Twist in a Tale Because of a Portal


Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a mushroom. A big mushroom. It covered the trunk of an old, sturdy oak tree looking as if even a hurricane or tornado couldn’t blow it apart. It was true, for even the strongest natural disaster couldn’t push it down. Why? Here’s why. A little girl named Abby had came here and sat underneath the mushroom. Everyday she would flip through pages of a fairy tale. The goddess of trees, Hellenore, blessed the tree with the mushroom. The tree would be healthy as long as Abby would sit under it. Over the years Abby will grow into a lady and the tree will remain healthy.


Chapter 1:

One day as Abby sat under the large oak tree which grew right behind her house, she heard a glistening sound like jewels clamoring against each other. She looked behind her and saw a crystal blue creek with shiny white stones almost like pearls. She gaped open mouthed as the water trickled over them making them sparkle radiantly. For a moment, nothing mattered. The stones shone so brightly and looked like it was full of magic. Abby suddenly came to her senses. As if in a trance, she picked up two of those pearl like stones and shoved them in her pocket. As she ran back home, the stones felt as heavy as a block of gold.

“Mom! I found these pearl-like stones near the tree.” Her mom looked at her wondrously. The lines on her face creased when she squinted to take a look.

“Why, those are the rarest stones on the earth!” she exclaimed. “ Where did you find those?”

“In the little creek behind the tree,” Abby replied wondrously.

Her mom and Abby raced to the creek. But, like magic, the magnificent creek with the shining stones was gone!

“Where are the stones? And where is the creek?” Her mom demanded impatiently.

“They were there when I came to read!” Abby cried disappointed. “They might have gone somewhere, I don’t know!”

So they walked home anxiously.

That night, Abby couldn’t sleep. She tossed and turned thinking about the creek and the beautiful stones she had found. I know it was there, it can’t be a dream, she thought, struggling to remember everything. Had she led her mom to the wrong place? She definitely knew she had not. She fell into sleep in a baffled expression.


Chapter 2:

“Good morning, sweet cakes,” her dad said smiling widely at at her with his eyes twinkling merrily.

“Good morning, Pa,” Abby smiled.

Her mom (also called Ma) was in the kitchen making waffles with blueberries and strawberries.

“Good morning, sweet potato,” she said cheerily as if nothing had happened last night.

“Um, good morning, Ma,” Abby said, baffled why her mom was acting different than last night. “May I go read at my tree?” Abby asked politely.

Her mother nodded. So Abby grabbed her book and raced towards the tree. As she was reading silently, she heard something. Something that sounded so radiant and wonderous. She was drawn closer and closer to the sound until she saw the giant mushroom. She stared at it as it began to glow. Wow, Abby thought. Then, in a second it turned into a giant portal with winds so strong it could blow the Empire State Building down and  with a scent of fresh daffodils, it was so strong her book shut tightly. Abby had no idea what it was but still she jumped in. In the portal, it only took three seconds, but it felt like a rollercoaster with no seatbelts.

As she descended from the portal, she found a village. The houses were a colorful paradise compared to Abby’s own home but instead the houses were giant mushrooms! From dotted mushrooms growing from a carpet of neon green grass that covered the whole village to the dry brown dirt outside of the village and wild brown mushrooms that looked as if a little breeze would blow it down.

As she finished looking at the miraculous village, Abby saw two short long-eared gnomes planting in their garden as big as a piece of paper.

Abby quickly ran to them and asked, “Hello, I’m Hermione and I was sent here by a magical portal. Can you help me get back home?”

Abby didn’t like to reveal her real identity.The two gnomes looked up and looked as if they were surprised that a human was standing right in front of them.

“Hello!” they squeaked like a baby chick. “Who are you?”

“I’m Hermione,” Abby replied politely. The gnomes returned it with a bow.

“There is only one way to get back home, Madame. You will have to ask the wise old goblin of our kingdom!”

“Thanks,” Abby replied gratefully. So she set off down the peaceful village of the gnomes to approach the Great Goblin.


Chapter 3:

The Great Goblin was sitting in his castle, bored of the gifts the ambassadors of other lands were giving him. Out of all the lands, he was the most magnificent and wise one. The fairies were only pretty, the witches were only evil, and the dragons were only fierce. He, the greatest of all, was all of that, and wiser than an owl.

