The Epic Gorilla

Gorilla EX knows every single karate move in the world. He does this special move where when he lays his finger on someone they turn into stone. He has a lot of muscles and all the girls like him. He has a six-pack and abs. He lives in a mansion with a pool and water fountain, and he is very rich, and he’s awesome at a lot of sports like basketball and baseball and snowboarding. When it’s winter he turns his place into a hockey rink. He got rich even though his parents were very poor. In his childhood the only thing he could do was inventing. So he tried out for inventing because inventing was the cheapest thing people could do in those times, and he was very young. But he learned how to invent and he invented this thing that makes people’s mind turn on him. He could control them.

As a high school student he went to visit India for a summer vacation, but there were a bunch of bandits and he didn’t know what to do. He got trapped with a bunch of bandits and fell off a cliff, but luckily he always carries a parachute with him. He fell to a surface and he found his way back to the hotel. But then he checked in his closet where he kept the machine and he saw that it was gone and that’s when he found out about the bandits. They had turned only five people’s minds on them, so now there were fifty-seven bandits (there used to be fifty-two). Now the whole world was going to be filled with bandits, so Gorilla EX started practicing so many karate moves in his mansion and he got stronger and stronger, until he actually looked like a real gorilla. He started inventing a machine that makes him stronger so no one could defeat him. He made a hypno-ray that makes him stronger so he just types in how strong he wants to be and what he needs. So he typed in “Ultra-Strong Gorilla EX” and then he got so strong that when he punched through diamond or brick or bedrock with his bare hands it doesn’t even hurt and it just goes straight through.

The bandits made a villain that was unstoppable. When he touches lightning all of a sudden it zaps and breaks apart and there’s no more lightning. He can control the lightning. The villain looked exactly like Gorilla EX so then everyone started liking him instead of Gorilla EX, and he had an even better mansion with a hockey rink inside and even if it was the summer you could still go on the hockey rink. It made Gorilla EX even more jealous. The villain’s name was Evil X, but everyone thought he was Gorilla EX.

Gorilla EX wanted to find out who was under that costume. He had to spy on him, and when he was spying he saw a poster on Evil X’s mansion that said, “If Anyone Wants to Fight Gorilla EX Then Step Right Up Because Gorilla EX Will Pound Them To Death.” The fight was supposed to happen in his mansion in an arena made of gold.

Gorilla EX got ready. Soon enough he was stepping onto the arena, but there was no Evil X. And then, all of a sudden, something whacked him in the face and almost knocked him out. And then he found out that Evil X could turn invisible, but Gorilla EX couldn’t. So Gorilla EX had to keep his hands up at all times so he didn’t get another punch to knock him out. After a while Evil X got tired of punching and fighting Gorilla EX. Gorilla EX felt that there was no one punching him and kicking him anymore so then he started punching air and feeling if there were any objects in the air. Soon he punched out and all of a sudden he heard a “yowl,” so he started punching to knock Evil X out. All of a sudden he heard Evil X fall to the floor so he felt around for a body. He grabbed him and then he felt his belt and then felt what does what and he turned Evil X back so he wasn’t invisible anymore. He took him to his mansion and put TNT in his mansion and it exploded, and all the people who were rooting for Evil X died. So now it was Gorilla EX’s turn to find out who was under that costume.

He took off all the clothing. He pulled it off and he saw that it was a robot, and then he took his shoes off and saw on the bottom of his foot, “Signed by the bandits of India.” After he found out it was the bandits, he took Evil X’s belt and turned invisible. He snuck into the crooks’ lair because he found out on his belt that it said “Go to lair.” There was a portal that opens up and sends you right to the bandits’ lair. So then, all of a sudden, he got the bandits and then he tied them up and then the bandits were like, “Who the heck did this to me?” As they lay in confusion, he used a special move and turned all of them into stone except for the robot. He sent them flying into an Indian volcano with a thousand pounds of dynamite all around them and they were attached to a man-eating shark. They were sent into the volcano and when the lava touched the shark – which they shot on a rocket – the sharks would eat them because they were sharks that when they get in the lava it makes them meaner. They would eat the crooks when they were all covered in lava. So he sent them off. He also put some lava jellyfish with them so jellyfish would sting them to death if the shark didn’t find them. So the bandits and the robot got double beaten up.

But the people still liked Evil X so he used the mind machine that he got back from the bandits of India and he turned all the people’s minds back so they liked him. And then Gorilla EX became popular again.

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