmm! This leash smells like creamy peanut butter! Oh, Cana has her hand on my leash! Hooray! I can drag Cana over to Katherine’s and Jane’s house!

Ooff! Yes! I lead her out of her house and she picks up Katherine and Jane!

Ow! Yikes! I have to drag all three of them and my back is tired. Also Hannah lives up a hill and and I don’t like going up hills. Oof! Ouch! Heeelp! There! Woof! Woof!  Hannah knows what I’m up to!


Chapter 7: Neve Sleepover.

I walk into the house with all 4 girls following.

“We’re going to a sleepover tonight to make plans about Neve,” Hannah said.

They bring me up into Hannah’s room, give me a really special dinner of steak and the best dog food in the world, and then we went to bed.


Wow! These people kick in their sleep.

What a restless sleep I had. Oh at least I had somewhere to rest.

Breakfast time! Oooh waffles! This is the second time I’ve ever eaten human food! Uh-oh! I hear footsteps!

“Sorry! Too late!” said Peter. To get me to leave, Peter started kicking and hitting me.


Chapter 8: Together!

Ok, I will leave. Sniff, sniff! I smell Evelyn!

“Puppy pass around club!” Evelyn cried! Every day, they go to the clearing in the wood to give food to me and also pass me to the next person, unless it was Cana and Evelyn, or Katherine or Jane. I will sleep over at a new house each time.

Soon she found me and the other girls, so they could sneak me in their beds. They all took turns. Cana and Evelyn got 2 days since they were the bosses. Hannah got one day because no one else in her family was in the club and Katherine and Jane got two days because there was one day for Jane and one for Katherine. Now everything is good and the fathers still don’t know about it.


The End

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