Adventure 1

Momo-Mickey is looking for regular dynamite and diamonds. He gets attacked by Luishead. Luishead uses a thing on his hand that can make mega-fireballs. Momo-Mickey uses his dynamite to make a very loud noise that knocks Luishead out and he find Obsidian in Luishead’s pocket when it felt out.

Momo-Mickey uses another of this dynamite to blast onto a building and then jump away. His hands, his right foot, his left leg and the right half of his hair and his left ear were the parts of him that were monster.  

He gets back to his base and finds sugar canes. Now he can make a book. He uses the book to make an enchanting table. He enchants all the diamonds he has. He enchants his diamonds to dynamite. Now he enchants his dynamite and takes his jet outside of the universe. Suddenly he gets attacked by Luishead. This time, Luishead has his staff and uses it to destroy Momo-Mickey’s jet. Momo-Mickey uses his mini jet to go to the  universe and he gets away and sets the dynamite and makes his new world.

The End

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