Once upon a time, there lived a lovely doll named Ella. She lived in a very big doll house in a girl named Mia’s room. Mia was at summer camp in Maine and she was gone far away because her real house was in California by a lot of grapes. Her dad made wine. She always watched her mom taste test. Her bedroom was huge because her family lived in a big house. She had many dolls that she loved so much. She had teddy bears and Barbies and American Girl Dolls. Ella and her dad and mom and stepmother and sisters were all American Girl dolls. So was the prince. Mia’s bed was in the corner and the dollhouses were on the walls. In the middle Mia had the prince’s castle.

Now don’t you want to hear about Ella’s enchanted story? Back to Ella’s story. Listen up. She had a mother and a father who gave her everything she wanted, including a horse, many dolls, and her very own dog named Bruno. Her mother got sick a lot of times. She always got better. Her father worked as a lawyer. Everyday, he would get up and make pancakes, then leave. Her mother would get up and take her pills. Ella, however, always woke up early. She would make her silk bed, then get dressed, eat, and go out to feed and play with the birds, dog, and horse. Everyday, she would help her mom get better. Now, she lived in 1813, so, her mom did NOT get good a pill to get better. Her mom had hard times with getting better. But, for days she stayed alive.

One day, her mom got a very BAD sickness. Not one person could make her better. Her father stayed home from work. Sadly, she died the next day. Ella cried and cried. Sometimes her dad called her Alice in Wonderland. Her dad also saw that she was very sad. Her father looked around the dollhouse for a new wife. The dollhouse was a HUGE dollhouse. It was broken into five sections. Each section had a doll family in it.

One day, her father yelled, “I have found a new wife who has two great daughters.”

“Really?” Ella cried.

“Really,” her father said. A little later, her new ‘mom’ arrived.

“Hello,” she said. Her voice gave Ella goosebumps. She was dressed in a green dress that flowed behind her. She had a hat that had a veil which covered her face. The veil was black. She had orange-red hair tied in two tight braids. She was very scary. “I said hello,” she yelled.

“Oh. Hello. Sorry. I did not hear you.” Ella replied.

“Now, where are our rooms?” her scary voice boomed through the hallways.

“I-I-I’ll show you.” Ella said. She was very scared.

“Are you scared of me?” Stepmother said.


“Good.” she yelled.

“Here is your room. These are your children’s,” Ella walked down the hallway. Her kids were named Lea and Sia.

“Let’s go unpack,” Sia said.

The next day, Ella awoke to the fighting of Lea and Sia over who got the better bed. She ran to her father’s room.

“Oh father, are you okay? You don’t look so good.” Ella jumped onto the bed.

“Ella, my child. I know. And I will not get better. So, I will go on a journey to get the care. Your stepmother knows, I shall pack now.” he said.

“No. Wait. I will do that. You rest in bed.” Ella yelled quickly.

A few days later once Ella’s father left for a nurse house, a knock came on the door. Ella opened the door. It was a man. He brought news.

“What news?” Ella asked.

“Your father is dead. Your family does not have a lot of money.” Ella heard the man say.

“Oh Ella, we are doomed. How are we going to live. So sad. So sad. If we don’t have a lot of money for food and water, how are we going to buy fashion. Our reputation is ruined.” Ella heard a voice behind her say. She felt a shiver go up her spine. Ella turned around. It was her stepmother.

“Oh stepmother, Just let the maids go!” Ella managed to say before she closed the door and started to weep.

“Oh girls. You fight too much, I wish you two had two bedrooms,” Stepmother said.

“Oh. My bedroom is big. Maybe Lea or Sia could take MY room.” Ella offered.

“Oh, yes. That would be awesome. You shall sleep on the top floor, the attic.” evil Stepmother yelled and laughed.

Her voice made Ella feel like she was far, far, far, far from the sun.

“Um, okay. I’ll pack my stuff,” Ella agreed.

“Great. Now, since the farmers and maids are gone, and my daughters and I will never do housework, will you?” Stepmother said as she fixed her black hat. As she tugged at her veil, an evil grin came across her face.

