A Green Galaxy


Something was always strange about green,

The color was never really a sheen

The color green always reminded me of money,

The color was never really funny


Imagine a big bright sun mixed with a beautiful teal ocean

Imagine a sour sweet lemon mixed with a dark cerulean sky

Imagine dark yellow summer squash mixed with bright blue blueberries,

Imagine a wonderful feeling of dazzling daffodils mixed with ultramarine taffy,

Imagine glistening melted butter mixed with twinkling sapphires,

Imagine luscious gleaming honey mixed with a dramatic azure moonstone,

These are all objects that make green


Green has a feeling of being secure,

Unlike the feelings of being immature,

Green represents greed,

But it is the color of those who succeed

Who have to decide if they’ll sprout like weeds

Or flourish instead like rich, golden seeds


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