As he was trying to hold his yawn, a servant rushed up and quickly announced, “My lord, there is a girl that is coming your way!”

“Ah,” the Goblin answered, smiling. “That must be little Abby! Let her in!”

It really was Abby, for after a minute she came skipping in. She quickly bowed and asked, “Mr Great Goblin, your gnomes have told me only you can send me home.”

The goblin answered shaking his head, “The only way to do that is to see the queen of the heavens for even I don’t know how to take you home.

“How will I ever see the queen of the heavens?” inquired Abby.

“Easy,” said the Goblin. “You must please her with your wits. Only then will she answer your question.

The Goblin must have noticed the sad and wearied look on Abby’s face so he told her, “She will see you soon, I promise.”


Chapter 4:

Abby walked out of the throne room and out of the castle. She was stumbling over every step, thinking in despair. She began to cry. Suddenly, as her tears fell off her face and on the ground, a image like a big platter/plate appeared in front of her. A woman appeared, with peach blond hair and sea green eyes.

“I am Victoria, Queen of Heavens. If you answer all my riddles correctly, I will grant you a wish.”

“Ok,” Abby replied excitedly.

“First riddle. What has four legs, but can’t walk.”

“I know this one, it is a table!”

“Correct,” Victoria replied. “What is an astronaut’s favorite food?”

“Easy, space chips.”

“Correct again!” after a while Abby got all the riddles right and Queen Victoria finally said, “You may ask me a wish.”

“How can I get home?” Hermione (from now on let’s call her Hermione until further notice) answered quickly.

“I’m sorry, but that is beyond my powers. Only the Great Goblin can answer that!”

“What!” Hermione cried. “I just went to see him. He just said I had to ask you, the Queen of the Heavens, for a way to get back home.”

“I know,” the Queen said smiling brightly and widely, “He always tells people to come to me, so I could test them to prove them worthy. Now let me kiss you and the Goblin will see you and know you passed the test.”

Hermione smiled.

“Now,” the Queen said, “Go in the palace and tell the Goblin that you’ve passed the test and he can take you home.”

“Bye, and thanks,” Hermione ran into the palace and cried out loud, “I’ve passed the test, Mr. Goblin please take me home!”

“Okay,” he smiled and said. “Close your eyes.”

Hermione did. And when she opened her eyes she saw herself under the tree. She heard her mom yelling for her.

“Coming,” Hermione said and raced back home happy for a normal life without magical creatures. But that didn’t last long.


Chapter 5

The next day when Hermione was reading, the portal opened again but took her somewhere else. It was the world of Tangled. As she was strolling around the busy streets full of merchants and customers buying and selling fruit and vegetables, she saw two people starting a dance that drew everyone’s attention. One was a young girl no older than 17. She had golden hair that was about twice as long as a cobra and twinkling sea green eyes. She was jumping and dancing around playfully and grabbing everyone to join her. The other person was a young man, with short, brown hair and chocolate eyes. Hermione was smitten by this dance and was drawn closer and closer until she could smell the rose scented aroma of the girl.

The girl smiled at her warmly and said, “Hello! My name is Rapunzel and this is my friend Eugene. We were coming here to find the light that floats at night.”

“Oh, you mean the lanterns that honor the lost princess?” asked one of the village people obviously overhearing what Rapunzel had said.

“Yes, whatever they were, but definitely not stars,” Rapunzel said dreamily. “I want to see them. They appear only on my birthday. My mom doesn’t let me see them so I ran away.”

Then, for some reason, the people ran all directions. Then Hermione gasped. An old woman had walked into the streets wagging a finger at Rapunzel. Rapunzel screamed and Hermione ran for her life. Down the streets she ran until she ran into a half-giant.

“Who are you?” he boomed and Hermione replied

“I-I a-am Hermione and I am lost.”

“Well, I’m Bob and these are my friends, Adam and Casey.”

“Casey Weasley!” Hermione stammered. “I’ve read about you. You’re Ron’s son. May I have your autograph?”