“Well, will you?” Stepmother said as she looked at her hand carefully.

“Um, um, okay. I guess,” Ella said. She was very tired.

She watched as Stepmother pulled at her dress to make it go longer, even though it was about a yard long. She reached into her silky green gown and pulled out a pair of yellow gloves. She carefully put them on. She clicked at the button on her cape.

“Good,” she said. Her voice trembled, like Ella.

The next morning, Ella woke up early. She went down the stairs. She pulled out a pan and spoon.

“Good morning. I see you are making food for three. You shall eat in the cellar. You understand the story, right?” a voice called out. Ella knew that voice now. Was it Sia or was it Lea? No. It was Stepmother. Ella turned around to face the evil woman.She was in the middle of a chair and a table with a cake on it. She was clawing at the cake.

“Oh yes Stepmother. I do,” Ella said, she was SUPER tired. Ella could not help looking at what in the world she was wearing. A pink gown with pink high heels. A purple hat that stood tall on her head. A black veil covered her face. The only part you could see was an evil smile with evil twinkling eyes.

Ella turned back to work. Flip, flip, flip. Plop, plop, plop. That was the noise the pancakes made.

A little later, the three were eating upstairs.

“Ella, what is that on your face?” Lea sweetly asked. She was not really trying to be nice. The truth was, it was so cold in the attic that Ella came down and fell asleep by the fire.

“Hey, guys, I have the most perfect idea.” Sia suddenly said.

“What is that perfect idea of yours?” said a mean Lea.

“Let’s call her CINDERella. Yeah, because she does clean and has ashes ALL over her face.” Sia said, smiling.

“Yes!” Stepmother and Lea said together.

A little later, Cinderella went to get the mail. She had to go to the Barbie dollhouse to get the mail.

“Thank you so much.” Cinderella thanked Allie Henderson, a barbie, when she gave her the mail. An about an hour later, Cinderella came in the door. She yelled up the stairs, “Mail is here.”

“What a bad way to call us down like that,” snapped Stepmother, “you should know better.”

“Well, um, sorry. That’s what I used to do, sorry again.” Cinderella said. She was very scared. She fell back.

“Well your little family does not own this place anymore. So you better stop RIGHT NOW.” Stepmother yelled. Her face was SO red Cinderella thought she looked like a tomato. Stepmother whipped out her red gloves and put them on. She also clipped her cape on.

“Hear me young missy?” Stepmother yelled so loudly something fell off the table. Cinderella ran to pick it up.  “Hear me!” she yelled SO loudly.

“Yes, yes I do.” Cinderella said. Her hand was trembling. Stepmother whipped out her makeup. She put on her lipstick. And she looked at herself in her mirror for a little while.

“Now, let me see about the mail. Why don’t YOU read it to me, er, us!” Stepmother peered over her shoulder. Cinderella considered this. Why was she being treated like this? She thought about it some more. She could always run away. But her thoughts were blocked by a voice that made Cinderella think it was the end of the world.

“I said read.”

“Oh yes, um I was just —”

“Just read it.” Stepmother was at the end of her rope. In fact, she was tugging at her glove to prove it. Cinderella still did NOT read it. She thought Stepmother could just do it herself. After all, she was self-centered. And, not to forget, always thinking about herself. Stepmother snached the mail.

Suddenly a big, “Yes.” filled the house. Two figures fell down the stairs. First Lea, then Sia.

“What’s the news Mommy?” a screechy voice, Sia, screeched.

“Oh Mother, do you have headphones?” Lea asked. “Sia has been singing for half an hour. Her voice is like a stray cat.”

“No, wait. I shall sing my song. It is called All Night.” Sia DID sound like a stray cat.

“Oh please no. No! Instead, guess what? Practice your dancing. Why? Because we just got a letter for going to the royal ball. The prince needs to get a wife.” Stepmother’s voice boomed the house again. Stepmother handed the letter to Cinderella. She held it up to her face.

