Dragons vs. Dracula: Book 5

The dragon brothers carefully entered the cave full of bats. They found out about the cave from Fred the Dwarf, a friend of the dragon brothers. They were exploring the cave, searching for the crystal of death. The Crystal of Death would give them the power to revive dead things, so they could revive friends and use it for good. When they entered the cave, bats charged at both of the dragon brothers, but the two dragons burned the bats by breathing fire.

“What just happened?” said the older brother.

“Don’t blame me, I didn’t do it!” said the younger brother.

Suddenly, a pack of robotic bats with lasers came charging at them. They shot at the dragons. But then, one of the dragons created a burning shield that bounced the lasers off and reflected them towards the bats and destroyed them. The dragons together kept walking in the cave until they fell into an electrified cage. They quickly flew out before the cage closed shut.

The dragons kept exploring the cave looking for the Crystal of Death. After several days, they finally came to a dead end, and Dracula flew down from a hole on the ceiling with an army of indestructible bats.

Dracula commanded the bats to hold him up in midair so that Dracula could turn the dragons into vampires. After the bats held him up, Dracula tried to bite them. He opened his mouth, showing his teeth. They burned his teeth by breathing fire, so then Dracula changed his mind about turning them into vampires. He wanted to destroy them.

Dracula wanted to make the fight harder in order to impress the bats, so he let down the dragons and fought them fist to fist. First Dracula grabbed a rock shield and a metal sword and swung it at the dragon. The older brother dragon flew up then dived down while breathing fire, but Dracula dodged him. But the younger brother flew under and punched Dracula, knocking him down.

But then the older brother said that Dracula isn’t powered by life, he’s powered by death. After thinking about that, the brothers figured out that the Crystal actually powers Dracula and they would have to destroy him in order to get it. And so they hid behind the rock and created a plan. The plan was: the younger dragon would go to to Dracula as bait and while he did that, the older would create a formula out of the materials that they had. So after the plan was formed, they tried it. The younger dragon went in as bait and started to fight Dracula, and meanwhile the older dragon brother was making the potion. They kept on fighting until the potion was done and Dracula made the younger brother fall to the ground. Just as Dracula was about to destroy him, the older brother threw the potion and destroyed Dracula. The brothers found the Crystal, but they tested it first and threw a rock at the it. And the rock dissolved into ashes. So they had to wear a thousand rocks on their hands so their hands wouldn’t dissolve, and they put it in a container at their home in space. They decide that they will use their undissolvable tweezers to touch it.

They touch a button that points it towards what they want to heal. And that heals their friends.

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