Baby Unicorn

Once upon a time, there was a little princess baby unicorn and everybody believed in her. Everybody believed in her parents, everybody believed in unicorns. But one day, this alien moved from a far distant planet to earth and he never believed in unicorns and he told everybody nasty rumors about unicorns, especially baby unicorns. He said they were the worst.

One day, everybody just hated unicorns and that alien said, “Yes! Nobody likes unicorns! Now this place can be dark and no more unicorns can exist!”

But there was one person who still loved unicorns. And her name was Olivia. She thought all those nasty rumors were lies and he was just trying to make sure unicorns never exist. She knew that every time someone doesn’t believe in unicorns, the unicorns start to fade. And when they’re all faded, the world will go dark and darkness will cover the earth for 300,000 years.

And Olivia, she visited the unicorns everyday, telling them that she always believed in unicorns and that aliens started nasty rumors about unicorns. And so she told them a plan that with all the magic that they had left, they would defeat the alien and then everybody would believe in unicorns again and then they wouldn’t be in darkness for another 300,000 years.

So Olivia walked up to that alien and said, “Whatcha doin’ here?”

And the unicorns said, “Uhh-huhh.”


And magic was everywhere and Olivia was punching and kicking because she took Tai-kwon-do. And the alien had very quick reflexes so he flipped and twisted and rolled, but the baby unicorn had these future powers, so she knew where he would move next. And she let out one bolt of magic right where he was going next and he fell to the ground in despair, and he was dying and everything was light again.

And then everybody believed in unicorns again. And it was all like Yay!


The End.


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