Dear Doll,

This letter is for you. You may not share it. Come in a royal dress. Here is the letter for you and you only:

A Royal Ball for Prince

Where:  Barbie Dreamhouse

Why: Prince needs wife to marry

When: Tomorrow at 7:00 to 1:00 in the morning                                                      

Who: Every young lady and man in the land will come

How: Get a dance partner and dance, prince will chose wife


The Prince Charming

Cinderella read it three times. She put a big smile on her face and turned around. She knew she could go. A chance to get away. Yes. She had not noticed that the rest of them had been watching her. She bumped into Stepmother.

“You think you that you’re going, huh, am I right?” Stepmother asked.

“Well, of course. After all, it did say ALL the people in the land.” Cinderella said bravely.

“Well, well, well. Are you challenging me now? Oh well really?” Stepmother took a step closer, speaking very meanly. Now their noses were almost touching.

Cinderella took a step back. “No.”

“You will make our gowns. If you refuse, you shall be out.” Stepmother roared in anger. Cinderella was very scared. She ran to her attic.

“Hey, Girlfriend. The wool is down here.” Lea yelled up the stairs.

“Yes, I know.” Cinderella said sharply.

“Okay, I understand. Please, rude girl.” Sia said even more sharply.

That night, Cinderella finished the dresses. She thought it might be nice to make a gown for the ball for herself. Even though she knew she could not go, she thought she could always leave after them.

She used the colors that were left: pink, purple, and green. She did not exactly like the end of it.  

She ripped it apart and did it again. This time she was happy with how it turned out.

She found some silk pillows and sheets. The bed was much comfier. The dress was very comfy.

The next morning, she got up and ready. Today, she decided to wear the gown that she made last night. When she got down, everyone else was already there.

“Cinderella, we were waiting for you,” said the cruel voice that belonged to Stepmother.

“Yes, I’m sorry. I know.” Cinderella answered as she rolled her eyes.

“Good.” Lea said as she stuck her nose in the air.

“So, what are you wearing? It’s just that, you’re not going to the ball.” Sia said as she handed the coffee pot to Cinderella.

Cinderella put the coffee pot on the shelf as she said,”Yes, I do know. I thought I’ll just have my own party by myself. I made this.” Cinderella was now pointing at her dress. She turned to Stepmother. As for today, the black hat and veil, and a yellow dress and green cape.

“No, you have to clean, cook, and sew.” Stepmother called to the earth. She put on her green gloves and flipped her two orange/red braids, then, left the room. A little later the three mean people were leaving the house.

“Bye.” Cinderella called out. Once they had completely left, Cinderella ran to the garden and wept.

“Why are crying, my darling?” a soft voice asked. The lady was dressed in a pink gown with pink ruffles and silver sparkles. She was wearing black high heels with orange and green pumpkins.
“Who are you? If you shall answer that, then here is my answer: I want to attend the ball, but my Stepmother and Stepsisters won’t let me. Won’t you tell me who you are?” Cinderella asked.

“Oh my, child, I am your fairy godmother. Now, you said you wanted to go to the ball? Well, you can’t go to the ball? You can not go looking like that.” her fairy godmother said.

“Well, I can’t go at all.” Cinderella tried to say.

“Well, why can’t you? So, get me a pumpkin. Hey, will you?” she said with a mysterious voice.

“Um, okay,”

“Great, now let me just —” fairy godmother started to say as she put the pumpkin in front of her. She puffed up her pink ruffles on her pink dress. Then, she took something from behind her back. It was sparkling and Cinderella did not know what it was. A wand. With a swish of the wand, the pumpkin turned into a beautiful carriage. With more waves of the wand, a coachman and footman appeared.

“Now, for your gown and slippers,” fairy godmother said joyfully. Cinderella magically changed into a puffy blue dress with glass slippers.

“Oh thank you.” Cinderella said to fairy godmother.

