Mr. Pink Giraffe and His Mansion

Hi! My name is Mr. Pink Giraffe. I am from LA and I want $11,006,000.09 because I want a mansion. Today I live in my parents’ house and it is very old, small, and hot, but it is super high. I am 13.

25 Years later, my parents have died. So I sell the house for 1 million, but I lose all my money because someone steals it. Now l am homeless so I went to the beach for a day. At the beach, I just played in the sand because I might drown in the water. At the beach, I find a friend named Mrs. Green Giraffe and her goal is to give giraffes money, so she gives me $11,006,000.08. 

The next day, I walk on the streets to find a penny. I look for a penny on All The Pennies in The World Avenue. Everyone took all of the pennies, and there is only half a penny left. Then I find a huge ladder on one side of the building and use it to find another half of a penny on top of a super high building. I finally have enough to buy my mansion, but it is already sold. But there is another mansion for $11,006,000.10. 

I use a telescope and find a penny on someone’s head. It’s on Mr. Blue Giraffe’s head. It’s hard to get though because I’m a little bit short and Mr. Blue Giraffe is extremely tall. Mr. Blue Giraffe doesn’t know he has pennies on his head. I climb up Mr. Blue Giraffe’s neck to get the penny, but it’s just a hologram! I am mad. I climb back down, put my hands in my pocket because I’m mad. I feel something in my right pocket and find a quarter. I now have $11,006,000.34. 

I get to my house, and in my house when I walk in, there’s stairs that lead up to upstairs. Upstairs there’s a bedroom, office, two bathrooms, a library, and an attic. In the attic, there’re big boxes. There’s one window and there are a few mattresses and a bed. I live here alone. And downstairs there’s a kitchen, two more bathrooms, another bedroom, a living room with a TV, and there’s a big empty room with nothing in it. There is a bar but instead of a regular bar, it has Giraffe Juice, which is grape juice combined with strawberry milk. Outside there is a pool, a playground, a place to ride my bike, a garage, and a fountain. The fountain is giraffe-shaped and spitting out Giraffe Juice. It is taller than me. In the basement, there’s a movie theatre with a twenty foot screen and one hundred fifty seats. Every single movie screens there.

I feel sad because I’m alone, but also feel happy because this is the best house ever. In the basement, I watch wild giraffes drink that grape juice strawberry milk on the movie theatre TV. I then find a trap door. In the trap door, there are diamonds. There’s gold. There’s five million dollars. There’s rubies. There’s sapphire. There’s a very nice smell. It smells like that grape juice strawberry milk drink. And there are buckets and buckets and five thousand buckets of that grape juice milk thing! Then there’s another trap door filled with the exact same thing! There are cooler fountains here. They look like grapefruits and bottles of strawberry milk. The fountain straw is shooting out the milk. I feel great. I decide to have a party and invite Mr. Blue Giraffe and Mrs. Green Giraffe. We become friends. We invite a bunch of random people and make new friends. Mrs. Green Giraffe and Mr. Blue Giraffe move in and live with me, together in the mansion.

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