Diary of a Shy Girl

September 28, 2014

Dear Diary,

Today was the first day of 4th grade, and it was a terrible day at my new school. The most popular girls in school already hate me! It’s because I was so shy at school. I didn’t say one word the whole day, and now I wish I had said something to them.  

I was put with the worst homeroom teacher in 4th grade. She is so terrible because she is very strict, she makes us do two hours of math class every day, and worst of all she she shouts at you if you are not looking at the board any time during a lesson!

We have so much homework even though it is the first day of school, and my class is the only class that has homework today. I can tell it will be a very terrible year.

When I got home, I ran up to my room and locked the door. I would not let anyone talk to me or come in for the rest of the night. It was very hard to do my homework tonight because I was so sad.

Goodbye for now,


September 29, 2014

Dear Diary,

I am eating breakfast, and I am about to go on the bus.

I am hiding you in my desk. I am having math class. We are in the middle of a boring lesson about fractions.

Oh. What? The teacher just called my name. She is asking what I am doing.

Goodbye for now,


I am in the principal’s office right now, and I am not supposed to be writing in you. If I get caught, I will be sent home. The principal is on a phone call and is standing outside the office. I hope he doesn’t come back in. When I left you my teacher took me here. Then she told the principal what I had done.

Tomorrow there is a Fall Festival. I don’t know if I will go.

Goodbye for now,


September 30, 2014

Dear Diary,

Today is the Fall Festival. Mom says I am allowed to go if I start talking to my classmates at the festival. She gave me some money to go on rides and get cotton candy and pizza. I think it will be very fun, and I will try talking to some people in my class. See you at the festival!

Goodbye for now,


I am at the festival. This is what the festival looks like. It is crowded and noisy and smells like popcorn and lemonade. There are colorful tents. Some have red and white stripes on them, and others have blue and green stripes on them. There are scary rides because we are getting near Halloween! Some rides spin around and around while spooky monsters pop out at you. Some rides are nice and fun for little kids. Over there is one of the most popular girls. Her name is Emma. I am going to go over and try talking to her. Here I go! Wish me luck diary.

Good bye for now,


Dear Diary,

Let me give you an update on what just happened. I went over to Emma and I said, “Um, um…hi. I was wondering if you wanted to go on the Death Scream ride with me?”

Emma told me, “No, you little baby. I bet you are too scared to go on it by yourself. You just want me to go with you.

And then I said, “Oh, I’ll go on it by myself then.”

And then Emma said, “You’re way too scared. You just want me to think you’re brave.”

But I still wanted to go on the Death Scream, so I got tickets and got in line. The line was so long. When I finally got to the front of the line, and the person who starts the ride  said, “Next.”

I got on and braced myself. When the ride started, I was getting jerked around like I was a piece of paper. I let out a shriek and squeezed up in a ball so I could write in my diary. My hands are shaking so much so it is hard to write.

Goodbye  for now,


October 1, 2014

Today at school, Emma came up to me and said, “I saw you go on that ride. I was wrong about you. Do you want to be friends?”

“Sure!” I said.

“Can you forgive me for what I said yesterday?”

“Sure!” I said again.

We linked arms and skipped off down the hallway.

And that is how my day was.

Now I have a friend.

Yours truly,


4 thoughts on “Diary of a Shy Girl”

  1. Thank you for this wonderful story! The description is so detailed. I felt like I could really see and feel what the girl saw and felt! Plus I like that she was so brave. I’m shy too and I liked that she tried and that she went on the ride by herself. She stayed true to herself! And she was forgiving which is nice too. Thanks for the great story!!!

  2. Rose. This is the BEST
    I could really feel your worry and self consciousness.
    Love Zola’s spunk and courage and her forgiveness of emma

  3. I liked how honest Zola was in this story and how well she described her fears and her shyness. Also I think festivals do smell like popcorn. She was brave to tackle that scary ride by herself and her shyness. So glad she taught that Emma girl a lesson and they ended up friends.

  4. I loved reading this story! I thought the diary format was cool, and the really built up from the beginning. The author (you;-) did a great job of describing the character and her thoughts and feelings so I could put myself in her shoes. When I was reading about Zola feeling nervous, it made me feel nervous too. I also liked the part when Zola got caught writing in her diary and only had time to write Zo. I thought that was clever. I’m wondering if you’re planning on writing a sequel or another book in the series …? I hope so!

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