“Oh now, there is one rule. Just remember to return home by midnight. Otherwise these things will turn back.” she said. And with a little wave her wand, Cinderella was off to the ball.

A little later, Cinderella arrived in the Barbie Dreamhouse. The prince lived in his palace, but the Dreamhouse had a bigger dance floor.

The prince was already dancing with someone. But when he saw Cinderella, he dropped his partner’s hand and ran over to Cinderella. He took her hand and started dancing with her. The pretty Barbie was mad. She ran over to a teddy bear and started to gossip about Cinderella.

After dancing, they went out to the garden to dance since there was too much chaos inside. Cinderella thought this was the best night she had ever experienced. They talked about life and favorite things and gardens. Cinderella was having a blast. All of a sudden…

Dong. Dong. Dong. Dong. Dong…

Cinderella ran out of the garden and down the stairs. Then… plop. Her shoe had fallen on the stairs. She still ran. After a little while, Cinderella arrived home. She ran upstairs to the attic and hid the single slipper that she still had. Then, she went to bed.

In the morning, Cinderella was making pancakes when Lea yelled, ”Hey, the prince is going around to see whose foot fits this mysterious slipper.”

Cinderella ran up to get in the gown she made two days ago. She got a bench from the attic to sit on. She dragged it to the balcony. Cinderella sat and waited with her hands folded in her lap like a princess. She knew that it was her time to become the Queen. She practiced being perfect in every way. Click, click. She heard the door say. Ella ran to the door. It was locked. Then she had remembered when she made pancakes. She was humming and dancing when Lea had said the news. Then, she ran to the attic.

Ella called out the door, ”Let me out please. Why did you lock me in?” No answer. Cinderella peeked through the hole. No one. She ran to the balcony. The prince and the men were coming down the road. She was running out of time. She came up with a plan. She got her bag and packed up all her dresses and belongings. She ran to the balcony with a rope. She tied it to the pole. She put her bag over her elbow and held on to the rope. She saw the prince getting out of the van. Cinderella wrapped her legs around the rope. She slide down to the window. It was locked. All the others were locked, too. Plan failed. She thought she could just go to the bottom, but no. The rope was getting loose. The prince was walking to the door. She climbed back up and went in the house and found a lipstick and paperclip. She put them in the lock. It did not work. She went out to the balcony again. She ran to the rope. She untied it and tied it again. This time she forgot her bag. She looked down. The prince was entering the house. She climbed back up and grabbed her bag and slide down. This time the prince was in the house. She put her foot on the ground. But her other foot was stuck. She untied her foot. She was free. A life in the castle was glowing in her mind. She ran to the door. It was locked. Oh no. She ran to the window next to it. She took out the lipstick and the paperclip. She put it in the lock. Yes, it worked. She climbed in. A table was in front of it. Cinderella ducked under it, knocking something off it. She dove to pick it up. She got it, but the duke and prince turned and left the room. She put it back on then went to the room. The duke said, ”Who wants to try it on first?” Yes. Cinderella thought. He just arrived. She watched what happened “Here. You may try on the slipper first.” the Duke said to Stepmother.

Did not fit.

“Now, you may go next.” he said to Sia.

Did not fit.

“Now you next.” he said to Lea.

Did not fit.

“Okay, let’s go.” the Duke said.

Cinderella walked in the doorway with her beautiful gown.

“What is going on?” she asked.

 “Excuse me, but will you try this slipper on?” the Duke asked.

He leaned over to where she just sat down.

 “It’s a perfect fit.” cried the prince.

Cinderella watched Stepmother’s face burn with anger as she left her dollhouse section forever.

A few weeks later, Cinderella and the prince were married. The new King Charming and Queen Cinderella lived happily ever after.  

Now you know what life was like for her. So don’t go telling their story to Mia. There life will not be the same (not that she would believe it.) Stepmother and her daughters ran away to Mia’s living room because they could not stand the fact Cinderella would rule over them. Cinderella did make a best friend. Her name was Belle. She has brown hair and eyes.  Ella really did live happily ever after.

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