A Tall Disaster

Hi, my name is Jack, and I am the world’s tallest person ever. I am 2,000 feet tall. I live in L.A., and I need magical powers. The world will be awesome if I get these powers. I mean awesome!! Water breathing, flying in outer space, breathing in smoke, strength to pick up 100,000 pounds, and the power to convince people. If I climb Mount Everest, there are plants at the top that will give me those powers. They’re so colorful. Only one person has gotten them before because they’re also on top of a tree. They also only give me those powers if they are over eighty degrees, since they are normally frozen. This is the story of my journey.

First, I climbed San Jacinto. I took a tram up to 8,000 feet. I had to put my head out the window!!! Round valley loop (check!), Wellmans Divide (check!), San Jacinto Peak (nope!) There was a huge gap in the trail. I tried to jump over to get past it, but another one appeared.

“Ugh,” l said, “It will get harder when it’s steep. It stopped happening after that, and it was amazing. I came back on the tram.

Next, I climbed Mount Whitney. I drove to Whitney. Outpost camp (check!), Trail camp (check!), Mt. Whitney summit (nope!) It was the same as San Jacinto peak, except with boulders falling. When I came back, I was relieved. I flew in my super tall, private jet to Mount Mckinley. I climbed it! Whew! Those were a crazy two hours. I had to hop on one foot at one point. I slid down the mountain. There was so much ice! I grabbed the trees to stabilize.              

I ran around the block two gazillion times. I was so sweaty! (Allow me to fly you to Mount Everest, reader). It was crazy!!! There were huge, giant, diamond rocks everywhere!!! Luckily, I could step over them.

Uh-oh, avalanche!!! Quick, step off the mountain, and lets fly in a helicopter to chop off the top of the mountain with an ax, I thought to myself. I ordered a helicopter through my walkie-talkie because the snow had gotten too thick. Maybe I should only chop off the tree with the plants because that’s all I need.

The helicopter flew over the mountain, and I reached out of the helicopter and grabbed the plants with my long arm. Once I had the plants, I warmed them up for ten seconds in the helicopter’s microwave. I smashed them up into tiny pieces and put them into water, and then I drank the water. I felt the same as before, but with a sudden excitement.

I flew down when suddenly, I felt dizzy. I was teleported to another galaxy! I knew I had powers because I could see Pluto far, far away. I floated around in my helicopter in space. I thought that I could use my powers to get back. With my finger, I pushed my new flying powers into a hole in the helicopter, and I zoomed back toward Earth.

When I was about halfway done with the trip, I realized I’d have to face the atmosphere. I knew I needed to stop the helicopter before I reached the atmosphere because I’d burn up. I could breathe underwater and in smoke now, so I didn’t have to worry about not being able to breathe — but I would burn up if the helicopter caught on fire.

I pushed my finger back into the hole and drew my powers back from the helicopter. It stopped. I was glad that it worked! Now, I needed to find special space bricks to build a wall around the helicopter so it didn’t burn up in the atmosphere. I knew about the space bricks because my astronaut friend had told me about them once.

I turned on the regular helicopter propellers and went slowly to the nearest moon. I saw a big gap in the moon and flew inside. Inside were tons of space bricks!! They looked like regular bricks, but they were nice and smooth on the outer layer, and they were fireproof on the inside. I felt super excited that I found them so quickly!

Now, I needed to figure out how to transport all of the bricks. I looked around and saw a lever. I pulled the lever, and it closed up the hatch from the inside! Now, I didn’t need to worry about the helicopter or the space bricks floating away with no gravity. Then, I grabbed the spare Super Glue and nails I kept in the helicopter and used them to build the bricks around the helicopter. From the inside, I put a stick of Clarify-er so I could see through the bricks.

I opened a window for a second and pulled the lever up to open the hatch. I closed the window and put my finger in the hole again to put my powers into the helicopter. Then, I flew back toward Earth. Things got scary in the atmosphere. I could see fire all around, and smoke came in through the cracks in the wall. Luckily, I could breathe in smoke because of my powers.  I was scared that the space bricks might not work — but they did!

I flew back down to the hotel I was staying at in Everest. I landed on top and climbed down the ladder. I was so relieved and tired, that I went back into my room and went to sleep.

The next day, I remembered that the helicopter was rented, so I returned it. I flew back to L.A. to convince every lawbreaker to not break the law because I had superpowers.

I had beaten the lawbreaker Baleee to the peak of Mount Everest to get these powers. He was the baddest lawbreaker, who broke every law. I knew that Baleee was in his submarine trying to escape me, so I picked a random lake and quickly found him. I had brought some space bricks with me to cover the windows so he couldn’t see. I got inside through the top door and finally convinced him to not break the law anymore. I took off the space bricks and returned to the surface!

L.A. was now free of crime, but the rest of the world still needed a persuasive man.


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