Bubbles the Hamster

Once there was a hamster named Bubbles. He lived in the woods. One day, he was scavenging around when he heard some rustling in the bushes. He turned around to see what it was, but it was too late. He was captured! He looked up and saw a wrinkly, old, dirty looking man. The man put Bubbles into a humongous red truck. It was very noisy inside the truck, and there were a lot of unusual animals. Then the truck started moving. Suddenly, a woman picked him up very gently and put him in a cozy cage. He looked in the next cage and saw a weird looking reptile sitting on a small plant. Bubbles looked in the back of his cage and saw a brownish, orangish, white-ish ball of fur. Bubbles went to the back of his cage to figure out what it was. When he got closer, he heard a snoring sound. He had never seen this creature before. He surrounded the ball of fur. Every step he took, he got closer and closer to the ball of fur until he touched it!! He ran to the other corner of his cage. He saw one eye look at him then another one. The creature started walking toward him until Bubbles’ back was against the wall

“Who are y-y-you?” Bubbles asked.

“I’m a guinea pig — and who are you?” said the guinea pig.

“I’m a hamster,” said Bubbles.

“I guess we have to share this cage. By the way, I’m Chewy,” Chewy said.

“Well, I’m Bubbles. Do you know anyone around here? I’m sort of new you see, I don’t know anybody here,” said Bubbles.

“Well, you know me. Oh I know I can give you a tour of the pet store,” said Chewy.

“That would be great,” said Bubbles.

“So, first there’s Jose the chameleon. Then there’s Bongo the frog. Oh and you can’t forget Tee the turtle — he is the fastest turtle in the world and tha- oh wait, I almost forgot the new fat-tailed leopard gecko named Link and that’s pretty much all I know,” said Chewy.

“Thanks for the tour. I really appreciate it,” said Bubbles.

“You’re welcome,” said Chewy.

Then, the woman returned and picked Bubbles and Chewy up. She placed them in a room with a whole bunch of toys. The woman also placed the animals that Chewy was talking about right beside them.

“Okay, hi guys, this is Bubbles the hamster,” said Chewy. “Okay, Bubbles this is animal fitness.”
Chewy puts on his headband and gets his whistle and says, “Ok, all you creatures out there let’s get moving. We will start with some jumping jacks. Then drop down and give me twenty.”

After the lesson was done, they were placed back in their cages. Bubbles went to the corner of his cage to take a nap. He was fast asleep when somebody tapped him on the shoulder. It was Chewy. He wanted to eat crackers with Bubbles. So, they went over to their food bowl to eat crackers, until Bubbles remembered that he needed to get out of the pet store.

Bubbles said, “Chewy, I have a mission for you, can you get me out of here.”

“Well, I have tried to get out at least 20 times, but I do know a way that might work for you. I’ll tell you the plan at midnight,” Chewy said.

So, they waited till midnight, and Chewy called all of his friends to come to the playroom. They all did. He told them the plan, and they went into action. First, Jose went into the office and turned off all the secret cameras, and then Bubbles rode on the back of Tee, and Link used his tail to open the flap door, and then Bubbles was out of the pet store. He was so happy, until the man, who had first gotten Bubbles, went outside to look around because he heard something in the bushes. He looked and he saw Bubbles. The man was furious, and he put Bubbles back in his cage. The man also saw all the animals out of their cages and he put them back into their cages.The next day, Bubbles was so sad, until he saw a big face at the side of his cage.

Suddenly, he was being taken out of his cage by the woman who first placed him into it and she placed him into a girl’s hand. She was a nice girl named Callie and she really wanted a pet hamster.

Bubbles heard Callie say, “I want this one.”

Then he was even more sad. He was being adopted by a girl, how worse could this get? Chewy started crying, and Jose stopped eating flies and Link lost his tail and T stopped being a fast turtle. They were all so sad. Then, Callie put Bubbles in her mother’s car and drove him home to her house where he was set on a cabinet in her room. After three days, Bubbles was lying around bored in his cage. At the pet store, something else was going on.

There was a boy staring at Chewy and at the woman, who picked Bubbles up, picked Chewy up and put him into a boy’s hands.

Chewy heard the boy say, “I want this one.” Then, Chewy was placed in a new cage, and put in the car and put in the boy’s house. Apparently, Chewy saw another cage inside the boy’s house, and there was a hamster inside.

Chewy said, “Excuse me, do you know how to get out of here? I really need to get out. I am not supposed to be here.”

Then the hamster looked up at him and said, “I feel like I know you.”

Chewy said, “Me too.”

Then the hamster said, “I’m Bubbles, who are you.”

“I’m Chewy. Oh my goodness, Bubbles it’s you!! Remember me who used to live in the cage you lived in? I guess the person who got you was a sibling of the person who got me!” said Chewy.

The boy was named Tom, and he took Chewy out of his cage, and Callie took Bubbles out of his cage, and they put the two pets in a big cardboard box together.

“I think they know each other,” said Tom.

Then after the two pets played together, they were put into their cages, but in a different room. In that room, there were a lot of animals. The animal that lived in the cage next to Bubbles was a humongous cornsnake. The one living in the cage next to Chewy was a tiny komodo dragon.

Bubbles and Chewy were invited to Callie and Tom’s dinner (they were literally allowed to be on the dinner table).

They heard Kyle and Tom’s parents saying, “Since your birthdays are coming up. You are going to have a very big surprise. So, we have decided that you can have three pets from the pet store, but you have to decide which ones you want together.” On the weekend, they went to the pet store, and got a chameleon, a fat-tailed gecko and a turtle.

They brought them home, and when they saw a guinea pig and a hamster Jose said, “I feel like we know those people.”

Then T said, “I feel like we helped that Hamster get out of the pet store. I wonder what happened to him after that?”

Then they asked, “Hey guys what are your names, we think we know you two?”

Chewy and Bubbles asked, “Are you talking to us?”

“Yes we are talking to you,” the new pets said.

“Well, I am Bubbles and this is Chewy,” said Bubbles.

Then Jose said, “I knew it was you guys. Remember Jose, T and Link? That’s us.”

Then Chewy said, “Oh yeah, hey guys.”

Then after Callie and Tom’s lunch they went to play with all five of their pets, and put them in a cardbox.

Tom said, “I think they all know each other.”

Callie said, “Yeah, I feel like they do. Hey, maybe they can be our mascots at our birthday party on Sunday.”

It was their birthday party and five of their friends came over: Sam, Lisa, Lizze, Max, Xavier. They all played duck duck goose and they all got to pet the pets. They had so much fun at the birthday party, Tom said, “This is the best birthday party in the whole wide world.”

During dinner, their parents said, ”We’re moving and all of your pets can come with us too. We’re going to move to Hawaii.”

Callie said, “Yay! Now I can take all of my pets to the beach.”

When they got there they all figured out their fortune, Chewy became the best swimming guinea pig in the world. Bubbles was the best sand castle builder, and he built a famous one of him out of sand, and Jose went into a contest of catching flies and he caught 20,000 and Link found out that he had the fattest tail in the world and T got into a race with a Bugatti and he won.
(P.S. they found Bongo lying in a coconut tree drinking coconut water and he also found out that he could play the ukulele).

And that’s it.

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  1. Congratulations to Gaby who wrote the story of BUBBLES.Your grand parents are proud to read what you have developed,including many ideas and episodes.The text should be sent to cnn or nbc for information.Keep going Gaby.We love you.

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