Excellent Adventures

One day a girl named Alice and her mom wanted to go for a walk. They saw an ice-cream truck.

“Can I have ice-cream?” she asked nicely.

“No way we haven’t even had dinner,” said the mom.

“Can we have ice-cream after dinner?” she asked nicely.

“Maybe if you eat all your dinner,” said the mom.

The girl believed her and so she ate all her dinner. They had mashed potatoes, spinach and spaghetti.

“Now can we get ice-cream?”

“No,” said the mom, “let’s go to the playground, maybe while we’re going if there’s an ice-cream truck, we can get some ice-cream and eat it at the playground.”


But on the way, there was no ice-cream. She looked everywhere. She saw an ice-cream truck but it was too far from where she was. Maybe I’ll get ice-cream tomorrow, she thought.


So they went to the playground for one minute. They only played on the swings. She felt ok about not getting ice-cream because she might get ice-cream on a different day.


They went home. She went to bed.


The next day, after they ate breakfast they played in the playground. They played for one hour. They went on the slide and the swings and the monkey bars. She was tired and she went home and took a nap.


They ate lunch: peanut butter and jelly with broccoli and mashed potatoes. After lunch, her mom said, “Let’s go out for a walk.”


They saw an ice-cream truck and started walking toward it, but the girl thought they were going somewhere else.


“Surprise!” said the mom and dad.

The little girl got mint-chocolate chip and the dad got cookies and cream and the mom got double chocolate. They went to the playground and ate their ice-cream. When the dad was done, he went home and got a blanket for a picnic for dinner. After they were done with dinner they had mashed potatoes again and then they got ice cream again. They got different flavors. The little girl got double chocolate. The mom got mint-chocolate chip and the dad got cookies and cream again. They went to a different ice cream shop. The mom and dad didn’t surprise the little girl, she knew they were getting ice-cream. They all got the same flavor. They all got strawberry. No one had stomach aches because they said yes, because they didn’t get ice cream yesterday.


They went home and had no more ice cream. The girl felt happy. They had a happy time. They went to bed.


The next morning they ate breakfast and they had pancakes with waffles.


“I don’t want ice cream today,” the girl said.

“Good,” said the mom, “because you’re not getting ice cream today after yesterday.”


The End



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