Cop and Bob

Once upon a time, there was a three-star cop teaching safety lessons to a school. The kids didn’t listen to the cop because it was boring, and all he did was talk for two hours.

The cop said,  “What do you do when a stranger grabs you?”

No one answered, because everybody was on their phones and not paying attention, and Cop felt sad.

The cop said to himself, “It doesn’t matter, nobody listens.”

The next day, when the kids were at school, they didn’t see Cop. He quit his job because no one would listen. After math, the kids were dismissed and went home. But Bob, one of the kids, got snatched by a stranger, and was pushed into a sack! Bob was very scared and nervous. Bob didn’t know what to do, because he didn’t listen to Cop. The stranger pulled him into a cave! When the stranger wasn’t listening, he called Cop. Cop came right away with his crew! The cop defeated the stranger and put him in jail. Cop saw the bag moving and looked inside and found Bob. Bob was nervous when cop found him because he thought Cop would yell at him.

Cop said to Bob, “You’ve learned your lesson. You have to twist your arm if a stranger grabs you by the arm.”

Cop earned a star for saving Bob, so he was a four-star cop. So, for the rest of the day, Cop and Bob had ice cream. The next day, Bob told all his friends what happened, and when Cop got his job back, everybody listened to him, and no one got hurt. Bob and Cop became friends.


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