Adam, with dark eyes wearing glasses smiled and said, “Sorry, too busy tracking down Horcruxes. Maybe next time.”

Casey burst out, “I’ll give you my autograph!” And he wrote on a sheet of paper: “Casey Weasley.”

“For goodness sake, Casey, write neater,” said Adam.

So Casey took the paper and scribbled out his “messy” name and replaced it.

“Much better.” Adam turned to Hermione said, “Hi, my name is Adam Malfoy and this is Casey Weasley as you can see. “

“Hi, I’m Hermione and I want to go home.”

Adam gestured towards the street. “Come, we’ll take you to Hogwarts.”


Chapter 6:

Hermione was so happy that she fainted. She heard shouting and then nothing. When she awoke she found herself in a bed. In Hogwarts. As soon as she awoke, she saw Casey and Adam staring down at her. “We were so worried about you.”

“How long have I’ve been out?”

“At least 15 minutes,” answered Casey.

“Well, I hope you are smart,” answered Adam grimly. “Because we are stuck on a problem. How do we get into the Ministry with Death Eaters crawling around it?”

“No problem, can’t you use polyjuice potion?” Hermione replied, smiling.

“That’s a great idea!” Casey said brightly.

“Thank you and now you can go home,” Adam replied quickly.

Casey must have saw the look in Hermione’s eyes because he cut in, “Are you kidding! We won’t last five weeks without her! She is so smart, she thought of polyjuice potion in two seconds!”

“Well, I guess she could stay for a–”

Hermione cut Adam by wrapping him in a big bear hug.

“THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO TRAVEL WITH THE FAMOUS Adam Malfoy!” she yelled at the top of her lungs.

After she finished yelling, she looked around. Casey and Adam were rolling on the ground covering their ears.

“Control it, please,” they said in unison.

“Ok, ok, I was just excited that I got to join you.”

“Now for for the Polyjuice potion…” Casey stammered

“Does it taste horrible?” Hermione asked.

“I’m afraid so,” said Adam clutching his throat like he was going to barf.


Chapter 7:

They were making the potion when a portal opened up and sucked Hermione in. Adam and Casey yelled but it was nothing compared to the roaring of the portal. Hermione was sucked in and she landed under the great tree she was sucked into in the first place. She ran into a house that looked liked her own house. She saw her mom crying in the kitchen and her dad on the phone.

“Mom! I’m home!”

“Oh honey, we were so worried about you! Where were you?”

“I’ll tell you about it,” said Hermione smiling.


Chapter 8:

“First tell me, WHERE WERE YOU? WE WERE SO WORRIED RIGHT WHEN YOU CAME IN WE WERE ABOUT TO CALL THE POLICE!  THANK GOODNESS YOU CAME BACK!” Then she said calmly “ Tell me the truth. Where were you?”

“Umm…” Hermione was hesitant.

Suddenly a portal opened up (again) and Ma fell down.

“Ma!” Hermione cried.

“Don’t worry,” said a voice that sounded like tinkling bells on Santa’s sleigh. Hermione looked up. She saw a beautiful women that looked like Queen Victoria but had cheeks as red as a rose and a silver crown that looked liked the moon. Her dress was a pink paradise topped with moonstones and corals on the necklace.

“Who are you?” Hermione asked baffled. “And what happened to my mom?”

“Don’t worry, we’re just erasing her memory of you missing so you won’t get in trouble.”

“And done.”

“So I won’t get in trouble?” Hermione asked excitedly, “But is my mom all right?”

“She will be. And sorry. I haven’t introduced myself. I’m Glinda, the Good Witch of the North. And you are?”

Hermione didn’t want to tell Glinda her real name so she said, “Dorothy.”

“Oh, hi Dorothy,” Glinda said sarcastically. Then she whispered, “I know your real name. It’s Hermione isn’t it.”

How did she know? thought Hermione.

“Anyways, Dorothy. You LANDED ON THE EVIL WITCH OF THE EAST! Anyways. Here are her magic shoes. It can take you wherever you want.”

“I want to go home!”


Hermione found herself in her own room on her bed.

“Hermione! Hermione! Dinner time!”

“Coming Ma!”

And she lived happily ever after.


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