A Pig Stuck in an Elevator

Very recently, in another planet called Animal Topsy-Turvy, a carnival and a wedding was going on. But there were no wedding rings because there was a cat that stole wedding rings. 

Then Mr. Pig Jahooty got stuck in an elevator when all he wanted to do was pet some humans. There were babies, old people, teenagers, and adults. You see, the carnival was at the top of the tallest building, so you had to take the elevator. If you took the stairs, it would take a year to climb up the stairs.

“Hmm,” said Mr. Pig Jahooty. Then Mr. Pig Jahooty remembered he had a cell phone in his pocket and called nine one one. 

When the police came, they tried kicking open the door, but they broke a foot. When the firemen came, they tried punching open the door, but they broke a hand. Finally, the builders came and hammered open the door, and let Mr. Pig Jahooty pet some humans.

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