Dinosaurs Come Back

Once upon a time, on a very sunny day, a pigeon named Beirdo was going golfing.

On his first try, he got a hole-in-four! Beirdo was so happy. He couldn’t believe he did so well on his first try!

Suddenly, he heard a loud roar! Beirdo then used his good hearing to find out what made that noise!

What he found was an adult dinosaur in the field.

It was also a very smart dinosaur, because it knew how to talk!

Beirdo was very surprised and asked the dinosaur, “How did you get here?!”

The dinosaur said, “Five million years ago, when I was a baby, I wasn’t as smart as I am now. I would eat smaller animals. But, one day, when I was just about to eat another animal, a ship came to take me away, and I was so scared! Then, they put me in a machine, and it made me talk! After that, they pushed me to another part of the ship, and I saw four other baby dinosaurs! They could talk too! And then, ten guards pushed us out the windows, and we landed here. Come with me.”

“Where are we going?” said Beirdo.

“You’ll see!” the dinosaur answered.

The dinosaur led Beirdo to another part of the field and found the four other dinosaurs!

The bird said, “So, these are your friends that were pushed out the window with you?”

The dinosaur said, “Yes; one’s a t-rex, two are triceratops, and the last one’s an allosaurus.”

So Beirdo said, “I think I’ve made a new friend. See you tomorrow!”


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