Bluejays chirping at my window,

Waking me up from sleep,

I stay awake because I want to hear them.


The sound of their wings fluttering

makes me want to come out,

They turn to stare at me,

Making me feel like I did something wrong.


Then I stare back into their beady brown eyes,

And remember that they love their food,


So I go back inside,

Finding breadcrumbs from my toast to give them.


I sprinkle crumbs all over the yard.

They dive for their food,

Pecking towards those that had bread with their pure black beaks,

I laugh merrily.


Their eyes seem to say that they want me to stay,

I say goodbye,

And they seem to do the same,


I walk to my mom’s car where she is waiting to drive me to school,


And when I come out to see the birds after school I jump and laugh,

I came back through the garden where I found a big worm,

It was as long as my arm!

I picked it up and went back to them,

Where they fought for their food,

I began peeling two birds off of one that were attacking for the bread,


I laughed for what seemed the hundredth time,

And I ran towards them for a game of tag,

Where they took off.


And I don’t notice that there are houses around me,

I don’t realize where I am,

I just feel like I want to play,

And you know what?

No matter how many times they beg me for food,

Or how many times they woke me up,

I love them.

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