Different Girl


Chapter 1

Samantha was bored, bored waiting to get her test knowing that she failed and she knew she was going to be in trouble. She had not studied even though she had two weeks to study but did not study.

“Samantha.” Uh oh that was the teacher. Samantha went up to the teacher’s desk and got her test. In black letters it said 73%. She was in trouble big trouble. RIIIIIIING

Chapter 2


Samantha opened the door and called, “I’m home.” Her mother rushed down the stairs all dressed up in a dress. “Mom why are you all dressed up?”

Mom said “I have found a man I like. He can be your father.” Now you can tell that Samantha’s father died. Luckily for Samantha her mother forgot about the test… for now.

Samantha raced into the kitchen grabbed a snack and a black marker and raced upstairs. Once she was upstairs she closed the door and ate her snack. Then took out the paper and uncapped the pen, scriggled out the 73%, and wrote 100%. Samantha stuffed the paper in her bookbag and went to bed.

Chapter 3

When Samantha woke up she found her mother and this stranger man which Samantha thought was the man her mom went out with. Samantha got breakfast and went to get her backpack and on the way out of her house to school the test paper fell out and Samantha did not realize it.

At school, a girl was handing out invitations for a party at her mansion. Samantha walked up to the girl and held her hand out.

The girl said, “What do you want? I did not invite you because you are weird. Oh and everybody else is invited but you.” Samantha turned away and walked to her desk.

Chapter 4

Samantha trudged home and opened the door and walked in to find her mother with a frown and holding her test paper and her phone which said Samantha=73% because the teacher had sent the test grade. The paper said 73% scrapped out and a 100% instead. Her mother grounded her. Samantha had to study that was her punishment. She ate dinner took a shower and went to bed. Samantha woke up earlier to go to her cousin’s house across the street. Samantha’s cousin is usually awake at 5:00 to get ready for work, which starts at 8:30. Samantha told Martha about her problem. Martha just listened.

Chapter 5

Her cousin Martha said she would talk to Samantha’s mom about how Samantha didn’t want to get in trouble but wanted a good grade. Samantha went to school happy and got good grades at school and impressed her mom. School finished and Samantha got good grades and over the summer Samantha’s mom got married and Samantha, her mom, and new father were happy. Samantha’s new father surprised Samantha by bringing her to the movies on her birthday. Samantha liked the new guy.


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